Is eating vegetables for breakfast a good option?

Ben L.
Sure, but since vegetables on their own aren‘t very filling I would combine them with whole grain carbs and some protein.
Nathaniel T.
Vegetables are always a good option. Many cultures don't have a special category for breakfast food and simply eat the same kind of food they would for lunch or dinner as their breakfast. Especially if you don't like sweet food for breakfast, vegetables make a great meal.
Reinaldo Q.
Absolutely! Be sure to include a protein rich food and a high fibre grain. Vegetables can be a great breakfast food! Think spinach and mushroom omelette, a turkey sandwich with lettuce and tomato or even last night’s leftovers.
Glenda S.
I think you need a bit more than just vegetables. Try adding an egg and maybe a quarter cup of rice into a big vegetable scramble. If you eat dairy maybe add a little bit of cheese. And if you’re on the go perhaps wrap it all up in a large tortilla!
Zdravko F.
You can but vegetables are mainly composed of water, so you might get hungry faster than if you had a good breakfast. I would eat some vegetables but not ONLY vegetables
Freja W.
Eating vegetables for any meal at all is a good option. Cutting and preparing them is, for me, the barrier. Pre-cooking some staples would be a good way to get ahead.
Math O T.
No, but then again, I don’t consider tomatoes vegetables. At least not for me. Vegetables are healthy but don’t give me enough energy to quick start my day. Personally, I stick to proteins and fruits, like cherry tomatoes.
Niklas X.
Eating vegetables at every meal is important. Just make sure to have protein too. Like a veggie omelette with cheese. I like onions, mushrooms and peppers and even chopped zucchini. I love zucchini.
Ricardo Q.
Yeah, why not? There are all kinds of way to include veggies. Raw is always best. I include spinach in my morning shake. But you could cut up veggies and fry them up in eggs. Fresh salsas (not necessarily spicey if that's not your thing) can be good with all kinds of things and can be prepared ahead of time so it's easier in the morning. Just make sure you get some form of protein and healthy fat in there too and you're good to go!
Marilice Q.
Yes not only because it’s healthy and nutritious but also it is pleasant for the eyes and makes food test fresh and gets you in a good vibe for your day
Kristen P.
I don’t see why it wouldn’t be. Of course, eating veggies for breakfast is not a societal norm and maybe feels weird. However, eating veggies for breakfast could be a great way to get more veggies into your diet. Some research has shown protein at breakfast to be particularly important for maintaining satiety for a longer period of time into the afternoon. Perhaps adding beans, lentils, tofu, or nuts to those veggies at breakfast would be helpful and healthy
Hartmuth R.
I think eating a mixture of fruit and protein is a good option. Side vegetables such as avocados, kale, and etc. can be beneficial.
Victoire Y.
Don't think so. As far as I know vegetables take a longer time to get digested, plus they don't contain many calories. For me breakfast works better with high calories. Protein, fat and carbs to fill you up and get you through the day.
Jimmy U.
Absolutely. I like to sometimes cook vegetables in a frying pan and put them into a sandwich on toasted whole wheat bread. If you like eggs, you can add that on too.
Mattie P.
I have found that eating some protein with breakfast helps me to have a better energy level throughout the morning early afternoon and helps reduce some of the cravings for sweets etc. But I haven't really eatten vegtables for breakfast so don't have an answer.
Wiebke F.
A healthy breakfast is rich in protein and low in sugar. That being said only a few vegetables such as spinach and kale are known to have significant amounts of protein. A good way to learn more about protein in veggies is searching how vegetarians and vegans get their protein. Also remember that potatos are full of starch.
Toralf U.
i love vegetables for breakfast! i love roasted parmesan brussels sprouts, caramelized onion and bell peppers with eggs, i am just huge into veggies especially at breakfast, also sweet potato hash! yum!
Sohan Y.
Yes!! Add veggies to an omelette! Sauté your favorite veggies and eat on the side. Have a breakfast salad! There are really no rules- eat veggies whenever 🙂
Zardilaque N.
I had a stir fry for breakfast the other day. Veggies have carbs, so it provides some energy. Not as good as long carbs (think oatmeal) or protein (eggs, meat, etc.).
I was pretty hungry a few hours later, and had a good morning snack.
Overall, I still think it's a good option. Better than eating unhealthy cereals, or other junk. Not as good as oatmeals or eggs.
C Lestin P.
I think eating vegetables anytime is a good idea but I usually have fruit for breakfast and vegetables for lunch and dinner.
Candice Q.
Vegetables are always a great option, no matter what time of day, but it’s important to use breakfast time as a chance to fuel your brain and body for the day ahead when you’re eating breakfast. That means healthy protein should be a priority for that first meal of the day. Additionally, you want to give your system some complex carbs to make you full and give you energy— whole grains and fresh fruits are both awesome options!
Bessie J.
Yes I think it is! trying to balance you meal is important and the difficult part of it, but looking at the nutrients you’re body’s need is important and food in ways can provide that
Lia Q.
personally i prefer not to eat vegetables for breakfast because they take more time to cook as supposed to having something like yogurt, granola and some fruit as that’s much quicker for when you’re in a rush, however vegetables are also hydrating and as you haven’t drank anything whilst you’ve been asleep this is a good way to rehydrate yourself
Filippa N.
Vegetables are always a good option because they're full of essential vitamins that our bodies need. Incorporating protein into your breakfast will also help kick off your day.
Ana S Y.
Eating veggies is good at any time of the day! Though eating only veggies is probably not enough in the morning. You should try to get in a fair amount of protein in the morning too and even though veggies do contain protein it’s just a small amount so you should try to combine them maybe with legumes!
Ella Z.
I think so, yes. When I eat a good breakfast it includes vegetables, e.g. Soup. In the Balkan area it is normal to have a salade along your eggs and bread.
Gregory U.
It sure is, you don't have to stick to traditional breakfast foods. I just had fried kale, spinach, and eggs for breakfast.
Carsta P.
I frequently eat vegetables for breakfast!! I make omelettes with peppers and onion with roasted tomatoes! What’s not to love!
Jacob J.
Yes, it is! Try to eat vegetables with every meal but, only vegetables are not very satisfying. You have to add some protein and healthy fats to your breakfast as well , for example tomato with avocado en eggs is a great breakfast
Mya W.
Yeah, I'd say so, as long as you combine them with more calorie-rich foods (both carbs and proteins). Only vegetables won't keep you full long.
Livia F.
Why not? Healthy is healthy, and I think vegetables can be more filling than other healthy foods. For some, it’s really hard to get the proper amount of healthy greens in a day, so if you have a craving early for them, go for it!
Bernard X.
I think eating vegetables at breakfast is a great option especially in smoothies (spinach, kale) but also as part of spreads for toast or just cooked into a scramble.
Jannis U.
I think that it is a good option but doesn't necessarily needs to be a routine, as also eating other things could be good
Deanna P.
Absolutely, if that's what you like. The main thing is to eat something that you like, because then you're more inclined to eat it. So if you really like vegetables, then have them for breakfast. If not, incorporate vegetables into a breakfast smoothie or shake, and then that's a way of having a healthier breakfast with vegetables, but that might be flavored with chocolate protein or such.
Jon Z.
Yes! That is how I invigorated my breakfast – I added vegetables and/or savory items. I enjoy breakfast so much more now. I’m more of a savory tooth than sweet tooth. Just be careful having too much fiber in the morning if you have meetings or have to travel in the morning.
Rachel S.
Veggies are good but breakfast needs to hold you for awhile so add some protein like peanut butter or an egg to give you more energy for the day and keep hunger at bay.
Alyssia Z.
Yes. Veggies provide nutrients and some carbs with low or no sugar. Fiber can help to slow absorbtion or sugars and fats and keep you blood sugar more stable for longer.
Ismet R.
Eating vegetables for breakfast is a brilliant option. If you’re like me, consuming generous portions of hearty vegetables feels great, but it can be a challenge to get the daily servings we would like. However, just consuming a mess o’ greens or some cruciferous plants with breakfast, for instance, sets us halfway to winning the battle and sets the tone for healthy eating choices throughout the day.
Some of my favourite veggie options for the morning are green smoothies, veggie omelettes, and roasted root vegetables leftovers (beats, sweet potatoes, parsnips, etc.).
Sara P.
Honestly i have not tried it. I guess it depents on the vegetables. Do you mean a salad in the morning?
I would suggest something more substanstial to keep you for the rest of the day. I usually eat things like milk and cereal, a slice of bread and a slice of cheese ( feta or yellow) . Later i usually have a fruit.
I am not an expert, I think a dairy product would be good for protein a slice of bread would make a hearty meal.
I Think fruit is a good option as well.
I think that a salad is better to eat with lunch or dinner.