What fruits or vegetables do you eat with your breakfast?

Joe Ann T.
Strawberries and pineapples are my most favorite fruits of all time, but sometimes I like to switch it up and eat some kiwi or papaya. Whatever fruit(s) you know taste good for you would do for it, even if it’s as simple as an apple. Remember the saying, an apple a day keeps the doctor away
Filomeno P.
I normally don’t have any fruit or veg with my breakfast. On the weekends I might have some strawberries, blueberries and banana with yogurt or porridge.
Sofia N.
Well if your in the mood for pancakes 🥞 then you can add strawberries 🍓 or blueberries 🫐 to it. But if your in the mood for a fruit 🍎 smoothie or a yoghurt 🍦 bowl 🥣 then it’s all about getting the berries inside, but if your really hungry 🤤 then you can make a full on breakfast 🍳 with fresh fruits 🍌 and vegetables 🥕. Or you can just have like oatmeal with berries If it’s really cold 🥶 outside.
Merry P.
I'm open to anything, really. Most often I have strawberries or orange slices. Their juicy tartness wakes me up in the morning. I also like putting fresh spinach leaves on toast and topping with an egg cooked over easy.
Caterina N.
For breakfast, I have been eating broccoli that's been added to egg bites that I homemade. If I go out to eat for breakfast, I might get an omelet that has bell peppers in it too.