What if I don’t feel hungry at all, or am craving chocolate and ice cream?

Minos N.
It depends what your goals are. If you want to eat consistently, for example, breakfast you may want to start trying to eat something small in the morning. Another solution might be to not eat very late at night because it may prevent you from wanting to eat in the morning and may mess up your sleep. You can also just make your breakfast in the morning after you wake up but eat it slightly later, for example 1-2 hours after you've woken up when you'll probably have the appetite to eat your breakfast. The problem with having cravings is a little more complicated and I don't have any good advice at the moment other than being mindful of what you eat. Hope this helps πŸ™
Alice F.
Then,add some of your favorite foods into your healthy breakfast.for example if you're craving cookies,eat something healthy and add your cookie to it,such as a bowl of greek yogurt with berries and and a cookie
If you don't feel hungry at all,try starting your day with a hot drink or make smoothies.drink your calories instead of eating them.
Glenda Y.
Hi.hope you feel and are great.well when you started a commitment with your body and spirit…you should hold on to whatever it is. Difficult or not. Think of something better than a chocolate.or ice cream… think of almonds for example. They're tastful and nutritional. I hope that I've had answered this part with a good result.
Guilhermino E.
You can have a light breakfast instead of oatmeal or eggs. We need energy for daily activity which every meal give us. You can start with Greek yogurt, fruits, and nuts.
Mysha N.
Instead of having sweets you should have a fruit or vegetable or healthy drink instead of sweets which can ruin your diet.
Mysha N.
Think of how healthy you can be when you are older do you wanna be healthy eat a banana or maybe an orange it's nutritious and can give you energy in the mornings!