What is the most filling plant-based breakfast?

Ma Lle O.
In my opinion, consuming green juice and a protein bar is so much more filling for on the go breakfast because it can help keep yourself full but also healthy at the same time. If you don’t have time to go for a green juice, instant oatmeal is the food to go. It is healthy and filling too.

Megan P.
I found a morning workout on you tube. You can do it as a beginner so I'am able to keep on doing it and get better every day. (its called "good morning workout|10min|beginner friendly") and I'm planning to switch to another workout later in time maybe.

Marius C.
The most filling would be a wrap.
Onion, small potatoes, beans, mushroom, tomatoes, lettuce, hummus.

I also love
– nut butter and banana on toasted bread
– oatmeal banana+ protein powder pancakes

Rosa Z.
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Sheryl P.
Depends if I’m trying to gain or lose weight. If losing weight, it’s best to train fasted (vice versa). The letter did say that if you want to delay your breakfast till later, just check it as done once you’ve eaten 😁

Ivanoel C.
I’ve discovered that breakfast can be whatever fuels you. Duh! Why did it take me this long to figure this out. Enjoying eating breakfast.

Mitchell Z.
Honestly, I have no idea what plant-based breakfast is,but I assume it is only means vegan breakfast. Well, I do not know what is the most filling one since I always eat some none-vegan stuff for breakfast so I guess I just never tried it.

Tyrone E.
Steel cut oats mixed with berries, seeds, and fresh fruit will provide a filling breakfast that provides sustained energy.