Is eating breakfast important enough that I should do it even if I’m not hungry?

Micheal W.
In that case, skipping breakfast might be fine for a day but if you're not hungry in the morning everyday, then there's probably change required in your sleep routine or dinner.
Jonas W.
Yes. It helps me regulate my intake and emotions throughout the day and keep midnight cravings away. So even if I'm not hungry (which is everyday) I try to eat breakfast. I am pretty forgetful sometimes though.
Erc Lio S.
Yes, your body can’t function well without a fuel source. It’s like asking your car to drive you to work with the gas tank reading on empty.
Ella Z.
Yes! It would make you feel better throughout the day and will set your hunger levels. If your not hungry don't eat too much until you're completely full, eat just enough to start your day. If you're not hungry in the morning you should start getting used to eating something small in the mornings until you'll get used to it. 🙂