Do you have a go-to breakfast? I’m still experimenting with things and just wanted to know some basics that can be my new go-to’s!

Anuva L.
Yes a go to breakfast is important for those who are busy in morning . Generally a go to breakfast don't help more . I also used to have a go to breakfast but I felt hungry then I decided to improve my go to breakfast by adding nutrition and protein . Fabulous help me with the recipe to make a go to breakfast which is actually good and I love it…
Prasidhi N.
I love to eat 2 slices of bread spread with nut butter (almond, peanut, etc.) and banana slices on top. Sprinkle it with some trail mix or any other topping, like raisins if you want, it makes a nice difference. You can also have an egg on the side cooked however you like. This breakfast is packed with nutrition, and I like to have a glass of milk or tea to consume the nut buter more easily. Put it on a bagel instead of bread for more protein.

Another one is a bagel breakfast sandwich. I microwave a bagel (it keeps it soft and warm) and add a poached egg (you can cook it however you like), lettuce, crumble a little cheese, mayonnaise (or any sauce that isn't too strong since it's the morning), tomato, and a just a little onion. Feel free to remove or add other toppings like bell pepper, or remove the onion if it'stoo strong for mornings. This also tastes great with an english muffin.

Noam E.
I’ve been having a toasted bagel with peanut butter on it! I wake up really early and often am nauseous so something tasty like peanut butter but not too heavy in my stomach is great.