How do you get enough without eating too much fat?

D Rio C.
Eating a balanced meal with protein that will keep me full for a long time. Carbohydrates that will also sustain me through out the day. Live food gives the energy to move and feel capable. Nutrients and minerals are necessary that come from whole ingredients.
Rebi N.
i’ve learnt not to fear eating too much, not to obsess over what i’m eating. i eat what i crave in that particular moment and how much i crave. i allow into my day both ‘healthy’ and ‘junk’ food, both for my body and both for my heart.
Leyla E.
Fat (if it’s unrefined and natural) is an important source of energy, just like proteins and carbs. WHERE you get your fat from is the question.
Andy Z.
I think this is actually a mistake to try to eat a lot without eating fat. Fat is an important part of your diet, and it’s ok to include it in your calorie count. Eating some fat can help make you feel satisfied. I find that a large balanced meal with plenty of protein and some fat alongside some carbs and veg helps me be less hungry and avoid the sugar and simple carbs in unplanned snacks between meals
Mya Y.
If this is a question about protien it's all about ratios. Eating lean cuts of meat like chicken, fish, or pork are easy ways to get protein without a high fat content. Turkey is an excellent option as well. If you want beef you can always opt for a lean ground beef to keep fat low also. If you're vegetarian you can eat things like mushrooms, beans, nuts, or tofu for a protein fix that doesn't contain much fat. But also utilize your healthy fats too, like the ones found in avocados or seeds.
Marija Q.
So,if i understood your question, you wanna eat but not gain weight. I wanted to do that less then a year ago, but only thing that i now see as healthy eating is eating how much i want,when i want to and whatever i want to eat. I see your problem, as i said i hade a similair one not long ago and i needed long time to learn how to love myself at normal level, and now i am finally happy with my body. I know that this didnt help a lot, maybe it didnt help at all but this is my opinion. If you rlly wanna do something, you can start doing some sports like gym or anything you like or ask profesional doctor for special diet. Hope you are havin wonderful day and that this helped a bit,good luck<3
Dayvet N.
I think I get a lot, I’m a little confused with this question, but my answer would be a lot because I eat a lot of junk food and sweets when I’m not in the mood or if it’s for cravings. But when I’m happy and stuff I make a lot of healthier food choices for the whole day.
H C.
Eating is all about balance and measuring. Balance is really important because you need some of everything. In each meal you should have a protein, a carb, a fruit or vegetable, a fat, and sometimes a treat while yes you should all of those and that is a “balanced” meal you need to even have more balance for example you may have everything you need on your plate but you might have 5x more carbs that everything else and that wouldn’t be responsible eating you need to have the most protein then the most and everything else should be pretty equal to that. It takes time to make a habit like this but you will get it! Good Luck!!
M Lody C.
The best trick I used was I researched food groups (carbs, fats and proteins) for example and learnt how much the body needs/and can consume in a sitting. I then had an understanding that the body needed a lot less than what we were already giving it. So even when I’m hungry I make sure as long as I’ve consumed what I need. I know my body will be ok.
Georgina N.
Try eating more protein – it fills you up more meaning you won’t need too big of portions. It also fills you up, leaving you full for a couple of hours
Mirela C.
I try and plan meals out. I sit down on some time off and make a grocery list, which includes meals. Find healthy options of things I like. Some people say it's a money issue, however the healthy options fill you up and last longer then processed food. So in reality, it isn't any more expensive.
Arlene Z.
Does anyone have any good breakfast ideas that can be prepared (or at least partially prepped) the night before (and aren’t chia puddings/overnight oats)? I’d like something that’s nutritious but very fast or prepared in advance.
Agnelo Q.
I love vegetables and they fill you up more. This way you’ll eat a healthy amount of good foods. I always make sure to eat all the vegetables on my plate first, then move on to the fattier foods.
Jeppe W.
I think that you should eat small amounts of food every hour and those foods need to be healthy and good like soup or guacamole, apples or bananas any fruits or vegetables when u eat little and not much every 3 or 4 hours u won't be hungry and u won't get fat.
Nanna F.
Try eating small portions of food more times a day, I found out that this technique helps me in eating healthy while also getting enough food so I won't feel hungry and uncomfortable all day.
Miriam J.
You have to choose good fats so that you stay full longer and you know that these foods are better for you than some other choices you can make I had a half of an avocado yesterday and I only cook with butter and canola cooking spray
Kleisa Q.
Eat food that are filling,stuff like mashed potatoes or bananas,eggs,chicken fillet instead of food that are healthy but feel as if you're eating air.
Also try not to eat too fast,take your time and enjoy your food.
Larissa N.
Me personally love salads and fruits so I do eat a lot of them so For breakfast I eat apple and cinnamon and syrup and I do snack but on pretzels and things like that and for lunch crisps chocolate bar sandwich with ham and lettuce with a innocent smoothie! And I snack on noodles then for dinner I make pinch and nom recipes found online and make sure my mental health is good as that does relate to weight but I’m sure your geogious either way!
Ash Z.
You eat what you want but in moderation, not eating too much. You eat things that will benefit you and your body. Helping to lift you up, give you energy, and more.
Vero N.
I would focus on proteins since they’re more difficult to digest and then will leave you feeling full for a longer period of time.
Kim A.
I focus on starting the day with a savory breakfast not a sweet one. I focus on adding vegetables and color to my plate instead in meat and cheese. I snack on nuts and fruit in the middle of the day.
Kiera E.
I’d suggest that if you’re worrying about fat, worry about all your macros. Take the time to learn about them all, track them with an app, and you’ll gradually learn which foods have more fat and which have less. You’ll find that it also helps to cut out processed foods. They’ll always have too much of everything so it’s very hard to stay on track. But eating more produce, lean meats, and healthy carbs is going to the best option- for me, sometimes I have to purposely add food with more fats because I don’t have enough! The key is to track all your macros, not just fats, and do not buy any more processed foods. Also eating fat isn’t a bad thing. It’s just about moderation.
Rosa H.
If you want to have enough calories, without having too many fats focus on proteins and protein rich foods. A trick could be to start every meal on a protein, and even when you snack, prefer protein-based snacks like cheese strings, yogurt, edamame, protein bars etc.
Remember that fats are important for your skin, and joints so never go too low on fats. Bonus: if you’re trying to increase your calorie intake, focus on calorie-dense foods, they’ll help you feel less full. I.e. prefer red meat to chicken, bananas to carrots and celery, greek yogurt to the normal one…
Beverley Q.
You can eat different types of food and limit the ones with too much fat and replace it with more filling and healthier options
Katrine W.
Fruits like apples, oranges, and bananas are great ways to end an unfiling meal. They always make you feel full despite their lack of fat. Eating healthy fats (omega-3 fats) are also a great way to substitute for highly saturated fat foods. Omega-3 fats decrease your level of triglycerides in the blood, which is a good thing. If you are not eating fats, your main source of energy will be carbohydrates. Carbohydrates are harder to benefit from as most high carb foods result in empty calories (energy calories without nutritious input) and make you gain weight (carbs are broken down to sugars and the sugars are made into fat for storage). But if you are avoiding fats, make sure you are getting enough carbohydrates to give you the energy you need through out the day.
Stephanie Y.
I decided to go keto which is low carb and high fat and high protein. But to avoid bad fat I stick to good ones: avocados, cheese, cottage cheese, avocado oil, yogurt. I eat small meals and lots of eggs and egg whites in the morning.
Isabelle F.
Your body on average needs 2000 calories everyday just to live. Healthy foods are the ones that are lower in calorie but keep us full and healthy all day. Our treats tend to be higher in calorie and dont keep us full so we end up eating more! Eating isnt just to enjoy delicious foods and socialize but to fuel our bodies for the day! Eat to fuel, eat what you enjoy, and eat to feel happy!
Sadie O.
I have no idea, it’s mainly genetics i think but otherwise just eating healthy and working out is the best you could do! ❤️
Irma P.
I like eating fruits and vegetables because they make me feel fuller without giving me the bad fats. Fruits and vegetables are also really delicious too.
Lore Y.
I know this says a long answer is better than a short one, but it is very simple. Eat a variety of things, eat all the food groups in moderation and don’t stress it too much.
Vivian T.
Well getting your fruits and veggies in is important in doing that aswell as meats and grains that will fill you up a little more. My body's weird and decides to make me unbearably skinny so I tend to eat more fats and sugars in my diet but it really just depends on your body and what its telling you.
Swetlana Z.
You eat healthy food that fill you up. Once your close to full you should stop eating, if you eat every meal till your full you gain weight quickly.
Shiera Y.
Try to use a smaller plate and only eat what you feel is enough. Don’t need to finish everything on your plate. Your body will tell when it’s enough.
Lidia X.
Firstly try to consume food that has less fat. I always ensure I drink water every hour or two. You can keep an reminder for the same. Having water regularly helps in reducing hunger now and then. Second have in between snacks or super mini portion of food in between lunch and dinner. These snacks can be something very lite that does not have much fat & sugar. Last, Chew your food slowly atleast for 15 times before gulping. Remember mindfulness is key
George Z.
Google foods, that are low on fat! Then try to find delicious meals where those have been used☁️ I’m not that hungry type of person, so for me this is peetty easy.
Mairi U.
I’m assuming that you want to eat enough without consuming too many fatty foods.
Well, that’s easy!
Firstly, eat a lot of vegetables. I don’t really like salads, since the dressings are high in calories and fat. Have you ever heard of Japanese tsukemono? It’s really tasty! Incorporating more vegetables in your other dishes is great too.

Then, drink a lot of water! Water is essential for preventing constipation (which makes you more likely to gain weight) and dilutes your food (haha idk how to say that)

Lastly, don’t be afraid to eat fats! Some of them are healthy, and can even help your weight loss! Try almonds, fish, and olive oil (but don’t overdo it)

I hope this answer helped you 🙂 Good luck on your Fabulous journey! You can do it!

(Ya and if you’re wondering, I have a quora account lol)

Jennie O.
fruits/veggies/nuts/oats are a good source of nutrition and fiber and will fill you up without containing unhealthy components such as sugars and fats. a meal that people often eat when working out is chicken/rice/broccoli. it offers nutrition and calories and will fill you up but it doesn’t contain anything super unhealthy for your body.
Mark U.
I honestly have a high metabolic rate I’ve been trying to gain weight so I’m not sure I know how to answer this question but eating until you’re full is not recommended. You want to just have a balance of all the different food groups that way you don’t have too much fat in your diet, for example increase in vegetables and grains as those make you feel full without too much fat.
Bertha I.
eating lots of protein like cheeses nuts meat is really filling. things like bread and foods with carbs are good for quick energy but it only lasts for a little bit. A lot of athletes carb load the day before a game so they have more energy that day. but just eating carbs and not exercising isn’t the best because it will just be turned into fat.
Kevin Y.
Well, I try to avoid anything that deal with a lot of fat or sugar. I try to get proteins I need from healthier food like egg, nuts or meat( not fat meat). With that in mind, I’ll eat until I feel full, like very full. But only in certain time tho, like only during lunch or dinner. Plus I’m trying to gain some muscle weight. So hope this helps!
Apollonia J.
I get enough by drinking a lot of water every time i feel hungry, and by remembering what my goal is and that to make a perspective change I have to be constant and fight over my head for what I really want for my life.
Monica Z.
I look into the type of fat I consume, for example avocado, nuts, fish(salmon) and I complete that with a carb and a protein
Lewis A.
I personally do not believe that fat is the issue as much as moderation is. Eating 3 meals a day with snacks seems like a lot but if you substitute a packaged meals for something fresh that you cooked, it is likely to be more healthy. It’s also important to eat a balanced meal. If you have a little bit of a lot of kinds of food (fruits, veggies, carbs, etc) you are less likely to get “too much” fat in your meal. Also although it’s tempting, eating out is not the best choice if you’re trying to avoid fat. A little bit of fat is also beneficial to a balanced diet. Many foods have healthy fats as well that are really good for you. Even foods like bacon are ok in moderation. Just eat it with something else like fruit or vegetables. The issue of “too much fat” can easily be remedied if you have a balanced meal of different kinds of foods. Then you get a little bit of everything.
Yomerly E.
In order to eat the right amount of fat, you have to eat healthy fats such as avocado, nuts, oils, and so on. While these foods can be high in calories, I suggest tracking the amount of fats you eat in a day.
Walburga E.
I get enough without eating too much fat by eating healthily (i.e., following a balanced diet). Another method would be regulating portions every meal. This would prevent related problems such as nausea and vomiting, gastric ulcer, etc.
Ryan C.
I’d have to cut some excessive oil, fat in general, usage in my cooking. I think I’m doing ok but I could always improve.
H L Na Z.
The key is to keep a balanced diet and remember it is unheard to never have bad fats in you body but it also is unhealthy to have too much.
Friedemann T.
Probably because of eating more vegetables, fruits and healthy, low fat food gives me more protein and energy that will kept in my body for a whole day
Tilde N.
You eat healthy foods such as fruit, oatmeal, or granola. Usually in the morning instead of eating bacon i add an extra egg. I eat more of foods with less fat to keep myself full
Kenneth Z.
We don’t need to eat too much fat, it’s not good for our body. But still, we’ve being getting addicted to it, and our body doesn’t know anymore how to avoid those non good food. That’s why we need to educate ourselves again for a more healthy living!
Freja C.
Fat is not your enemy; overall calories need to fit your needs. Proteins can also fill you up, and the more satisfying a meal is the better you'll feel.
Stefanie N.
Focus on vegetables and fruits for snacks between meals. Make sure vegetables take up the majority of your plate during meals and eat them first.
Grete N.
At first when it's hard to live without too much fat I just make myself think about something else. When I'm used to the routine, it's easy and I don't wanna eat food that contains too much fat.
Tereza Q.
I actually kind of trained my body to eat less. Of course it was hard at first but I usually ate a lot of veggies. I definitely recommend trying to fulfill your stomach with many veggies and fruits, they are natural sugar. I really wish you good luck on this yourney and a lot of health and happiness too <3
Tyrone S.
First to identify if you are hungry or just be peckish. An easy way is to ask yourself if want a banana or a burger(basically something healthy and something less healthy). If you choose a banana, it could mean that your body needs food. Drink water and then grab some food.
Martin Z.
Balance is the key! Choose your food wisely and include foods that you enjoy eating and make you feel happy! Even if that’s not a very healthy option, for example, chocolate. Find ways to integrate it into your meals either in small portions or in a healthier version, dark chocolate can be an example. Don’t deprive yourself of the meals you enjoy but just try not to overdo it. 🙂
Kira N.
When you eat 5 portions of fruit and vegetables everyday and try to fit in your protein and carbs there is not much room left for fat. Please remember that some fat is good for your body, try to eat some nuts or olive oil. Also make sure you don’t starve during the day, if you eat several meals during the day you’re more likely to avoid processed food and ready meals.
Samira P.
Problem is I think that i eat to much fat but really I try to stop myself from eating at all. I don’t eat as much fat as I think but I try not to eat it at all and fail. But I’m trying to fix that.
Flavie C.
Just look at the ingredients. Don’t eat things with too much sugar or fat in it you’ll anyway be hungry after it. If you eat healthy you can also eat as much as you need.
Lea F.
I think the way for me is that it’s in the genes. But I don’t lose weight as fast as others so the way I do it is I play volleyball 2x times a week for 1 hour 45 minutes. I also workout for 20 minutes 4x times a week. But the most important thing I that I eat balanced. It’s okay to have dessert as long as you get something healthy first. I also drink one cup of water before eating or drinking a cola. Hope this helped stay strong <3
Jeff U.
I usually eat slowly and eat everything on my plate . If I eat even something less I do feel
full. And when I eat fast I do feel disturbing .
Adelaide N.
Whole food! Like whole meal bread, smoothies! Diet is all about balance, so you should allow yourself to have a couple of 'cheat days'. I love porridge at the moment aswell, so so so scrumptious. Also, make sure you eat something you enjoy, there is no point of having it if you don't enjoy it. Have a lovely morning/evening/afternoon.
Sophie P.
I love creative writing.
Something about creating a world in my own words my own way the way I want it to be. Maybe some time I’ll publish it but not at this stage no.
Ewen C.
I chose wisely about what i eat and how much of it i eat. If i eat let’s say a whole bag of pasta i’ll eat half or a quarter of it.
Golnaz E.
It's all about the habit. You should omit things that have a lot of fat like cheese or butter and replace them with healthy foods. For example parmesan cheese has very low fat and you can use that. Also, don't be too much strict to yourself, do sport, normal diet, that's enough, anyway your body is, is beautiful and normal, don't follow commercials, there are different types of body.
Pola J.
It’s enough for me to last the day with a lot of energy . I don’t eat much fat because it is more healthy . You should too :))
Alexei R.
I actually don't… I eat a lot during the day. And night. And it's usually stuff like chocolate… And not healty.

But I guess, sometimes, I set a certain time for myself in a day, when I'll eat whatever I want. The rest of the day I eat what I have to eat (as meals).

Also, when I'm working on something I love, I don't feel the need to eat. I actually almost never feel the need to eat, I do it out of boredom.

So I advice keeping yourself busy but don't take my word for it.. (• • ,)

Jorge U.
Actually it is a long process. You should make it less everyday. Like you can't cut it directly. But you can make it less and less with the days pass . ( Sorry if I did a grammer mistake my mother tongue is not English)
Rasmus C.
Eat more fruits and be creative with it. I made Smoothie with bananas, yoghurt, granola, carrots and ice cubes, I took it in the morning and I had no reason to take lunch because I was not hungry.
Lovis Z.
I use the Lifesum app it has really help me, you can see how many calories there is in your food and how many glasses of water you get it’s really good❤️
Yassmim E.
Just start eating the food that is decided by the nature for human beings
Soaked black chick peas
Soaked almonds
Soaked peanuts
Salad and raw vegetables
Lots of fresh local fruits
And also there are many healthy options to have in home cooked meal
And try to eat on same time everyday
Have a good light dinner before 8PM
heaviest meal should be lunch.
Ayman F.
First I eat slowly , with some vegetables and fruits after a while , and I do insist on doing some exercise during the day
Storm E.
Monitoring the types of foods I eat and their fat contents. Making it a goal to eat more Whole Foods and leafy vegetables. Combating hunger so I don’t crave fatty foods.
Prajakta E.
Eating every 2 hourly small meal/portions. Choosing to skip junk and eating only till you fill full, chewing each bite as slowly as possible.
Andrew A.
Educate yourself on healthy fats and the different good groups and plan meals and snacks that encorporate these into your diet. Try and stick to the plan rather than eating what you feel like or guessing.
Joerg U.
I have never tried to avoid eating fat in my life. In fact, I supplement my diet with extra virgin olive oil and I use extra oil in cooking to make sure I’m getting enough fat.

I think the best practice is to avoid saturated fats and trans fats when possible. Saturated fats, in general, are solid at room temperature and come from many animal products. Trans fats form when liquid oils are hydrogenated to form solid fats. These are found mainly in processed foods.

On the other hand, monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fats come from plants and are found in oils like olive oil. These lipids should be used instead of the aforementioned lipids to fill the part of your daily calorie intake which comes from fat.

I recommend reading a book called The Obesity Code. If you’re trying to reduce your fat/muscle ratio (what many people are actually talking about when they say “lose weight”) your priority should be limiting added sugar and flour.

If you’re trying to gain weight, like me, eating carbs will be most effective. Many people who want to lose weight replace the carbs in their diet with fats because fats don’t spike your insulin very much.

Lukas T.
I try to remember protein as well, protein gives you energy you need to make it through the day. It is hard to find proteins that are vegan, I personally am not so things like eggs and honey are fine with me.
Keith F.
Make sure to fit in your vitamins, minerals, vegetables and carbs and by that you’ll most like have ate enough it’s important to always have vegetables/fruit with every meal 🙂
Sara E.
I like to eat overnight oats in the morning. I add oats, chia seeds, Greek yogurt, and plant based milk and mix well. I lay on the bottom of a jar some fruits, I add the oats mixture and then I top it with a little bit of melt chocolate or peanut butter.
I prepare the breakfast for 3/4 days and keep it in the fridge. In this way when I wake up I just have to open the fridge and eat!
Will E.
I try to focus on lean meats like pork and chicken as much as I can and substitute in other meals where possible. I also have a bit of a sweet tooth so after dinner I usually finish a large glass of water to make sure I’m full and ask myself if I really want something else
Mariana C.
Well, when I was little I always ate too many fats and carbs and I was super chubby but now I want to change. I started to learn that fats aren’t the things that full me but water and protein. Fats are in your head a thing that fills you! You just have to say and practice in your mind that fats and carbs are the ones which make you more hungry and less full.
Myanna U.
Well, if you are worried aabou fat gain, then eat less carbs- there are lots of ffoo that are low on carbs and high in volume- however, if you want to EAT less fat, there are food that op that for you like plain yoghurt. I do recomend searching these up though! 🥰
Akanksha F.
Well, that depends on the person. As for me, I get full quickly after eating small portions. But then again I’ll feel hungry sometime soon.
Our day to day Indian meal consists of cooked vegetables, flat breads, rice and lentil soup. I prefer having rice, so I get full soon and I don’t have to consume that much carbs or fats.
Hope you got your answer!
Troy T.
I try and incorporate more iron into my system to replace starch. If I do add starch, it's not more than a handful. Try to add more protein into every meal 👍
Marc T.
Eat things that have high protein and fiber, fresh foods , fruits and veggies fill you up with out being too fatty. I love roasted potatoes and broccoli or stir fried rice noodles and bell pepper. Cooking at home gives you control over how much oil and fat you put into it.
Storm X.
A piece of fruit and a granola bar. I prefer a banana and peanut granola bar for protein. It’s also a light breakfast as well.
Muhammad E.
I am not the kind of person that eats a lot of oily and fatty food. But if i have to, i would pinch my hand a couple of times. This makes your body not crave the food in the future as it associated the food with pain. Might not help you much but it helps me slog through quite a bit.
Sainthavi T.
By eating enough nutrition and energy which will get you to be more energetic in the morning leading to exercise which will therefore make you loose all the weight and fat that you had just consumed.
Jodude J.
Well fat isn't necessarily a bad thing. There are healthy fats that people don't realize. It is the Transaturated fats that are bad for you and those are in a lot of dairy products and a few other things (you can look it up to see). But the best way to avoid gaining fat on your body is to eat in either a caloric deficit or to match your BMR (Basal metabolic rate) this is how many calories you will burn throughout the day if you didn't do any form of activity. It is better to more food that is healthy than to eat less. So if you want to eat a breakfast but you don't want to have too many calories try and get foods that are complex carbs that digest slower and keep you satisfied longer. Along with that, eat plenty of fruits and mostly vegetables because those have low calories but they are quite satisfying. Hopefully that helps.
Alexis Y.
Fill up on other foods such as vegetables and have healthier ulternatives. Meals at home are always better than take out
Sarah Z.
Well you have to eat wats good for your body fat is not good for your soft because all it dose is sit on you body so if you want to get food try a healthy breakfast like wheat bread, rice , beans, healthy smoothies etc.
Thomas I.
i don't know if i can really help u with my answer but i do know that there's s lot of high protein and high fiber food that helps you get full. and they are a lot more healthier than any other food that contains a big percentage of fat. eating five to six smaller meals during the day rather than 3 larges meals helps too, but be aware to choose nutrition-rich foods such as fruits vegetables such as kale, nuts(almonds, walnuts…)and seeds (seaweed), whole grain bread, lean protein sources, fish and to be more specific salmon, dairy products and the most effective eggs, etc…
Laura A.
Focuse on healthy foods that have a lot of mass compared to the fats they have in them. For example cauliflover is a good option. Also try to build a steady eating scedule so you will stop the exessive cravings.
Simon E.
I think you should eat small amounts of food every 2-3 hours and those foods need to be healthy and if u can just homemade like any fruits or vegetables made in to a salad or a soup and when u eat little every 2-3 hours u won't get hungry or fat.
Soop N.
At first this question scared me a bit. But umm… before, I used to count calories and that led to me eating as little calories as I could in a day. And that soon turned into and eating disorder. Luckily I was only in it for no more than a month and I got out of it quickly. Now I eat intuitively. That means I eat whatever I want and I listen to my body. So when I’m full, I’m done eating.
John P.
I don’t worry about getting “too much” fat. I’m vegan and try to eat as little processed food as possible so when I’m getting fats in my diet I trust that they are healthy ones that help my brain function. Avocados, nuts and seeds, high quality olive oil, these are all foods that I know will make me feel good. I try to avoid more processed foods with higher saturated fats or any foods that I know will leave my stomach and body feeling heavy and gross. But I’m not a nutritionist so the best thing I can do is listen to my body!
Fateme R.
Hi there! I don‘t know where you live, but in My country, Iran, typically we eat bread and white cheese and nuts. Also you can eat boiled egg with bread. I hope it helps you. Good luck
Kachet O.
Plant based meat alternatives, grains, leafy green vegetables and healthy snacks. I like nuts, dried fruit, dates, pretzels and fresh fruit
Simone E.
I track my nutrition via MFP and make sure I have more protein in my diet such as protein shakes, chicken, ham and mince. I also ensure I have one vegan/vegetarian meal once a week
Bernice T.
A lot of good recipes exists out on the internet, that contains very little fat and plentiful of other nutrients. I would recommend you check out some websites. Personally I use “MatPrat” and “MatStart”.
Frederik E.
I actually just gobble up bread and my morning cup of coffee. And that's enough for me but sometimes I have to eat alot. By eating cereal, oat, bread and other quick healthy food I feel enough.
M Lani Q.
uhm I do my best not to eat unhealthy or at least not to eat much but I installed this app because I want more order and want to lose some weight.
Diya I.
I eat my meal in every 3 hours, i.e. – Breakfast, lunch, evening snacks, dinner. And if I got hungry i eat snacks and fruits or in Summers i use to drink lots of buttermilk and lemon water and in fruits i eat watermelon. That's it.
Andreea P.
it's a really cool trick i learned from a girl on YouTube : you just eat in small dishes – so that you can eat small amounts, that way you'll be full
Penny T.
It’s pretty hard…😅 But you really have to focus on what your eating, eat healthy fats, vegetales, and fruits in your daily diet
Terese O.
Try to balance your meals, if you eat more protein and carbs you will automatically eat less fat.
Or eat keto and don’t worry about the amount of fat.
Anna J.
I’m not a nutritionist, but I can think of some things that are filling that might also be healthy. A banana is my favorite snack because it fills you up and is convenient to eat. I eat a lot of stir fried veggies (stir fried in vegetable oil). Seafood is also good although I don’t know how much fat that contains. Greek yogurt is very filling. Nuts like peanuts also keep you pretty full if you eat enough of them. Also drinking water throughout the day because sometimes you feel hungry when you’re actually thirsty.
Fanny Q.
Salads have a lot of volume and take a while to eat. This also give your stomach time to signal that it's full, so you won't over eat.
Lanie Y.
Well there are many ways. First, it is all about eating the right fats and the right amount. There are saturated fats which come in eggs, oil, meat, coconut oil, etc. Another type of fat is monounsaturated fat which is a fat you don’t want to forget. In studies it showed lower blood pressure and healthier blood sugar levels, you can find these fats in olives and avocados. The third types of fat is polyunsaturated fats, and there are two categories of this fat: Omega-6s and Omega-3s. If you eat too much Omega-6s it could promote inflammatory problems, which lead to heart disease, diabetes, and other bad things. Omega-2s on the other hand help resolve inflammation and help autoimmune diseases, weight loss, and really help disease prevention. The ratio of Omega-6s to Omega-2a should be 4:1 or less. The last type of fat is trans fat, which are vegetable oils that have been engineered to have a longer shelf life. Trans fats are bad to lead to A LOT of diseases like heart disease, cancer, and Alzheimer’s. Pretty much just try to avoid trans fats. There are many ways to eat enough without eating too much fat like, look for low-fat or fat-free foods. The best options are fruits and vegetables. You can also choose fat-free dairy products like fat-free yogurt and sorbet instead of ice cream. You don’t have to avoid fats altogether but just be aware of what fats you eat and how much fat you eat.
Emily N.
i eat protein foods sometimes once in a while fat isn’t a bad thing but if you want to watch it then you can watch it and replace fat with protein or other fruits and healthy filling options!
Michelle Z.
You just have to eat balance of each. Dont need to eat fat foods only, minimum required quantity of protein,carbs, fiber and take lots of drinking water and do lil cardio- brisk walk, jogging and walk minimum 3-4 kms
Florian O.
Well, I’m not sure we don’t use oil a lot and we make a lot of our food, but I guess we don’t have much to eat to begin with
Laurine Z.
I have a medical thing where my metabolism works at 1000mph so it doesn't matter how much fat I eat. I'm just aiming to gain weight and muscle
Josefine Q.
Well the problem is I don’t, I just keep eating and it’s a problem bc I don’t wanna be fat and don’t get me wrong, I think it’s pretty cool to be fat and chubby but yea I don’t want to cause then I’m scared that people will bully me
Jack P.
Simple as don’t eat fatty foods. Don’t eat processed foods. Eat hardboiled eggs and discard the yolks. Eat fish. Eliminate butter. Some saturated fats are good for you like avocado and nuts because your botfly can break down those fats easier than animal lipids
Darlene U.
Majorly all the nutrients get absorbed by the body but fat is a type of nutrient which gets deposited which leads to health issues further and can cause major problems. So by replacing fats by proteins in some quantity can definitely help us to stay healthy and fit.
Rafael P.
I am trying to avoid fatty and prepackaged foods, and I try to eat more lean protein like chicken. For snacks I try to opt for healthier option, like fruits, vegetables and seaweed.
Emily X.
Im still struggling with this myself, but I’ve found from personal experience that eliminating fatty foods from your sight helps you to avoid them.
Eugene G.
Well you can all ways try have healthy chocolate bars. There are other ways to do it by reducing the amount of fat you have in a day for example you could make a time table or if thaf is a bit to challenging first that's nothing to be a shamed of and second maybe instead of having a hole unhealthy meal just have half a chocolate bar. These are some of the ways to get enough with out eating unhealthy but if your really unsure than you can always search the Internet.
Gayathri Y.
Hi. The best thing to do is to find the right amount of f0od for your metabolism.And working out in any sort of way or form you like is actually really fun and beneficial.
Shaheen N.
I like intuitive eating – I eat what I want and try to listen to my body as much as possible to understand what it needs, and how much (regularly including chocolate, carbs and other foods seen as ‘bad). And I drink a lot of water! I don’t diet or think about fat content or calorie count. When I’m properly listening to it, I make good choices for my body. Exercise is also important for keeping the balance right.
Susan Z.
Do you mean for breakfast? I usually eat natural yogurt with banana , a little of peanut butter for energy and oats. The oat is slow absorsion so you’ll be satisfied for long.
For the other meals try to avoid meat and deep fried food 🙂
Vivienne X.
𝙱𝚢 𝚎𝚊𝚝𝚒𝚗𝚐 𝚏𝚘𝚘𝚍𝚜 𝚠𝚑𝚒𝚌𝚑 𝚑𝚊𝚟𝚎 𝚕𝚎𝚜𝚜 𝚏𝚊𝚝 𝚒𝚗 𝚝𝚑𝚎𝚖 𝚊𝚗𝚍 𝚊𝚕𝚜𝚘 𝚎𝚊𝚝𝚒𝚗𝚐 𝚑𝚎𝚊𝚕𝚝𝚑𝚢.
Amelia P.
I have slowly reduced the portions, it took almost a year. Now i don't feel hungry even when i eat small breakfast and small lunch, no dinner. I eat everything, just in small amounts. I feel great, finally down with my weight and can look myself in the mirror. Also exercise is important. But to summarize, you can teach your body what to eat and how much, it takes time though.
Oliver P.
I feel like no matter how much you eat you gain weight so I use a calorie deficit to see how much I am eating and how much I burn all of it is just estimated so it’s not perfect it also shows your goals for each group
Nikolaj Y.
Just try to balance everything and eat (optional) if you want only one piece of a candy a day (its mainly candy because the sugar turns into fat)
Paola C.
I would normally eat something that would add up to a lot of calories or eat something with a lot of calories already in it. It wouldn’t be too healthy though most of the time, so I recommend eating a lot of calories in healthy foods, like eggs or whole grains. I hope this helps you and have a good day or night!
Mili N.
I eat Carbs for breakfast, rather than high fat. Because it is easier to digest and i have more energy to spend on work than having it used in digesting high fat !
Alfred A.
Try to find foods with lot of proteins: boiled eggs, skyr, steak, vegan alternatives,…
fibers also give you feeling of being full: vegetables, fruits and complete bread. Drink water afterwards.
If you're craving some fat, choose the 'healthy' ones: avocado, salmon and nuts are full of omega3.
Brittney N.
well if i’m being honest i eat snacks after dinner breakfast and lunch so i’m getting fatter everyday i just cover it with high waisted jeans😞😞
Maia P.
Fat isn't the enemy! But pair it with protein and fiber from carbohydrates and you'll remain full for longer. Eating a vegetarian breakfast with fats like an avocado on toast with an egg or some other protein is a whole and fulfilling meal