How do find time to cook?

Martin Lucas
I choose recipes and meals that are quick to cook. If it takes longer than 25-30 minutes I find something else. In the morning I usually eat oatmeal with soy or almond milk with walnuts or almond and berries or apples. You can sweeten it with honey or pure maple syrup. For lunch I do an open face tuna salad over 1/2 avocado or leftovers from dinner. Dinner is the meal I spend the most time on. I like to roast veggies and chicken for a total of 4 servings. Then if I run out of time to make lunch or dinner the next day I have a backup plan. Snacks are usually non-fat yogurt with berries or a protein shake with veggies.

Ralph Keim
Sleep earlier, and wake up a bit earlier, fresher and you will have the time to cook something delicious for yourself and others 🙂

Anne-kathrin Stier
I don't! A good breakfast can be making a smoothie the night before, drinking a healthy juice and grabbing an oatmeal bar.

Ralph Allen
Meal planing is the answer. During the weekend, list what you will eat every day. Go buy the ingredients. The meals that can be prepared and put in the fridge / freezer are the fastest. For salads leave them in boxes without sauces. Every day take a box with you to work. That's what I do.

Sara Jensen
Firstly, I batch cook so that I can freeze some servings and have an easy quick meal when I don't have time. Second, I try not to cook when I'm hungry.

Ted Anderson
Oats takes 5 min in the microwave. I get up earlier and makes sure I have 5 min for the cooking and 10 min to eat before I leave for work.

Melina Novaes
By making time, for example through waking up 15 minutes earlier. Cooking doesn’t have to take long if you know a couple of good recipes.

Nathalie Schott
I’m sticking to things that are easier to make-such as eggs and salad,fruits and nuts and my favorite is Quaker with milk and cinnamon

Ron Diekmann
You cook when you have nothing to do, so cook something that's good for your health or maybe not. It's like a hobby, but it's even better.

Emma Girard
Between work and family, finding the time can be difficult. I found an app called Mealime that has very simple healthy recipes. Cooking also takes practice. The prep time for simple meals takes the longest but the more you do it, the faster it becomes. Pick 5 recipes and practice them. Build a repetoire. Hope this helps.

Nasser Rodrigues
I use one of those meal prep kits. All the ingredients are there and it costs money so I don’t want to waste it and the food is good. If I don’t cook, I have to eat a microwave dinner and it’s really not as good – plus I don’t feel as well!

Josefine Pedersen
I eat bread omelette everyday. Saves time in thinking what to cook. I typically do it while on an early morning call with remote team or while listening to an audio book.

Queija Silva
For me, it just meant waking up a little bit earlier, even if it means going to bed earlier also. It's a morning routine that is absolutely worth the time.

Kurt Eberl
Meal prep on the weekend for a few days ahead, or on a night when you get home earlier from work. Meal prepping can even be marinating the chicken and setting it aside to cook tomorrow in the fridge.

Dimitri Linnemann
Preparing everything the night before is a good idea if you are short on time in the morning. Maybe boil eggs and keep them in the fridge. Make sure it's something you enjoy so you it's easier to motivate yourself.

Lærke Jørgensen
I mainly cook on the weekends and use boiled eggs or yogurt during the week.

Paul Marie
I get so excited by new food in my fridge that its not really difficult to find time, since its a form of recreation and a way to relax after work 🙂

Minna Schmuck
Since I can change my own time and schedule at work, it's a matter of priorities. I can just cook and feel that I'm not doing anything wrong by putting my health in first place.

Sohan Aubert
I wake up early around 6am and make some eggs. I always have bagels and hot chocolate so I don’t do much in the morning.