What kind of foods would be best to eat in the morning?

Ethan F.
Probably seeds, nuts, dried and fresh fruit, etc.. I love my chia pudding with coconut milk, fresh fruit, dates, cocoa powder, seeds and a ton of other yummy things🙃
Joshua T.
A nutritious meal highly in protein and fiber, low on fat and high in vitamin c for vibration. One that is made with love even if it is for yourself only.
I usuallu wake up extra early, cook a nice omlette with egg whites, improvise on the ingredients everyday, and serve it to myself like a pro chef.
Frankie Y.
Comida que me de energía para todo lo que supone un día, que contenga proteína y fruta, es decir, huevos con queso, y café con alguna harina que en lo posible sea arepa ya que es menos dañina.
Damiana A.
I love sweet food in the morning, like pancakes 🥞 or bread 🍞 + jam. It is also nice to have a cup of warm milk to start the day. I choose milk because I'm not really tolerant with caffeine. It helps my eyes 👀 to open wider. Oh! my mom also put 1 boiled egg (the white part only) to add protein in my breakfast. I kinda dislike it, so I pour honey to hide its taste
Cindy J.
Iets warm dat mij warm doet voelen van binnenuit, lijk een pikante soep. Iets hartig en vullend, zoals paardenoog met brood.
Phillipe X.
Maybe oatmeal with all kinds of fruits, anything you have, eggs and toast, sandwich with you know, healthy stuff in it, if you have time make a salad, or simply a shake : )
Sandra T.
What I would recommend is egg. Either boiled egg or scrambled egg works and I like to make a sandwich with it. I also think that an avocado is a great start too! I hope I could help you
Fernanda P.
I personally trying to avoid sugar. I would eat whole wheat bread with organic peanut butter (no sugar in it), fruits like berries, oranges, kiwi, apples, strawberries and raspberries. A glass of water obviously. Little disclosure that was my breakfast today!
Aracy T.
Breakfast is my biggest meal. I go for 4+ oz meat, 2-3 eggs, fruit, roots (sweet potato chunks or whatever is already cooked), and sometimes half a smoothie.
Romane Y.
Oranges! They're not only great for a daily dose of Vitamin C, but the process in which you eat them. Cut them with a knife, peel them with your hands, either way it is your decision. It has so many benefits as well, so it's a great food for the sick 👍🏿