Yes, what do YOU eat for breakfast? New and different suggestions would be great…

Ron F.
Usually in the morning I eat a nice healthy breakfast. Most of the time it is something like porridge with berries or a nice piece of grain toast with avocado and a fried egg. If I am running late for work or anything I have to do that day, I will grab a few pieces of fruit or a protein or breakfast bar that I can eat on the go. On weekends, I sometimes have a fruit salad with at least one type of fruit from every colour of the rainbow. I then add some Greek yoghurt for an extra boost.
Лена «Kuzya» Kuznehik N.
Scrambled eggs with pepper, tomato and spinach. Salad. Fruit. Protein bar. Or smoothies banana, spinach, coconut milk + cashews + muesli with milk.
Jonathan P.
Omelet, breakfast burrito, french toast, pancakes, breakfast salad, fruits — I change between these throughout the week.