What are some toppings I can add to my omelette to make it healthier?

Josefine Z.
I recommend greens such as spinach, and mushrooms, onions, and a lean protein like chicken or tofu. Another fun twist is to make it Mexican style with a variety of colored peppers, onions, and a protein with fajita spices. Always keep in mind that what’s healthy for one person may not be healthy for another. If you’re sensitive to nightshades, don’t add peppers or tomatoes to your omelette.

Christiane X.
I like to add tomatoes, rocket, fresh herbs especially coriander and basil, all sorts of veggies can be added to omelette too.

Craig J.
Any extra veggies around the house? Throw them in. Doesn’t matter if it’s tomato, onion, or bell peppers — the added veggies will make your omelette heartier and keep you fuller longer.