What are some healthy breakfast ideas that are not eggs?

Mayra N.
As a vegan person I started to look for alternatives to those fullfiling morning eggs: you can have chickpeas in the form of humus in a veggies and beans wrap/burrito, you could have falafel, or if you're into a more sweet than salty vreakfast, a vegan yougurt with oats, all kinds of whole wheat/grain cereal and fruits foes the job as well. I hope this is helpul!
Natali Y.
Oatmeal with your own mix ins. Fruit, nuts, chocolate chips, peanut butter, honey, cinnamon, flax seeds. You can create your own! Plus oatmeal keeps you full.
Amber J.
Greek yogurt, fruit (I like strawberries), and oats for overnight oats. Just add a drizzle of honey, just not too much.
Herbert C.
I enjoy avocado toast. Fruit for breakfast like apples, strawberries, bananas, or oranges always make me feel good. Fruit smoothies are also something I want to try.
Chester J.
I eat organic Greek (fat)youghurt with berries ( frozen in winter time) and seed mix. Also adding some change with coconut flakes or cinnamon. Drink some water before and herbal tea or mate with it.
Delicious and quick to make.
Lana Y.
Muslei and milk, fresh blueberries OR making scones the night before works great for me. It's fun, relaxing but doesnt cut into my morning.
Kristen F.
Overnight oats can be a healthy option, as we can usually use many toppings, such as different fruits, and oats are a healthy option.
Angelo C.
30g of oats, half of a banana and one egg/apple sauce mixed in a blender. You can use this as a pancake or waffle butter. Top with greek yogurt, fruits, nuts, whatever you like 🍓🍯 Or another good idea is oatmeal, or a small wrap with veggies
Miranda T.
A piece of fruit and a bowl of Special K (high protein content for cereal).

Protein pancakes (mix in some protein powder into your pancake batter, my favorite is cinnamon swirl protein powder).

Turkey bacon sandwich (with spinach and/or tomato) on a whole wheat English muffin.

Nick Z.
I like oatmeal, cereal, overnight oats, smoothie, homemade breakfast bars, French toast with one egg and 2tbsp of milk with raisin toast, pancakes, fruit salad wth yogurt.