What is the best drink for breakfast. Can’t drink orange juice. Too acidic

Shelley Y.
For breakfast, I usually drink a cup of milk. It is filling and tastes good, and is warm in winter. However, if you are lactose intolerant or aren’t eating dairy products, a simple glass of water will wake you up and jump-start your metabolism. Water is the only scientifically proven drink to boost energy.
Mischka X.
Water is always good, but also tea. Green tea with mint leaves, lemon or/and ginger is a good way to start your day. It will keep you healthy, calm and Kickstart your day with the energy you need.
Breno Q.
Matcha green tea is a great way to start the day! It’s a nice alternative to coffee without sacrificing the caffeine and the process of making the tea can be very relaxing.
Francisca E.
Tea is a great choice! It is soothing for the stomach, you get hydrated and it is a soft transition between waking up and being ready for the day!
Irakli Q.
One glass of MILK has many essential vitamins you will need throughout your day. Drinking a glass of milk before breakfast is something your body will love.
Christian J.
For their nutrients and health advantages, I'd go for coconut water or milk. For an energy kick, Coffee or green tea. And as an alternative to a conventional breakfast, I'd blend milk or coconut water with berries and banana. Try not to put sugar on anything. Be happy.
Neusa C.
A smoothie. For example a hand full of some greenery like spinach or kale + a big cup of you fav fruit (blue, straw, ras or black-berries, tropical fruits, etc.) + banana + topped with water or non dairy milk/yogurt and some unsalted and unroasted nuts.
Wilma O.
Water is amazing as it kickstarts you're immune system and is generally refreshing, if you are on a diet or trying to lose weight having plenty sips of cold water regularly actually helps lose weight. Try not to have dairy products like milk or yogurt because they make you're acne worse and can cause bloating.
Jessica Y.
What about infused water? You can infuse any fruit, herbs, and more to give your water some natural flavor that is less acidic. I love infusing cucumber and mint in my water!
Gusm O P.
Tea is probably one of the healthiest drinks for breakfast as it gives you a variety of flavors and caffeine levels to chose from. It’s best if you can drink it without sugar or cream
N Lio C.
Personally, the best drink for breakfast is water and milk. By drinking water, you are keeping yourself hydrated after a few hours of sleep without drinking water. As for milk, it has lots of nutrients which will benefit you well for the day ahead.
Tristan U.
A glass of milk will help you get through that morning rush, or enjoy a glass of tea or coffee as long as you don’t add sugar! Sugar will cause you to crash and make it more difficult to get through the day.
Alexandra Y.
Water to start, then tea/coffee. If you want something cold you could try milk or make a smoothie with less acidic fruits.
Joseph N.
Try a smoothie. You can put in whatever fresh fruits or vegetables you like so you know you're more likely to drink it! And if you can't get fresh fruit at this point, frozen fruits work great too. It's quite filling as well and contributes to your five a day!
Alyssa O.
There are many different drinks that are great to have at breakfast, it just depends on what you like and what you want for your body. Water is always a great option, obviously, but milk is great too. Smoothies are a good option, but make sure you are not accidentally loading up on calories. Tea is one of my personal favorites, but coffee is great too. I prefer decaf because the caffeine makes my mood unsteady. If you are looking for something to help with digestion or cleansing your body, hot lemon water is a good option, or any other detox drink, I love finding recipes online.
Liva X.
Juice is full of sugar anyway which obviously isn't great.. Do you have reflux? My housemate has reflux and makes a banana and kale/spinach smoothie for breakfast… probably doesnt taste amazing but it's alkaline and super healthy.. you could always add peanut butter or something to suit your tastes. Water or coffee can't hurt either! In moderation coffee is good for jump starting your brain in the morning 🙂
Danielle L.
I have a juicer so I'm always juicing my favorite fruits and veggies. It a great way for me to know what exactly is in my juice as well as getting enough fruit veggies intake. Plus it increases my energy
Bernard O.
i usually drink some milk or a capuccino.. or a chai latte.. you could try it with almond milk because is a little bit softer than milk