I work night shifts so is breakfast at 19:00 okay?

Huiyee G.
Yes, in my opinion, breakfast is a meal to fuel you for the start of the day and if your day starts at 19:00 so be it. 😊
Alex C.
Of course! If you work nights then eat breakfast at the time that is appropriate for you. This journey is yours and can fit into your life the way it is right now! Best of luck!
Tom R.
Yes, if for you your day starts in the evening then you should have breakfast then to kick off your day. You could try a cooked breakfast like eggs or a bacon roll so you feel like you are having a proper meal while also still sticking to breakfast foods to keep that connection with the start of your day.
Shafeeq U.
Yes, definitely. I wouldn't call it breakfast but I think it's best to eat within the few hours of waking up, it doesn't matter what time you do.
Romana U.
Just eat good when you wake up, after drinking some water. That way you'll start your System and provide Healthy Energy for during the time you're Awake (Day or Night). Good luck working!
Jessi Z.
Absolutely. If yhat is your normal schedule during the week then I would say yes eat breakfast before you go to work as if it is in the morning.
Adam B.
No, you should stick with the idea that breakfast is in the morning. Have a warm meal as dinner before going to work in the evening to get enough energy. Have a breakfast sandwich at your job and lunch at home
Albert J.
I guess it's whenever you wake up, so if you wake up at 6 pm for work, 6:30 (ish) might be okay. But it could be nice to catch some daylight if you have the opportunity though.
Charlotte S.
For sure, if that's the start of your day. Night shifts can be rough and the body and mind because of the lack of time in the daylight so make sure you look after yourself. Following this journey will help
David C.
Yes that is fine but only if it's when you wake up. Generally an hour or 2 after you wake up if you eat I'd consider it breakfast. Now if you sleep two times a day let's say you wake in the morning to get things done you can only do during the day and you then take a nape for a couple hours before work. Try eating breakfast the first time you wake up within those 2 hours whatever time that may be, and then if you feel hungry after your nap have a lunch or a light snack before work.
Florian Q.
Breakfast should start and boost your day with as much energy as possible. Try to grab something nutritious in the morning like banana, an apple, nuts, dried fruits.
Nicholas C.
If that is when you wake up after long sleep, I guess so. But As I’m not a nutritionist, I cannot answer this with surety.
Zelaci P.
I think no because best time for good food intake is morning after sunset food not digest properly and may cause issues.
Julie Z.
Of course! Morning is at a different time for you because of your work. You can conform the app to your schedule a bit more by going to Settings->AdvancedSettings and changing the time that the app starts a new "day." Noon might be more appropriate for you than the default 2am.
Michaela S.
Sure thing πŸ™‚ nourish your body to feel great during the shift. If that means that the first meal is your breakfast a 7pm, its worth it
Owen U.
Whatever time you wake up in the afternoon or evening to get ready for work just eat 30 minutes after waking up and that should be your breakfast. He doesn't matter what time of day that you eat your breakfast as long as you eat it once you wake up before you go to work so that you can have a nice healthy start to your evening since that is technically you are mourning. My father used to work third shift and would always eat breakfast for dinner because that would be his breakfast time since he just woke up. so make sure you get a hearty breakfast to keep your energy up for work. I hope everything works out for you!
Wyatt U.
yes, because you're schedules are switched with the rest of the world, so you have to find a way to adapt, and eventually, change to a better job, because night shifts are prejudicial for your health
Alexis E.
Breakfast at 19:00 are better than no breakfasts at all– especially if you're sleeping during the day! I think it may not be the norm to have breakfast that late, but it doesn't mean that it isn't good to get some nutrients into your body before going to work 😊
Carl X.
I don't think so, because for me it's not about what your eat but when you're eating. So if you wanna dinner foods that are more common in breakfast, there's no problem for me, but I would've still call it dinner
Emmie E.
Breakfast actually means, break the fast. Are you not eating all day? Then you can call it breakfast at 19:00. Also, are you eating during your night shift? Then, you cannot call it breakfast! No matter what you call it, you should eat a good meal in the morning when you get out from work, and also make sure you eat a good meal before you go to work in the evening, as well. Our circadian cycle is still the one put in our body by our Creator and depends on the day and night cycle, regardless if we work night shifts or not!
Bailey F.
If this is when you're waking up then I believe so! You want to literally break the fast your body was in while you slept and provide your body with the nourishment to carry you through your day!
Dustin F.
That sounds okay to me. I know that having really irregular patterns can mess with your metabolism, so keeping some sort of routine will probably help yoir body, whatever routine works for you πŸ™‚
Charissa O.
Sure! In fact, a healthy protein and veggie rich breakfast or smoothie would be excellent! It’ll help curb your appetite by regulating your blood sugar and giving you the energy you need for the important work you do! Every person has a purpose!
Steven Q.
Ok but you shoud eat light food not heavy food. Because you would be sleepy when you work. So that, i advise you should keep it some healthy snack and some drink contain caffeine.
Dahlia B.
Breakfast at anytime is ok; the important thing is to consider what is it made of? Can it sustain you? Let that be your guide as to what you eat.