What is best to bring into your daily eating plan that helps with weight loss?

Perry B.
I exercise a lot, my morning basketball practice helps me keep everything balanced. Also I have a healthy Vegan Diet that gives me lots of energy that I spend by walking around and pushing myself at basketball and being productive a lot of the times.
Russell Z.
Turmeric Tea: it helps with proper absorption of nutrients, prevents bloating and water retention and regularises the whole digestive system, thus helping in weight loss. Mix some turmeric powder with ground black pepper, add in some cinnamon powder and top up approx. one teaspoon of the mixture with some boiling water. Consume on an empty stomach in the morning.
Delores J.
Make sure you always have some healthy snacks in your bag (like fruit or nuts). If you get hungry and in the urge to buy sweets or pizza, you don't have a discussion with yourself whether to buy it or not. But you just grab your healthy snack and go on..
Andre Q.
Reduce the portion of foods r snacks so that I dont panic at signs of hunger. Remember my goals when reaching for unhealthy foods. Allowing myself some unhealthy foods and limiting the amounts so that I dont see it as a failure and then binge and get into a vicious cycle.
Naja P.
_befor you star eating;make sure the amout of food has been divided in to smal pieces.
_dont eat small or un healthy food between each session
Suzanne A.
Maybe eat more vegetables? You will be less hungry for other, less healthy choices. Veggies have a lot of vitamins and fiber, which is good for your gut.
Natalya Y.
My two best food decisions are to stop reproaching myself for the “wrong” foods and start having breakfast. Both of these decisions led to the began to eat significantly less and it is became easier for me to control myself.
Isabella C.
Fiber, water, salads and just plain chicken little seasoning, fruits and veggies, low calorie probiotic yogurts, green juicing
Brent Y.
High protein foods like eggs & “healthy fats” such as walnuts or avocados keep you full much longer & sustain energy for the day. High fiber raw carrots are a great food for snacking. This is a better choice than high carb foods which add calories & leave you hungry.
Selim Y.
Cut down on calorie intake with a small and simple change and then stick to it. For example, buy spray oil for cooking or make a low calorie swap for one of your daily snacks. Don't try and change everything in a oner because your body will struggle to adapt, you'll feel hungry and grumpy.