I’ve always operated along the mindset that working out is better to do before breakfast has been consumed. Does anyone have any thoughts on this? I’ve been ending my workouts in the morning with a breakfast and I’m wondering if that still counts.

Marica C.
I do intermited fasting and do my workoutroutine before breakfast, it gives me a jumpstart on burning calories in my fatburning stage of IF.
Sarah J.
It is great to work out in the first hours of the day because the body is energised after a good night sleep. It also reduces the chance of missing workout in case anything else comes up. As far as I know, after exercise the metabolism is good and therefore the food is utilised by the body properly. However, it is equally okay to workout anytime of the day. In regards of meals, there should be gap of 30 min – 40 min before and after meal exercise.