What kind of lunch would you suggest for someone looking to lose weight without starving yourself?

Sandra G.
I would recommend a lunch high in protein. Lean meat like chicken pared with a vegetable is low in calories and helps you remain fuller.
Zoraia S.
A lunch consisting of a protein, a fat, and a low carb vegetable has worked wonders for me. I have been fasting until lunch so this filling meal gives me energy to make it through until dinner. I might have eggs (cooked in oil/butter) and spinach, cheese and a few whole grain crackers with avocado, or steak and asparagus (with butter/oil).
Storm Z.
I would concentrate on protein and veggies and leave out carbs. Like a salad with hard-boiled egg (boil three at once, and they'll keep in the fridge for the next three days) or cottage cheese or chicken, some nuts, maybe dried fruit (cranberries), and other veggies or fresh fruit, and a light dressing like a balsamic vinaigrette that has good fats. You can also add other good fats like nuts and olives (fresher is better then canned). This will give you lots of nutritive value with fewer calories, plus protein (which revs metabolism) to get you through the 3:00 pm energy slump, so you feel less inclined to snack or reach for coffee, which can interfere with sleep even if you drink it midafternoon. Poor sleep quality contributes to weight gain and/or more difficulties losing weight. Also, I'd have a larger lunch and a smaller dinner. That way you're fueling yourself sufficiently, but not overdoing it late in the day, especially if you have to eat dinner late. You'll burn more of your caloric intake before going to bed, which will also aid sleep quality and weight control because you won't still be digesting after going to sleep. If you're hungry before bed, have a yogurt or a piece of cheese (like a slice off a cheddar block). It'll see you through the night without keeping you up or being too heavy or stimulating right before bed.
Isaiah F.
Grilled chicken salad with raspberry vinaigrette dressing make sure you use fresh romaine lettuce or a spring mix. Load up on all the veggies you want they are zero calories. You can also have boiled eggs in your salad another protein, fat free cheese or no cheese no croutons… unsweetened tea with lemon or a nice glass of spring water with lemon… enjoy your lunch.
Vito N.
A meal that's mostly nutritious veggies and some protein for energy. Carbs are a side item if they're there. Have tea or sparkling water to drink.
Karla Y.
Soup – made with a type of bean or pulse for protein, served with brown bread. Wholegrain pasta salad with lots of vegetables. Tofu stir fry with veggies.
S Lvia P.
First of all, our meals, throughout the day are like an inverted pyramid. First, you've got breakfast, it must be full of protein, carbs, and vegetables, a good breakfast will leave you sated enough to not eat a big lunch. If you eat a tiny breakfast you will end up eating a bigger lunch and then a bigger dinner too. But if you start the day eating a great breakfast, you will be eating just enough at the other meals. Plus, mid-morning and mid-afternoon threats will help you to reach the others meals without wanting to eat a lot.
Roland Q.
Triscuits and cheese, the fatter the better. The fat satisfies the hunger, the high fiber crunch of Triscuits satisfies the chew need, and top it off with a piece of dark chocolate. Drink water, tea, or that flavored fizzy 0 calories water. Will make you happy until dinner😉
Teresa P.
Eat something low carb but lots of fat. No bread. One lunch I like is a taco bowl (no tortillas or chips). Taco meat with avocado, salsa, full fat yogurt (instead of sour cream), and fresh spinach. If you're still hungry, add some more veggies or fruit.
Marion T.
I’m not usually super-hungry in the mornings. The past few days I’ve either had an orange with a 1/4 cup of walnuts (which, surprisingly, really fills me up.) If I have more time, or am a bit hungrier, I like to make scrambled eggs with olives, artichokes, and feta cheese, cooked in coconut oil.
I Ri A.
Something light, like fruit and eggs or veggies with a protein like chicken shreds. Celery is known to have negative calories, as you burn more calories chewing it than you do consuming it. There are many free apps that offer healthy recipes for those trying to lose weight, like Runtasty and Yazio. Enjoy!
Elia C.
Beans chickpeaks and spinach are great if you want to eat light but still feel full throughout the day. Avoid breads or pastas because you will feel hungry soon after eating. And remember to stay hydrated with water all day long because we can mistake thirst for hunger.
Victoria C.
Soup is great for losing weight if you fill it with vegetables and don't eat the bread and stuff that usually goes with it. Also stay away from adding cream to it
Eda P.
I've found homemade veggie soup a good option. I add celery, courgette, carrot and a little bit of chilli for heat but just add what you like and mix it up. It's low in carbs and calories and you can eat loads and not feel guilty. If you want some sense of carbs add raw noodles or rice. They are about 6cal per pack and bulk out your soup. Means you can make chicken noodle without it being high cal if that's your thing.
Alice A.
Eat good amout of protiens and less rice and more veggies for me perfect lunch is grilled chicken with fresh salad and small bowl of white rice
Claudia T.
I would always try to eat about double the amount I would for dinner. Eating more at lunch curbs your hunger for longer and you have half the day to burn off calories just by going about your day.
Vitus U.
A salad or a wrap with spinach and tuna. You can have yogurt on the side, or maybe some fruit. (Natural sugar keeps you going)