What are some high-carb breakfast ideas?

Nina P.
Parathas, Pakistani roti, Rice, risks, biscuits, tea with sugar. These are some examples of high carb breakfasts which I know. Halwa Puri, naan desi and furnished as well. These typical Pakistani foods for breakfast are things which I need to declutter from my morning routines.
Logan O.
Carbohydrate timing suggest that one should eat most of the carbohydrates in the morning, because you will have the whole day to use up the energy it gives you. Some good high-carb breakfast items are: a whole grain bread with a protein (ex. Peanut butter) or some oatmeal loaded with proteins and fruit. Other examples could include whole grain toast, berries, bananas, protein pancakes. You could also opt for protein-rich Greek yogurt, cottage cheese, egg muffins, and chicken sausage. Eating protein in the morning keeps you feeling fuller and satisfied after breakfast.