What do you do when you don’t feel like eating in the morning?

Kevin U.
I'd probably just have a little snack ie. A small protein bar such as a nut bar and a glass of milk to at least fill your stomach? Hope this helps?
Laura C.
Honestly. First I drink my daily water đź’¦ and then wait till about 10am đź•™ and then find myself hungry and ready for a healthy breakfast.
Sandy C.
I wait until I do feel like eating breakfast cause otherwise my stomach starts hurting.

Sometimes though, I can drink a berry apple smoothie and it helps me eat something healthy for breakfast. So it just depends.

Ad Rio A.
Depending on how much time I have or how I feel I will either eat nothing, but drink water, until I am ready to eat or I will make myself eat something small, like a slice of toast or a banana.
Charlotte B.
I do not eat. I don't know if it's better to eat first thing in the morning or wait. Generally I'll just drink coffee until I get hungry a few hours later. When I don't have to work it's really hard for me to get out of bed so I'll sleep for a long time. Then I'll get hungry and get up to eat. I really don't have a routine but I'm hoping this app can help.
Tiffany O.
Frequently, I don't feel like eating in the morning. I feel nauseated and worried about the dreams I have (due to my sleeping). What I do in these cases is exercising or doing some activities that make me hungry. But this is not so efficient for.
Titouan T.
Well, for the past several months I’ve not eaten breakfast. But for the past two days I have. And that’s a start. I think that prepping breakfast can be like prepping lunch for my daughter. Putting stuff together the night before—something as simple as putting your cereal in a baggy—so everything is ready to go helps. I find the mornings I don’t want to eat are the ones I skip or eat the wrong thing. So being able to put food in front of me that is healthy and—I admit it—mindless sometimes is a saving grace. Get it in front of me and I can practice my mindfulness. If I make it all about hetting to the table…it may not happen. It’s a journey.
Clara W.
Well if I don't feel like eating in the morning I just take some fruits and drink some milk
I think that's a healthy breakfast
But pls don't build a habit of it bcoz it's less amount of nutrients
Gareth O.
For me routine is everything as is creating habits, so if i dont feel like doing something, i just do it on a smaller scale to keep the habit. So for breakfast id have a smaller portion. If i don't want to go to the gym, i still go but do an essy or fun sesdion, its all about routine and habit formation
Jimmie C.
Usually I eat anyways, sometimes I just put it off a few hours and very few times forget to eat until I am dead hungry. But I want to eat when I'm hungry and I am almost never hungry in the morning so maybe I should rather prepare more food to take with me when I leave home so I don't have to eat when I'm not hungry
Tammy B.
If I dont feel like eating in the morning I prepare a cup of coffee and walk to my office. After a 30 mins walk on fresh air I usually get my appetite back. I also try do not have food too late in the evening
Tag G.
Eat anyway. Make a small goal. Do it for three days. Eat a little less dinner. Go to bed earlier. No late night snack. Don’t eat a huge breakfast, just have half a cup of good cereal in a quarter cup of milk. Glass of water and a daily vitamin. Cup of coffee and bingo!
Lynn O.
Give myself time I get organized for my day and if it's a work day take an extra snack or protein shake to have mid morning
Coline Y.
I really need breakfast in the morning, but if I don't feel well or for some reason don't want food I'll have a smootie or smt quick like cereal
Dylan E.
I tell myself that it doesn't have to be something big. I don't have time in the mornings, so I usually eat a piece of fruit and peanut butter. I also tell myself that I can also drink water with my breakfast and complete two goals.
Alexandranaga N.
I'm in a rush for something. Maybe I just trade eating breakfast for more sleep. Or maybe it's just too late and it's almost lunch time so I wait for it instead of double eating
Courtney T.
It’s easier when it’s just me. Then I just don’t eat. If I’m with family they want breakfast so I tend to eat because they are
Leanna O.
I often don’t feel like eating in the morning, but it’s important. I will try to have a small snack, just to energize me enough to go through the day. Try having a banana or a quick protein bar.
Nelli F.
I never feel like eating. I get up with just enough time to shower, change, and get to work. Sometimes not enough time to shower. I'm often a few minutes late
Lester U.
I usually wake up starting, so this isn't particularly challenging for me. On the rare occasion that I'm not hungry, I remind myself that I'll just be hungry later and I need the metabolism boost breakfast will give me
Ant O Q.
Usually it means I've eaten too much the day before. In this case I'm making myself a smoothie with oats, banana, nuts butter and frozen berries as this still gives me plenty of energy and is easy to swallow even when you don't feel like eating
Esmee Z.
Sometimes I just eat a banana to get some energy to begin the day with and I take my breakfast with me, but most of the time I just “force” myself to eat breakfast. For me it is mostly a mindset, not really a lack of hunger.
C Me N.
Hi! It is difficult for me to eat breakfast first thing after I wake up, so I give myself at least 30 minutes for my stomach to wake up whilst stringing hot water with lemon and apple cider.
Claudius Y.
I am usually always hungry in the morning. However, if it happens I wake up without an appetite or am particularly not feeling like eating, I will usually mindfully drink a coffee instead.
Renee F.
When I don't feel like eating I normally have something lighter, a cup of tea, milk or even yougort, but I always try to eat because it is not very good for the body and mind being without eating for so long. But when I don't feel like eating at all I start by doing the things I would normally do after to see if later I am hungrier.
Kathy X.
Slow and steady does it – I started with a small piece of fruit (banana, apricot, apple etc) then added a couple of almonds to after, alternative is a small smoothie which feels more like a drink than food as I can have it on the go when I'm getting ready rather than sitting at the table focusing on food.