Is okay for me to put jelly on my spinach and eggs in the morning?

Erlese Q.
Hi, if you really love it then yes sure, it’s okay. But make sure your breakfast doesn’t become all about sugar. That’s not recommended.

Izzie P.
I really do not care. I do not like jelly particularly. But I guess too much sugar isn’t good so it isn’t advisable to put jelly on eggs ans spinach

Brittany Q.
Yeah, if you enjoy it. I am not sure what you mean by “ok.” That sounds like cognitive distortion. No one is here to judge you for your dietary choices. Whatever fits into your nutritional goals and tastes good is “ok.” Thoughts like “I should do this, or I must” deny you agency in your own life. You make your own choices.

James X.
Yes u can but jelly have a sugar not recommended in breakfast because it not benefit to give u energized all the day .. when eat jelly maybe become hungry after few hours .. the breakfast with eggs and Spanich only is better..

Enrique E.
I think that fine if that’s what you like. Spinach and eggs sounds healthy enough. Adding a little jelly won’t take away from the health benefits in my opinion.

Lynn Q.
It would give your body something quick to burn to feel energized faster, then the fat and fiber from the eggs and spinach will keep you full for longer. Yes

Nikolaj P.
Depending on if it's high in sugar or not and if you like Jelly on your eggs and spinach. If it's a natural jelly without added sugar it could give you a nice little boost in the am and serving of fruit if it's not super Healthy but is something you love maybe in moderation one tablespoon of jelly and maybe only on the weekends there's always a way to make room for the things we enjoy we just have to respect our bodies and of course be aware of your sugar and calories intake

Vickie C.
I am vegan so no, it's not ok to eta eggs or jelly. Spinach and everything but no animal products, yes! You will feel better, as well.

Jordan Z.
It's not a health food, so it's not contributing to the 'great' part of 'great breakfast', but if it makes you happy, it probably isn't doing too much harm.

Aliana I.
I would say no. Jelly contains a lot of sugar which will give you a sugar rush and makes you crash later in the day. It is better to have food with protein and complex carbohydrates at breakfast. I would recommend low sugar peanut butter instead.

Theo C.
I think it’s fine to put jelly on your spinach and eggs, as long as you can find a brand that is low-sugar and low-calorie. Though it seems like a given, always make sure it fits within any sort of dietary restrictions you may have.

Josh J.
I don’t see why it wouldn’t be. A little bit of jelly gives you an immediate energy boost and the spinach and eggs will pick up with a longer energy boost later in the day. As long as it’s not more than a couple spoonfuls it should be fine!

Hana T.
Why would it not be ok? Are you asking because others may think the combination unpalatable? Or are you asking from a health perspective? If it is the former, my response would be that it’s your breakfast, so it should be to your taste. Just because somebody else may be disgusted by it, is not a reason to deny yourself something you will enjoy. However, if you are asking if it is ok to eat it from a health perspective, it would depend. How much sugar does it contain? What other sugary food or drink are you planning on consuming throughout the rest of the day? If you want it as a sugar fix, remember that the pleasure won’t last long and you may feel worse when you start to crash; However, if it is a rare treat that you you do not frequently indulge in but would genuinely appreciate every mouthful, then maybe the old saying of “a little of what you fancy does you good” maybe true. To answer your question, you need to answer this one: Are you feeding your soul, your body or your craving? Recognise your mind weeds. Whatever you decide, enjoy.

Nils U.
Salsa is a better choice with fewer calories than jelly. While there are no “bad” or “good” foods, you should consider if this works for your daily food plan. Spinach and eggs are a great start for your day.

Vicente C.
If you enjoy it, *and* it encourages you to eat such a healthy breakfast, I say go for it! Little treats make for a good day : )

Todd P.
I would try to avoid jelly. It's packed with sugar, and sugar has a lot of bad side effects. Notably fat gain and swings in mood and energy levels.

Elsie W.
I’d say that’s a no. While it might be tasty, it ruins the habit of a healthy breakfast. If you’re going to have some jelly, I’d say to at least save it for a snack!

Emilie Z.
No, if you want a sweet kick then go with fresh fruit. Plus you need the vitamin C from fresh fruit to digest the iron in the spinach

Ron C.
I wouldn’t. Jelly has mostly artificial flavor and sugar. We want to focus on consuming more complex sugars like fructose in fruit. Try a slice of heirloom tomato for sweetness.

Ronja J.
If you enjoy the taste, then go ahead. But do keep in mind that jelly has a lot of sugar. So it is best to have in moderation.

Anne Kathrin W.
No. That sounds absolutely disgusting and has too much simple sugar. This will spike your blood glucose then your insulin and leave no sugar for your brain causing tiredness.

Veril Ndia S.
Usually in the morning I do not eat to much proteins, then no eggs for me. Jelly i will swap with fruits … Then I will recomandate to you only the spinach😉

Jonas B.
In my opinion I don't think it would taste great, and another thing to think about is how much sugar is in the Jelly? Is it good for you? Sugar can give u energy but having sugar early in the morning with your breakfast could be different. It can also have different affects on the person also. I personally try to stay away from sugar in the mornings because it makes me feel not so great. When I have a fullfilling breakfast it makes me happier, and it helps boost start my day. That's only my opinion but be true to yourself, and do what makes you happy.