Do you plan variety into your breakfasts or keep it fairly routine? I like a little variety but I find it easier to maintain if I make fewer decisions in the morning so I eat variations on the same meal most days.

Bonnie E.
I keep mine fairly routine. I'm not a morning person and therefore don't usually make extra time in the morning for decisions and long meals. Planning in advance and prepping meals definitely helps!
Shahad N.
It gets boring if I eat the same thing everyday. I plan my meals a day ahead. And when I was on a diet i planed it a week ahead. This is easier cause I will always know what am doing and i know what material should i buy from the groceries
Elias Y.
I eat the same thing every week day and sometimes mix it up on weekends. I really like my morning smoothie though- it’s satisfying, holds me to lunch, and gives me great energy. Recipe: 3/4 c almond milk, 1 banana, 1/4 c blueberries, two handfuls spinach, 2 heaping Tbs cocoa powder (very dark), 1/4 c nut butter. I also add 2Tbs collagen.
Od Lia Q.
it depends if i have anything in the fridge, but i prefer anything that doesnt take long time to make <10 min. so usually just the same thing
Nikolaos X.
I try to eat with a slight variation in my breakfast. Sometimes, I'm eating roasted bread, sometimes roasted bread with peanut butter, sometimes with egg, etc. These variations are not there consistently as I want to make fewer decisions. But they help me keep things fresh and entertained.
Deanna Z.
It honestly depends on the day for me, if I have school or work that day, I’ll eat something quick and easy, like yogurt(which is what i eat most days). If it is a slow day with not much going on, i’ll make a bigger breakfast like pancakes and bacon. It depends on what i’m in the mood for too; i don’t want to start my day with something i don’t like. 🙂
Felix E.
Same. Like Obama says, lower the amount if decisions you have to make every day. Breakfast in the every day for me is fuel, not an experience. I've made that decision and make my oatmeal, egg and berry breakfast every day now (unless it's a coat weekend morning ofc)
Aileen F.
By planning out my meals for the week, I am able to enjoy some variety for breakfast. Having a breakfast to look forward to helps motivate me to wake up in the morning.
Hubertine U.
I am not very good at eating breakfast in the morning, and often looking forward to a breakfast I have enjoyed gets me motivated to have the breakfast. So, I end up eating the same thing for a while. Sometimes this is a certain cereal, sometimes toast, sometimes yogurt and granola or fruit, sometimes a smoothie; whatever it is, I bounce between options but tend to stick to one for a while at a time. This is easier. Perhaps when I get into a better routine of eating breakfast in the morning, before undertaking morning tasks, I will be more inspired to try different things because it will be less of a task.
Elie F.
I try to keep it simple. Be it granola, soft boiled eggs or bread w peanut butter. I'm not really a breakfast person but I do enjoy brunch! So, I'll try to eat a variety of big, less carbs and more protein kind of meal.
Liesbeth Y.
I have a variety based on how much time/effort I will spend that day. I always have protein bars and yogurt cups stocked, and sometimes I do something time consuming, like hash browns. Sometimes I want something hot but easy, so I have oatmeal with different variations of toppings. I also try to have fruit stocked frequently, but that's often not the case. Yesterday I had hasbrown casserole, but today, I'm just having a protein bar and yogurt.
F O.
I like some variety in my breakfast, but I won't stray too far from my usual- either butter or jam toast/bagel, cereal if no bread is available, but recently I'm eating more scrambled egg on bread. Its definitely yummy but I'm not always in the mood to have it every morning, so that's when I alternate. I'm looking for a healthier breakfast, and scrambled eggs are definitely a good place to start. I've come off Nutella which is really good since that's less sugar for the day. That being said, every morning I always have a cup of tea two sugars. Maybe I can try and reduce my sugar content in my tea?
Nadeen R.
Vary your food every week.. if you like to maintain your meal that’s fine but u can vary every week or every 3 days. Make your breakfast the night before, it’ll help.
Elizabeth Z.
During the week, I'm fairly consistent. Monday, Wednesday, and Friday I'll have a protein bar for breakfast. Tuesday and Thursday is cereal. On Saturday, I don't work, so I get adventurous. I either make like a breakfast sandwich or eat leftovers. Sunday, I have some fruit before church, then a heartier brunch after.
Dhyani N.
I try to add variety. Incorporating different fruits keeps it interesting if you don’t have a lot of time. But I always have a go to meal for busy mornings.
Isha N.
I keep it fairly routine because it's easy for me to prepare and so that i don't end up eating high calories unhealthy foods like biscuits, bread with butter and cheese, chocolate cake etc. I keep it routine with oats and other healthy cereals like weetabix and cornflakes
Alice Q.
I have a hard bowled egg smashed on a buttered toast with salt and pepper everymorning. Its so filling and really hits the spot. I'll have this after my meditation and yoga before I start the day.
Zita T.
I keep it fairly routine but might change it up here and there depending on what food is in the house. A good thing I do is sometimes look to see if we have any left overs from dinner and eat that!!
Gustavo S.
A mild variety. Not too much because that would demand too much of my daily decision making power, but I try to have 2-3 different types per week
Kayyisa X.
Recently, I've been having a bowl of yogurt (high in protein) with some frozen berries, chia seed and honey. It sounds elaborate and long to prep compared to other breakfasts but it's honestly not. I've been having it consistently for the last week or so, and similar to you, I don't have to make that decision of what I'll be having.
I love the breakfast I'm having right now and I'm not just saying that to convince myself 😂😂😂😂.
I find that when I used to change up my breakfast every morning, I allowed my self to eat absolute rubbish and several portions because I didn't know what I wanted. However I do let my self have something different now and then.

So long story short, I keep to a fairly similar routine with breakfasts that way I don't spend ages thinking and prepping what I want and I eat better therefore I feel better 🌞🤗
Hope that helps xx

Ed X.
It really depends on how I feel each day. How advanced I want it, and what I feel like eating when I wake up. I struggle to eat breakfast, and if I listen to what I want makes it easier to eat breakfast.
Jacob Z.
I tend to eat the same meal for breakfast on most days. However I find that if I have more time in the mornings or something in the pantry that I feel like eating then I will switch it up a bit and put more effort into my breakfast. 🙂
Aishwarya P.
I do plan variety in my breakfast. Although,I maintain a routine to eat breakfast at the same time to keep my body in check. I, usually make decision about breakfast before sleeping itself so that I don't have to make decisions soon after waking up.
Milena X.
I usually eat the same thing for breakfast every day, a yogurt bowl with fruit and granola. Is easy an quick to make and pack with protein