Do you eat more protein in wintry mornings to keep warm?

Gernot Q.
I eat more protein in the morning and I also have a good protein shake in the morning because of the health issues that I have it works for me M. S.

Frida B.
Sometimes i like egg and girts anytimes dont really matter to me but oatmal i only eat that in the winter sometimes
it dont matter

Zelaine P.
No, I eat more carbs like rice and veggies, lentils. Sometimes I do eat tortillas made of whole grain wheat as well as pancakes without adding sugar and syrups in it.

Tanya A.
Yes, I always eat protein in the morning such as eggs. Most of the time I eat oatmeal which may not have much protein but keeps me full.

Noah P.
Yes, I do want to eat more protein in the winter, and other seasons. It will keep me warm energised, and I want a bigger phisiqur

Rosibel Q.
It doesn't matter what season it is, you should always have a protein packed breakfast, but if you're planning on keeping warm in the winter, a warm breakfast is suggested.

Deanna W.
I live on a tropical island. However it gets cooler from the end of December to March. For that reason I consume a meal of maybe chicken and rice on those mornings and that keeps me fuelled for most of the day.

Silas P.
I normally eat warm porridge as it warms me up! Also it’s dark and depressing and don’t feel like cooking on winters morning.

Magnus C.
I have taken more recently to eating more eggs in the morning, thanks to Fabulous. Otherwise no. I can’t say I’ve associated protein with “warmth”; maybe this is something to bring to other users’ attention…!

Arc Lio Q.
I haven't been doing this in the past but protein fills me up for longer so I guess that would definitely help you stay warmer. Plus if you are cold it's tempting to eat something to warm u up. So this would help me avoid unnecessary snacking too!