Does anyone else struggle with getting up in time to have breakfast? It seems that no matter what I do I am always running late or in a rush and breakfast becomes the least important thing.

Louane U.
Personally I’ve started associating what I’m eating with the muscle group that I’m working on that day. I’m excited about going to the gym, which makes me excited about what I eat so I’m turn I’m more incline to wake up a little earlier. You can also try prepping something you enjoy. Something with minimal prep time that way your least likely to pass on breakfast because it “requires too much work”. These things have helped me. Even having a protein/meal replacement shake for breakfast. Powder, water, shake lol
Isabella T.
Yes , in fact many people do , but to solve this problem you need to find a spot where an outlet is to charge your phone that is far from where you sleep in your bed but close enough for you to hear the alarm set an appropriate time that you are comfortable with .
Emmie O.
I spend one day a week (usually my first of two days off) buying groceries and meal prepping. When I say meal prepping, I mean to the point of every single meal and snack boxed up, grouped together in my fridge, and ready to grab and go. My work has a fairly good-sized fridge, so I will take my lunches and snacks for the week on Monday morning. I also make sure my snacks could be a healthy breakfast substitute just in case I forget my breakfast at home. That way I'm covered no matter what. Hope this helps!
Eric Z.
I always take a lot of time to get ready (longer than I need) and make breakfast my priority. I quickly dress myself when I get up, then make and eat breakfast and then brush my teeth and go. Most of my time in the morning (by far) goes to eating breakfast. What helps me is setting an alarm, actually getting up immediately when my alarm goes off and just taking my time. Maybe set your alarm earlier?
Wiltrud O.
I used to have this problem until I found 2 solutions that worked for me.

1- set an alarm 30 min early to buy you time without feeling rushed. 2- skip breakfast as part of intermittent fasting.

I tried both and fasting was the best one for me. I no longer feel rushed and I know I’m doing something healthy. Hope that helps ! 🙂

Mildred W.
Yes, all the time! Before I started fabulous, I never tried to make time for breakfast. I never thought of it as a priority. Now, I try my best to wake up so early I know for sure I’ll have time for breakfast. Then, the first thing I do is eat my breakfast. After that, I can finally get ready.
Joan Y.
Yes, this is a struggle. I’ve found that I can make good breakfasts in advance and store them in a to-go container to take with me in the morning. For example, I make 4 servings of regular oatmeal (and add a Tbsp of chia seeds and or flax seed and a little bit of oatmeal) at a time and portion the 4 servings into to-go containers and add milk and heat right before I leave the house so that as soon as I get to work, my meal is ready to eat. You could do the same for “overnight oats” and milk. A friend of mine makes chia seeds and almond milk/reg milk combo every night to eat in the morning. Hang in there!
Carl N.
Same here! I’ve recently discovered breakfast COOKIES and it’s saved me. Totally healthy and super cheap to make. Only three ingredients; oatmeal, bananas and chocolate chips. Toss two bananas into a mixer. When they’re puréed, add in one cup of quick oatmeal and 1/3 cup of chocolate chips (you could totally use raisins, craisins or blueberries. Use an oiled 1/3 cup scoop to measure and put them on a silicone cookie sheet. Then oil the outside of the scoop and mash the dough into shape. Because there is no baking powder, they won’t rise or even move. I bake two batches on the weekend. My husband loves them and even my students ask for them! After a few test batches, go crazy and add cinnamon and vanilla. It’s the ultimate, health grab-and-go breakfast!
Johann R.
Set your alarm a little earlier. Go to bed a little earlier. Eat less dinner and avoid snacks in the evening, so you are hungry first thing in the morning.
Also, you can prepare some breakfast foods and grab quick, healthy things for breakfast. Hard-boil a dozen eggs for the week. Have apples and bananas ready to go. Put Greek yogurt, berries, and nuts in a container, ready to grab. Get some of the Nature Valley Protien need – low in sugar, yummy, and satisfying.
Don't glom on to an excuse. Use your imagination and come up with solutions!
Nicklas X.
Yoghurt, bannaa, blue berries. Put them in a bag night before. Grab them in the morning and eat on the way or once arrived at work.
Alex O.
If you haven’t already tried this, maybe try to plan your breakfast the night before? And try to plan quick and easy breakfasts so you’re not spending too much time making breakfast. Hope this helps. 🙂
L Ane Y.
Yes. Having breakfast is the best meal between other meals but Sometimes I have less time to have breakfast when we compare to the other meals. For instance, a dinner could take long time from preparing to eat. I think we are a bit excited to begin the day when we have breakfast. That’s why we try to end up our breakfast asap. 😅
Rasmus U.
Definetly, not only me but also people from my generation around me seem to have this habit of neglecting breakfast in favor of 20 more minutes of sleep or to be in time, etc
Antonio E.
Yes! I feel U on that one! Well , best practice I learned, is to have it ready a day before and leave it at work. Most work places have where to storage, hope this helps!
Fernando S.
Nicholas X.
Honestly, intermittent fasting is good for longevity and weight control, it can be quite healthy. So if your body isn’t urging you to prioritize breakfast then that’s probably fine. Make sure you take some healthy food with you for when you do get hungry later. Maybe some fruit and a serving of nuts for example. There’s really nothing wrong with skipping breakfast as long as you still eat enough throughout the rest of the day. Many people even find that intermittent fasting improves their focus in the mornings!
Lucinda S.
Yes, but it just takes practice. If you are struggling to get up you might be staying up too late at night. Also no matter how good it feels to go back to sleep after your alarm goes off, you gotta train yourself out of snoozing. If you sleep through your alarm, try one that requires you to stand up or one that shakes the bed, both work great for my husband who is a heavy sleeper.
Diane X.
First of all let me say, everyone can overcome this in their own way. I understand what you mean because I too had struggles with always eating breakfast as well. I myself am just not hungry until noon. But because of this app, in the past week I have gotten up and eaten a banana or a yogurt. Anything that is simple and quick is generally the easiest way to accomplish this.
Pearl Z.
Something that I subscribed to is overnight oats. It is very helpful for anyone who is in a rush in the morning. Also something that one of my friends does is make one big smoothie for the week as well. These are a few options that have been helpful for us.
Jerry E.
Yes that used to happen to me too but then I started preparing my breakfast the day before then I could take it with me and eat whenever I had time
Sergio P.
Some years ago I struggled with the same challenge, always in a hurry in the morning. With a coach we identified that the problem was that my mornings did not hold any appeal to me, and more sleep beat getting up every time. The first fix is obvious but difficult – get more sleep. You need to go to bed earlier to wake up refreshed. Another thing that helped me was to think about the kind of activities I’d like my ideal morning to include. I found that flowers/plants on my bedside table make my first waking moments nicer, so now I have flowers first thing I see. Another game changer for me was making a special breakfast nook where I read, journal sometimes and have my breakfast looking out the window. I even invested in a small bookshelf for this purpose, so my nook is inviting to me. This makes my morning time something I look forward to, and gets me time to eat a proper breakfast. What would make your morning worth waking up early?
Caroline F.
I use to prepare my breakfast smoothie the day before, so I only have to blend it and then I can those to take it with me, if I don’t have time in the morning I usually cuts out meditation or training, tihi,
Timothe Z.
Wake up 5-10 minutes earlier each day until you have enough time

Or prepare something like rolled oats the night before

Marten N.
I never think too much about it, and I've learned to listen to my body. Sometimes I'm up and not hungry at all, so I'll drink my water and continue on with my day until I'm ready to eat. I know it's best to have it early, but you can grab a granola bar or a protein substitute.
Frida B.
Fix breakfast the night before. Fix something that you can grab and go like apple slices with nut butter. Scrambled eggs with spinach and cheese to reheat at work
Nicoline E.
Leonardo F.
Make breakfast a priority. Schedule it just after your morning exercise and before getting dressed to leave. Your body needs fuel to function through the day.
Dawn Z.
Prep something the night before or go with Something that is quick. I do a wrap with hummus, or a bagel with cream cheese. Something you can make in less than a minute and run out the door with it!
Victoire Z.
Prepare your breakfast the night before such as overnight oats and get your cup ready with a teabag and spoon in so as soon as you get up boil the kettle and eat
Bernadette Z.
Yes. Always. So I have taken up what I call mobile meals. For my breakfast mobile meals, I stock up on food that I can grab and go such as yogurt with fruit like a banana, pear, or even nuts. Or sometimes a bagel with egg or a piece of ham or cheese. These are things that I can just grab and go that I can take with me and, yes, even eat during my commute (like the bagel or fruit) or at my desk as soon as I get to work as I go through emails. Hope that helps.
Maurice Y.
Wake up 10mins earlier and prepare the elements of you breakfast the night before, that way you'll have plenty of time to eat
Christian C.
I do sometimes as well. I found that planning to wake up a little earlier helps because it gives you room to breathe and have time for breakfast before your day starts. For example, If you wake up at 7:00am everyday and know that you take 30 min to get ready and you have to leave by 7:45am, try waking up at 6:45am and that would give you about 15 min to have breakfast and do whatever else you need to do so you don’t feel like you’re rushing at the start of your day.
Chloe O.
I get into a pre planned routine, (not always completed though) where I get my breakfast serials etc, ready the night before. I also try to work to a time routine, what order I will do things.
Gavin P.
I wake up a little earlier to have breakfast, so im not late. I feel fueld and energized in the morning to start the day
Areusa A.
The best thing to do is set an alarm for yourself. Then have an idea of what you need to do to get ready in time for your work or school. For me I tend to get sidetracked easily so I need an alarm in order to make it on time.
Izzie J.
Yah same! Usually in the mornings I just eat something like a cup of yogurt or a piece of bread or cake. I never eat enough in the morning, so when lunch rolls around, I’m always famished!
Nanna W.
I've gotten better about waking up in time for breakfast when I've got something planned that I'm excited for but that takes maybe 5 minutes- cut fresh farmer's market bread, toast it, and if I have time I throw hummus and spinach between the slices for a sandwich. It's good because it only takes a couple extra minutes and I can take a bite, take my vitamins, and eat the rest while I'm walking out the door for work.
Maximiliano Q.
I do! With a six year old I usually help her get ready and get her breakfast but don't make time for my own breakfast. Lately I've been pouring a cup of cereal with milk in a disposable coffee cup or a cup with a lid and I have my breakfast at work. When I have a cereal that gets soggy quick I just put them in separate containers.
Laszlo Z.
I started with protein bars (there are so many good ones now) that i could take with me to eat in the car or walking. This got me and my stomache used to having calories in the morning. Then I moved on to a smoothie I prepare at night and then mix up to drink while getting ready in the morning. I don't know if I'll ever get to sitting down with eggs or oatmeal during the week, but it's a start and a habit at this point.
Melvin U.
I'm not a morning person. At all. The morning struggle is real. I usually pack my lunch the night before, as well as something for breakfast that I can eat/drink in the car or at my desk at work. Usual breakfast choices include no sugar added flavored protein water with one of the following: cheese with thinly sliced apples and rice crackers; aussie bites; hardboiled eggs; steelcut oatmeal with milk, dried fruit, pumpkin seeds, nuts and chia seeds (the kind you prepare the night before); peanut butter toast with sliced banana; cottage cheese and sliced fruit; frozen waffle and turkey bacon sandwich. I sometimes buy frozen eggwiches I can microwave.
Ella J.
I always want to stay in bed a little bit longer. I don’t want to get up and start being busy, I want to rest. I sleep better in the morning.
Marvin Q.
Yes this is true for me as well.
I remind myself at work to eat. Thankfully there is a mini fridge where I have yogurts and milk.
Tilly U.
Actually, I prefer to prepare everything for breakfast before a night ago. It could be useful or you can drink smoothies
Maxwell Z.
It helps when you stop drinking coffee, you have more energy and it is easy to wake up early. Drinking water before go to bed and after you wake up helps also increase the energy of your body. It is the lack of energy that makes you running late all the time becauce your bidy can't keep up with your lifestyle. At least that was the problen in my case
Giuseppe I.
Prioritise your activity the day before. Plan your day. Monitor how long it rakes for you to do tasks- how long are you in the kitchen? Bathroom? Getting changed? Make up or shaving? The more conscious of your time you are the easier it is to manage it. One step at a time slowly start forming better ways to manage your time.
Bar O I.
I am struggling to get up in time but taking breakfast is unavoidable at all. What is causing the discomfort is the exercise
Barry E.
I always eat breakfast but I struggle getting up in time to exercise. I meant to go for a walk this morning and I ran out of time. I try to have a plan to fit it in some other time during the day, but my day just goes better if I do it first thing. Maybe you could eat before you shower. Just yogurt, fruit, nuts and toast which are quick and light. Maybe a good breakfast doesn’t have to take half an hour. Hope that helps.
Beverly P.
I had that problem for years, always in such a rush in the opening getting kids ready, going to work, neglecting breakfast, except coffee. Then I would have the whole crash and feel hypoglycemic all morning until I got some protein. Now that I eat breakfast before I leave the house, I feel grounded, and my brain functions so much better at work!
Giulia T.
Sometimes preparing breakfast takes longer than eating it because when I sit down and eat it I don’t seem to savor it and instead I gobble it up quickly and rush to do a new task
Adrian C.
I struggle with this too! I find if I have something to be excited about eating that helps! Avocado toast is SO quick and with a little salt/pepper and chilli powder it’s soooo good!
Marten M.
Hi you. We sometimes make meals the evening before so you only have to grab it in the morning: u can even eat on your way. Consider looking ‘overnight oats’ or any kind of smoothie. I am not a big eater in mornings but even I can manage this. Good luck!
Crispim F.
One thing I do is make overnight oats (there are tons of recipes online). As the name suggests, you make it the night before. It is ready to eat and if I don’t have I time, I can take it to work.

I struggle with getting up early enough to everything I want though. Would rather be able to relax in the morning than be rushing.

Romane T.
I started waking up just 10 minutes earlier than I normally did. Even if it wasn’t enough time to have a great breakfast, it started me getting into the habit of waking up earlier. When that felt comfortable, I woke up 10 minutes earlier again and repeated that until I found the spot where I have enough time to eat and not feel rushed.
Tiffany F.
I always feel tired and in need of more sleep. I struggle to get up and end up snoozing several times. When I finally get up it’s way too late to do anything and have to rush to work.
Frida Z.
Yes,it used to happen to me as well before I got introduced to this app. But before fabulous I invested almost a week for myself where I made few changes in lifestyle where I am sleeping on time,because I knew I need 7 hours sleep without fail. I started putting phone away on silent 15 minutes before bed and then started taking enough sleep also waking up on 1st alarm started shaping up and then I started my routine with fabulous.

Also I could not be in a good mood every morning to start a day but enough sleep and healthy breakfast has given small but effective change that I can feel for now. Later I guess my family and friends will also start noticing.

Tina U.
I've made breakfast one of the things that I look forward to everyday. I bought lots of nice ingredients for an awesome muesli with fresh fruits. So this made it easy for me to make time for it