What kind of breakfast do you eat in the morning to start the day well?

Rosita J.
I usually go for eggs and bread. It's easy to make (which I needed because of my morning laziness haha) and it's decently healthy too.
Przemek C.
whole grain bread with hummus or any vege pasta plus tomato, onion, cucumber , paprika, with a bit of ketchup, pepper and salt

Or oats flakes with apple sometimes banana, cinnamon and honey

Sebastian Z.
Sometimes i have porridge with some honey, or toast with peanut butter or honey on. Imight start to add other things in but I'm not sure what
Ida Z.
My favourite breakfast is a big bowl of delicious fruits with some plain Greek yogurt and heaps of nutritious seeds of all sorts. If for some reason I'm not very hungry one morning I'll have a handful of nuts and maybe an apple or banana. Whatever I'm in the mood for really. Sometimes I'll even have oatmeal or eggs on toast. A good nourishing breakfast is key though!
Nesha Q.
Well I love mi jugo de naranja! Eggs, honey and almond cereal… something usually on the side of light considering im never really hungry in the mornings.
Amani N.
I don’t drink coffee at all. I get a cup of milk chocolate and some home made cake or biscuits. Butter, jam, olive oil, eggs, sausages, fish make also a part of my weekend breakfasts.
Tom S P.
Usually I have first an actimel short drinking yogurt and one expresso and then i have, at work, a croissant an apple a banana and one drinking big yogurt
Hector Z.
It depends on the day but I usually have porridge and a tea. On Sundays I often meet a friend for brunch so when I do this I’ll have a fry of some sort.
Isolde E.
Porridge, with added fruit – raisens, stewed spiced plums or banana and cinnamon. It always tastes nicer than I expect and fills me up. Also i can do a bit of something else while I wait for it to cook!
Keila Z.
Low carbs and sugars and high protein for a boost of energy in the morning! Oatmeal and peanut butter, protien smoothie, avocado toast with eggs
Jan F.
I just began using the weight watchers program recommended by my Dr. it is worldwide the most successful diet program on the planet. So far I learned it isn’t about what specific meal I eat- it’s about my entire day’s intake, activity and mindset. Those are simply habits to build!
Alena G.
I eat oatmeal with rosins or other fruit, sometimes I like a smoothie, and og I have to spoil myself, I eat healthy bananapancakes with fruit, nuts and dark chocolate.
Elise Y.
I make a vegetable-based protein shake with unsweetened almond milk, an egg, oats, and sometimes peanut butter. If I need an extra boost I'll after a small tangerine or Apple for extra energy.