I love the app but I leave a lot of tasks unchecked. It’s great to make a to-do list but nothing is making me do any of it. I suffer with depression, anxiety, chronic fatigue, and chronic back pain so it’s difficult to get things ticked off. Anything I could try?

Tars Cio A.
What I like to do is go to sleep thinking about all the things I want to accomplish. I leave everything set up to exercise the next morning just very well planned out. And when I go to bed thinking positively that I can and will do it because there's nothing stopping me from doing better every day. I totally understand the will to just not do it, that's why I motivate myself with positive talk, that way I feel inspired to accomplish important tasks.
Abbie Y.
Don’t rush yourself. Start with one task in the morning and keep adding. After you complete that goal I recommend starting with drinking water as soon as you wake up for your first task.
Lee U.
Yes. You have to do one task which is you have to wake up early and go to the bed early and also you have to drink lots of water in a day. Thank you FOR THE QUESTION .
Lyam Q.
I also have chronic back pain, as I have hardward from a Harrington Rod surgery when I was 16 and 3 fused vertebrea. Because of this I often find it easy to slide back into depression and fearful thoughts. Not to mention how exhausted I feel, seemingly, constantly!! If I'm going to be honest, I had this app installed for like, 4 or 5 months before I really started to commit. I felt the same way, that it was a fun way to make pretty lists, but I was immediately telling myself I wasn't going to be successful. I think that we all need to stop letting good be the enemy of perfect and give ourselves some grace. Maybe start with one or two of your most important or meaningful tasks. Then slowly add a new task once you've solidified the first ones. The storyline can be very moving when following the journey on the app to creating healthier habits. But allow yourself to have small successes and celebrate them like you've changed your whole life (because you have, no matter how small)!! Your mindset means everything. Ive found that often times, we are afraid of how capable we really are. We fear our power because we've had it taken or its been scorned. You are strong, you are powerful and you are capable.
Fernandino S.
Take your time. Try to accomplish the easiest task listed. For heavier task, take a small step every week trying to complete it. Just remember to stop if you don't feel it.
Ekkehart E.
You should probably first see doctors and address your health issues. Once those are fixed, you will automatically have more energy and motivation for your tasks. Please prioritise your health.
Sophia B.
Believe in yourself. Don't push yourself too hard. Take one small step at a time. Start with small tasks. Finish one task at a time, only after that, start another one. It's ok if you don't succeed the first time. Try again and again, until you can see the results of your hard work. <3
Kimberly B.
Try with each day being as productive as you can be even when it’s hard. Take little steps, you don’t have to finish every task everyday. Keep going until they become everyday things and keep pushing forward to finish more.
Jimmie O.
Maybe start by writing out your to-do list and having less things on it to help your mind get used to the new routine then add more to your plate once your comfortable. Just do what your body feels is best!!
Hans Joachim Z.
Try doing small steps towards that goal. For example, if I you need to work out or do exercise in morning do anything that involves any exercise that you didnt do yesterday, do 1 sit-up or 1 push-up, at the end is more than you done yesterday. And every day you will be able to do more. Goal is to get you and your mind going one step at the time. "Just keep swimming"!
Mila Z.
Hey, I know it's difficult to get the motivation to be productive. We have all been there, but the only person that can help you is yourself. You have to think of the future, imagine how proud your future self would be. Imagine how relieved your future self would be. Imagine all the positive impacts.

When you want to do something, you have to remind yourself. "What am I doing this for?" and answer yourself. This is all you, nobody is forcing you to do these things that can possibly change your future. It's all you, bud.

But don't worry too much, I know it's really hard to get it all done so you can do it step by step. Start with only 1 habit per day. Once you feel comfortable with doing it, do the other one. It's all about your mindset, once you change the way you look at the world, everything will change.

This is exactly what happened to me last year. I used to think everyone hated me, I used to think negatively. But then, I decided to change my mindset. I started giving compliments to everyone, simple compliments! Like "I like your hat!" or "You look great!" or "I love your outfit!". But if you're too shy to talk to them, that's okay! As long ad you are complimenting them in your head. Your mindset will start to change, because one day, you will think of those compliments to yourself too. One day, you'll look in the mirror and go "Wow, I.. actually look nice today".

Now I know, this sounds impossible, but trust me with this. Start giving simple compliments to everyone, especiallu your friends and family, or in your head. That's fine too. You can do it. I believe in you, take it easy. 🙂

Rebekka W.
Start with a small list, something you know you'll get done. I usually don't change/add to my list before I've checked off everything continuously for a couple of days. Also leave small reminders throughout your space and maybe setting some alarms would help.
Tracy P.
First of all you could try visita a doctor, then do some breathing excercises and have a hot drink( like tea or camomille) to calm you down, you could even try meditating or yoga. I suffered of anxiety too so I know How you feel mate. Having a great physic and mental healt Is the first step to organizing and completing the routine, hope this helps and that you will be able ti follow the rithym from now on!
Beatrice P.
If you are suffering from this problem then maybe it would be a good idea for you to try taking smaller steps to your goal, make things a little more easily accessible to yourself. We don’t want to burn ourselves out so making life a little easier for ourselves is never a bad thing to do as long as it doesn’t affect the quality of our work. If work is affecting the quality of your health then you should stop and consider if this work is truly so important that you have to do this. Don’t be afraid to ask people to join you in doing things so you can remind each other about it!
Amina X.
It doesn't matter if you have one task or twelve. If you can promise your past, current and future self that you are gonna them then that's what you do. Start with basic stuff like brushing your teeth at least once a day. I know that taking care of yourself while dealing with those things can be hard, but remember I support you all the way.
Nitin E.
First of all this app is very helpful for everyone but if you don't care about yourself you can't do your tasks everytime. So take it easy one by one take tasks and do them.
Heather O.
First and foremost, get out of your head. Do not let your mental status hold you down from the person you know you can become. It is important to acknowledge that you are suffering from depression and anxiety, but it is extremely unhealthy to allow yourself to view it as a crutch. There is a reason this app starts you off in tiny doses. You can't completely change overnight. But you can change your habits to bring a more positive outlook on life. Think of it in addiction terms. And addict has basically trained themselves to become dependent on the drug they have used, and thus they get stuck. Most find a way to break through that addiction to the other side, but it is extremely difficult. The ones that do find themselves living a much happier life, but always knowing that addiction lies beneath the surface. And sometimes they fall back in. That is human. You inadvertently coached yourself into questioning your self-worth, and in doing so, your anxiety has become a means of holding yourself back. Recognize that. Find the habits in you that make it so easy to fall back into doubt. And work on them. Slowly. One at a time. Eventually, you will find what you need to give yourself that motivation. As for the chronic physical pain, in a sense, it will always be there. But what a lot of people don't realize or understand is that, in most cases, those pains stem from lifestyle. Poor diet, lack of routine exercises, and yes, even your mental state can have a physical toll on your body. You would be surprised how much relief you can gain from beginning to take care of yourself. I have severe back pain, and once I realized it was from having a weak core, I focused most of my exercises on strengthening that. My back doesn't hurt as much as it used to, and it is very freeing. Even my posture has improved from giving myself that care and allowing myself to finally grasp onto confidence. The point is, your motivation has to be you. Inside. Tell the pain "No!". Tell your head to be quiet for once. Lay down on your bed and place your hands over your heart, and tell it "I love you. I am listening." And when the physical and mental pain begins to take hold, give yourself a hug and remind yourself that you are strong. When you wake up, and you see that list, make it a point to say "I am going to do this, and I'm going to do it now." Be the change you want, and you can do anything.
Astrid F.
Hi there! I think it is important to realize that it is ok to not do everything. I also share some of the same struggles as you do. One thing that has helped me is I have had to really dig it into myself that these task are helping me. They are there to help me! I have an image of what I want to be and these are helping me to get there. Some days are harder than others but it’s ok to give yourself a rest. Be nice to yourself! The tasks will still be there tomorrow or when you feel better. The beautiful thing about everyday is you choose what you can and can’t do(for the most part). Another thing I had to do was not get overwhelmed when I suddenly have multiple tasks on top of everyday life. I break them up and do them when I feel like I can. I hope this helps!
Daniella Q.
As “bad” as it sounds, it’s best to do something than don’t do anything. The less the better, if you feel you have too many daily goals, minimize them to the essentials, if you feel too burdened, try to make the goals smaller. For example, instead of working out for 1 hour, do 30 minutes and like that
Jasmine C.
You can start with setting some small goals and build on this. Regular meditation for relaxation to help manage your stress levels. Practice Visualisation, imagine yourself feeling good and going out for a walk in a lovely park or to the beach. Imagine yourself in those surroundings and see yourself there and you are happy, smiling and feeling calm and at peace. Build on this over time, completing more tasks and achieving and setting new goals. Then take that walk, you can do it, it is achievable, and it could be the start of a whole new you!
Rosalyn S.
Try small steps first, making up your bed, brush your teeth go for a short walk in the neighbourhood. Try the first for 1 week, then set the next one. Slower is good too. Hope it helps, stay safe.
Jessica C.
Hi! I think it’s good to give yourself credit for the things you are doing, and not the ones that you’re not. I personally struggle with depression and anxiety as well, and I feel like that makes you feel a lot of shame about not being perfect. I have used the app for a really long time, but my longest streaks on things are about 30 days long. However, there are habits that are super solidified in my daily routine regardless of whether I do them everyday. I still beat myself up for missing them from time to time, but I think that’s part of the journey. You aren’t meant to be perfect and get it all right every single day, just reflect regularly on what’s working and what’s not and THAT is what will help you grow, not just completing 100% of your habits all the time. Just last week I decided to start my journey again and went back to the first mountain. I was up to the healthy eating one but was losing momentum and forgetting rhe basics, so I just went back and started again and it’s awesome to see how much easier it is and how far I have actually come from when I started. Just be mindful, celebrate what you are doing, and everything else is a work in progress. Realistically you’re not going to get everything right everyday, but that’s the beauty of life as long as you’re learning something along the way. Good luck, and well done on doing the work on yourself 💛💛
Sydney N.
For me I just have to find what motivates me best. I just have to tell myself that I am good and I am capable of committing. If I miss a day or two it’s no big deal it doesn’t really matter. This app just helps you try to feel better about yourself and organization of yours schedule.
Rose U.
hey honey , so what i would do is limit the amount of tasks you do
and then sometimes writing a to do list on your phone dosent help
so you can do it on paper ,study’s have shown that writing it down helps you realese the worry’s away and the though from your brain to the pencil and the pencil to the paper helps a lot too
also try just writing your feeling down too
Kay R.
I often suffer from the first three as well. I am a college student and the anxiety definitely hits hardest during school seasons, so my to-do list tends to stack up more than it should because I keep putting more and more things off. I put timers on my phone to help limit my time on unnecessary apps (this should be available to everyone under their ‘Settings’). If I’m distracting myself by watching a show or movie, I have to limit myself to only put one on while I am having a meal so I can have time to enjoy it as I eat. As for the fatigue, this is something I have suffered from for a while and there was one point where I forced myself to stay awake for an entire day in order to get myself to sleep at my desired time and worked to fix my clock from there. I normally only have work to do in the afternoons, which does not help with needing to get up before a certain time, so I try to slowly ease myself up with a very early timer a bit after 6 and another at 7, to 7:30, to 7:45 and the final one at 8. Most times it is still hard for me to get up but as soon as I leave my bed, I tell myself there is no going back. One day I will be able to get up without laying there for another hour (or few), but baby steps are still steps and so far I can see myself getting better. We can work on this together, slowly but surely.
Tara Z.
I suffer with depression and anxiety as well. It's very very hard to get motivation to do anything. Im new here, and to-do lists never worked with me. I don't know how is your daily life/activities, but if it's possible, something that helped me was to narrow down my priorities. I realized I was wanting to embrace the world and feeling terrible unable and useless. So maybe pick up some important things, select what actually can't be left behind, focus on fewer things. For example, dunno, your job and some responsibilities. Than you can put more effort and focus on these few things. Make a list of general priorities and stay with'em. And make sure having enough time for resting, don't feel guilty about it. Another hint is to practice self compassion. If you "failed" something today, you probably had a reason, even though you don't feel like this. You can always try again tomorrow. That's it, sorry if I did any mistakes, I'm brazilian and I don't have the best English 😅 best wishes for you journey
Eva E.
This is not for fellows but this question is for fabulous from me that give me a cheap recipe which I used to eat every day a healthy food
Arwa N.
Personally I relate to you, in terms of things you could try, I recommend bathing in bath salts for your pains, this usually calms anxiety, relaxes you but also relaxes you muscles making them less prone to hurt every so often. I usually do this once a week. Changing your mindset is also crucial! Waking up with the outlook that you will achieve something really changes your perception . I’m no expert but i hope this helps <33 -arwa x
Ruby V.
remove some tasks, start with one or two tasks a day, e.g. making your bed, airing out your room or having a glass of water in the morning! start with the little things instead of throwing everything in yourself at once because it will make a huge difference in the long run <33
Niusha Q.
I find setting reminders to be really helpful. Preparing in advance and thinking about how or what you will do to achieve your tasks makes achieving the task much easier , for example having a glass of water ready nearby to drink first thing or having an idea of what you will have for breakfast the the night before so in the morning all you have to do is prepare the meal or even preparing the meal in the night before if you know you won’t have enough time . Having a to do list and an encouraging message in response to doing the task has made me want to achieve the task more even sharing my accomplishment with my partner or best friend and hearing their rn outing words also motivates me to continue doing so . I hope this can help you in some way achieve your goals
Monika Q.
Just start very small……. don't do everything at once…… just wake up and drink water for week……keep nothing else in mind……all you have to is drink water as soon you wake up…… once that is done for a week then get on to the next i.e. the breakfast part …… don't make a list of twenty items all at once…….start small….. just one thing and only one thing……. that way you won't even have to make a list…… It'll then be like breathing……you don't always remember it but it's happening
Maria Luise F.
I suffer from depression and anxiety too. I try to break down the steps into simpler tasks. Exercise? Simply stretch/do light yoga poses for 5-10 minutes. Gets the blood flowing and is better than nothing at all. No time to make breakfast? Have a fast, easy on-the-go option for chaotic mornings (mine is a handful of almonds). Also I set notifications on so I don’t ignore my tasks
Kale A.
I love the app as well and I leave a lot of task unchecked myself; but I know in the back of my mind that even making the action to check off one task is habit forming so the longer you do it the easier it will become. I suffer with the same things from time to time and I’ve found the best way to release most of those feelings is to genuinely take the time to connect with myself and block out my surroundings. Practicing breathing and meditation.
Augustin S.
When you have no energy to do even small everyday things, it means you are too depressed to cope with it yourself. I would advice to try to meditate or just take a good long rest. Do nothing. For as long as possible. Literally nothing, put away your phone, just lay doing nothing for hours, days, until you feel you need to get up and do something. If it won’t help or anxiety does not let you just lay and it is getting worse, then kindly see the specialist. When we have no energy to help ourselves the pills can help to feel the ground and give you energy for small everyday things. But only psychiatrist can advice the right pills for you. You can also try with something not strong, for example some mint and melissa tea, calming supplements. I would also advise to start with small things. Dont put too many tasks, take just one or two. For example, start with waking up at the same time every day. Not too early if it is hard for you to wake up early. And do only this one task for one week. If you feel that you can do more, add food. Eating 3 times a day at the same time every day. Or you can start only with breakfast. Once a day at the same time. After food, add some lazy exercises. Just some 10 minutes stretching after breakfast or a short walk to start with. Preferably also at the same time every day. Good luck on your way, I hope it helps. I am not a mental health specialist, just sharing my own experience 🙂
Darren T.
Frequently pare down your list to just the essentials. The app will encourage you to add things, but remember that these are just trials and you don’t need to keep all of them 🙂
Ilayda H.
Maybe make alarms to remind yourself and just remember that if you don’t do it in the future u will regret it deeply and pls remember I love you and you got this x❤️
Wind O.
If the things you have on your list are not being done you really need to consider why you have them there in the first place. It could be that your WHY isn’t strong enough to drive you forward. Maybe start a new list with new habits. Fabulous isn’t about the list – it’s about transforming yourself into who you need to become to get what you want in life.
Naomi T.
Usually I’m good once I’m on a roll. I suffer from depression and anxiety too, and it can get really difficult, but once I’ve checked a few things off I feel compelled to do more. I do quite well when I tick off eating breakfast and getting up out of bed as things I have done today, It makes me really want to get more done. Another thing I do is let anything count for the tasks. I “ate” breakfast if I put food in my mouth.
Sara B.
It’s a long term dedication but you should try adding only one task at the beginning, for a few weeks maybe. something simple like ‘drink water’ or just ‘yawn and stretch for 5 mins’ and you will see that simpler the task better chance you get that habit. I got similar disorders, and newspaper puzzles at morning was the first habit i built. And its something i just do for 6 years. Everything’ll be easier after a few weeks with only one tick, than you’ll want to increase them by yourself. i promise.
Oksana F.
It sounds like you may be being too hard on yourself! If you leave "a lot" of tasks unchecked, then you're taking on too many tasks for your brain/body. That's okay! There is nothing wrong with you. Just accept yourself at the place where you are at and work with it. Prune the tasks down to just the top one or two that are most important. Celebrate every time you achieve them, give yourself credit! Then, when it becomes "too easy" – one or two or three weeks later, whenever feels right – only then, try adding on one more task. Look back and see that you are improving, building up one "brick" at a time. 🙂
Victoria Z.
I too have had a history of depression and anxiety. I have noticed that any external motivators are short lived. This has led to resolutions being unfulfilled, which feeds back into the cycle of depression and anxiety. For myself, I have chosen who I want to be from this journey as my motivator. You are correct that nothing is making you do anything on these checklists. I failed with Fabulous before because I saw the checklists as something that was limiting me. It's things I had to do. Ever since I created a mental image about who and where I wanted to be, my perception of these tasks changed. They are no longer things that I need to do. They are steps towards that vision. They may seem like small steps, but when they add up, you'll be able to look back at where you once were. This helps to give me more resolve to continue.
Yahel Q.
Prioritize your to dos and start with the one that is more urgent for you ( maybe the urgent school assignment is less matter to you then working out and that’s totally fine). Just do one thing at a time and force yourself to feel good about you accomplishments even if you haven’t finished your to do list. You will see your motivation rising and eventually will archive more.
Brooke C.
I think that starting slow with one task is a perfect way to get started, especially if you find yourself struggling. By having only one task you make it easier for yourself to say, "Okay, I got this. I can do this one thing!" Making habits is all about the build up. You can't m
Taye N.
I will set alarms, I set an alarm 30 minutes before and then when I want to for sure get it done. Another thing you could do is set yourself up for success, keep cleaning supplies around things you need to clean. I’m bad at explaining but I hope that’s easier or useful
Samantha Z.
Hi. I hope you have a nice day. Before anything else, you ought to have a goal so that you will have big picture on what you want to achieve. Then, you can start with a small and easy task such as drinking water after waking up or greet your parents everyday. After you successfully did the task consistently, then you can add another task. It is better start with 1 easy task than something harder to achieve. After you successfully become consistent in doing a task, you can praise yourself or treat yourself to motivate yourself. I hope you will have better days ahead of you and get well soon.
Lila T.
i struggle with depression, anxiety and adhd and i also leave a lot of things unchecked. i would recommend not thinking of them as 'tasks' and more as things that will make you feel better. I would also try narrowing down things to be more manageable. right now i only have a few things like drinking tea/water, brushing my teeth, and taking my medicine. it's ok if you only do a couple things, that's a great start. try slowly working your way up? good luck dude 🙂
Syed N.
I know it’s difficult to do many things at the same time and also with those problems you’re facing but it’s ok! I believe in you and I definitely think that over time you’ll achieve these tasks! What I suggest is that you should do the easiest task there is and do it continuously until you won’t forget, more than 3 days will also be very effective. After you’ve adapted to these small habits, start adding those incomplete tasks slowly and add more days to practice upon it and you should be good! I know you have anxiety, back pain etc. so I suggest that you should visit a doctor asap! If you have already and you’re still not recovering, If you want you can come speak to me or anyone you’re close with because I think a person you’re close with can stall your mind and heart and give you comfort. I wish you good luck and you got this! 😘😘😘
Jozef R.
Write a list of all the things that you would like to achieve (like learning to love yourself, learning something new, making new friends etc.), everytime you wake up or go to bed read that list first, you will feel more motivated to do the tasks. Plus, start with just two or three task, when you start to do all them everyday add a new task and so on
Klaus Q.
Reward yourself for every thing you tick off, take time to congratulate yourself for getting better. Every time you reach a new goal you are taking another step towards being better, when you are done, you can look back on all those green ticks and know that you put in that little bit of effort every day.
Mille W.
Start with the little things it may be hard at first but make sure you are keeping a routine. I also struggle with anxiety and depression and getting into a routine helps me to now what I need to do next and to remember to take time for myself
Karla C.
Have you checked your vitamin D levels? Maybe they have something to with this, also your iron levels … etc
For the to do list, get a friend or a family member to do this with you, it helps big time as you can push eachother to make things done
Heidi N.
Add a little “treat” next to each of your to-do list task. For example, you could give yourself 30 minutes of social media if you complete a task. Or eat a small piece of dark chocolate, or buy a new pair of earrings. Perhaps it will give you that needed motivation.
Josilene B.
Personally I would take it one step at a time. Maybe just do one or two things to start and then add more as you grow. It’s needs to feel like a positive thing for you to continue to do it
Gueir P.
Try setting yourself small goals or breaking down the points of the to-do into various points. I use this method too and feel more relaxed. Breaking down the various points allows you to mark more "things done" and say to yourself ok I got a lot done today. Another piece of advice: don't overdo it in the beginning, set yourself small goals and as soon as you feel ready, add some more.
Louie B.
To be honest, I’m in the same boat. Routine makes me feel like self care is a chore and I don’t always want to do it. But what helps me get back on track is adding variation to my morning routine. I Listen to happy music in bed before taking the big leap to get up. I eat a different breakfast everyday that I cook myself, and change my exercise routine everyday. The little things that you can find in life that bring you the smallest amounts of happiness are what make everyday worth it. Accepting your vulnerability and accepting that feelings are what make you human, creates the person you will grow to love. You are your own creator, make this life for you.
Troy P.
I’m honestly not sure to be honest. I do like it as well, but it told me to exercise and I am avoiding that. I actually use this thing called Kai, and its an ai, both an app and on imessage, it allows you to rant, and it asks you questions about things in your life, such as priorities. Theres also a discord server with lots of support, so maybe try there. If anything, maybe try talking to a therapist.
Bill F.
Take one step at a time, I’m in the same boat. If you find yourself leaving a lot of tasks unchecked then start smaller. It’s easy to overwhelm yourself when you’re trying to change your lifestyle.
Nia Q.
have u try meditate? it’s a better way to deal with anxiety and depression. once you’ll get more grateful for your soul. also i recomend a lil warm up before and after go to bed . have a great day
Kartike O.
I can imagine it must be difficult to complete tasks with all of the problems you are facing. Perhaps you could try only working on a smaller number of things in the beginning? Maybe just pick up one new habit a month? Or try to tackle only 3 tasks a day? Also, do not feel bad even if your progress is slow, or does not happen everyday. It is important to remember that every check in your list is a win, even if it is nothing big. It's completely okay to start small and easy. Just pick a pace that will allow you to stick to the schedule. That's your goal, to persevere. All the best!
Josefine P.
Idk like you’re something to motivate you, always treat yourself and take baby steps, start with 1 task and when u get the habit of it add antoner
M Lissa C.
Start small. Completing a small task everyday will make you feel more productive, and eventually you will have the motivation to complete bigger tasks. 🙂
Serena F.
Hey!! I would recommend maybe cutting down your checklist and starting with maybe 2 things per time of day… that way the small success will motivate you without being too much to stress you out
Ben P.
First try doing fewer and smaler things then if you feel like you could do more start adding more. Dont ever give up though. I wish you the best <3
Sophie N.
I’m new to the app so I haven’t gotten the hang of it yet. If you leave a lot of tasks unchecked, I would start with one. Everyday, set an alarm to wake up and put a note next to it that tells you to check Fabulous. Then, find one of the tasks you want to complete today and commit to it. It’s okay to take baby steps to get back on track. Rest well and put yourself first! Good luck!
Adorino Q.
I noticed that exercise really boosted my moral for the day and the upcoming days. My depression and anxiety was so bad that I was feeling a huge win every time I drank that first glass of water in the morning. It was like me checking in with myself and saying – regardless of what is going on inside of you or around you or to you – your commuted to this moment to touch base with yourself consistently. Really start small. It also helps to take phone breaks even just 3-10 minutes lay down and rest. Do nothing. And just sit still and rest. Your mind will often repair a bit and you will move forward through the day easier.
Prerona C.
Listen, I don't know that this answer will satisfied or not. But whenever you see a notification from this app you have to remind yourself to do the things. You have to force your self to do the things for your better self.
Emma N.
I was just like you, and am still trying to do better , what i can suggest is: find a goal in your life and try for it, something u truly desire, and let me tell u something, your habits and actions have got u here so far… Are u happy with where u are? If yes continue so,but if no u gotta start changing… It'll be hard but worth it. and one more thing is that no word or anything from someone else, is not gonna help u, u gotta get to it yourself, hope u do better day by day. Make a decision.
Kizzie S.
The best thing to do is start with one or two morning or night habits. I find that journaling right before bed or drinking water first in the morning is a easy thing to get checked off. If you feel overwhelmed, remove tasks until the current task gets engrained. Where you do it without conscious effort. THEN you can add more like exercising or expressing gratitude.
Helenice Q.
I Would say make one thing and when you feel its to mutch just make a break then tray agin and only do smal thing like doing the dishwasher or something like thet
Tray step by step each weak you do one thing more and put your favourite music on

I hope thet helps you I wish you luk 👍

Sally Y.
Now my semester break in going on. So thats why i have enough time to complete my routine with tthe help of this apps. It's really good for me. Thank yoi
Aaron E.
Try to get yourself. I know it’s hard at the beginning, but think of the success that awaits you at the end of the journey. I know you can do it!
Hunter Q.
Depression and anxiety are best dealt with by you're less time to think about them. If you have more going on in the day, you're going to think about them less, and work towards a goal of eliminating them. Plan out your day to the fullest, using a calendar and try to keep to it as best you can.
Ellis J.
It is best to start off with small tasks. This gets you into the habit of checking them off. After a while you can start adding bigger tasks. It’s all about changing your lifestyle, and it’s better and more achievable when you take it slow.
Tania U.
I would say that for me was important to realise that putting too much tasks was another way to be bad on myself. I put the tasks I know I can do, even if they are small and feels "not enough" the motivation comes from seeing that u achieved what u said u will achieve and keep doing it every day. I used to put too much habits to go from 0 to 100 cos I was not feeling enough, I needed to do more that others to be merely acceptable. Now I feel I know my limitations and some of my tasks are drink water or clean my face the motivation of doing that everyday permits me do yoga and meditacion everyday. I am honestly very proud of what I reach, I have this app 3 years ago and to be honest was not always like that, I left it and return multiple times but I am now sure that this app helps you but the one who have to be sure is yourself other wise the cannot do nothing for you. My advise would be start really really small and see your self growing like a plant, lots of lucky, have a big hug 🫂
Jeff W.
My biggest recommendation is to be gentle with yourself because it is completely understandable when going through a rough time and normal too. It’s ok to take a break, have a rest, looking after your body and requirement of alone time.
Tha S O.
– First make less like 3-4 to do list so it will be easy to follow.
– Second for every morning day and night routine make 3-4 major to do list.
-Include short walks, meditation and quick exercises to keep body functiong.
-Rather than random to do list make a list accordingly which makes it easier to tick after completion.
Judd U.
I’m reading “Finish” by Jon Acott. There are two key take aways.
1) you are not perfect so why do we thing our goals have to be done perfectly?
2) make goals small and simple.
Instead of running a 5k when you are a couch potato make the goal to walk to the mailbox everyday for a week. Then increase to walk two or three house down in your neighborhood for a week. When you miss a day accept you didn’t do it today but go ahead and do it tomorrow anyway. He says the day after perfection is the most important day. That’s the day you decide to do it for “you”! Not a gold star. Not a perfect streak, not for all the things we usually think we need to do to get credit for doing a thing. You and your body are the ultimate score keeper and doing it counts even if it’s not every day in a row at first. You will get stronger and feel more like it as you go, unless (from Dr. Suess) “perhaps you don’t and then you won’t”. But each day is it’s own score keeper. Be kind and gentle with yourself as some days are harder than others. The thing that is important is you just keep putting one foot in from of the other. You will get there if you don’t give up. You are worth it so just do today what you are truly capable of and let perfection go and free you to succeed.
Nat Z.
Try streching morning . Strech your back and your mood will rise a bit , and hopefully it will be enough to get things going . I suffer from depression too , but streching and workout makes me feel important . Keep up the good work friend^^!
Holly O.
There’s no pressure to complete everything on your to-do list 🙂 Just do as much as you can and whatever you haven’t done, try tomorrow. I also recommend reading if you’re not feeling yourself. It really relaxes me and it’s so fun to go on an adventure without having to get up!😂
Kaylen J.
I would suggest going to a therapist if you haven’t already and possibly talking to friends and family about why you don’t have the motivation. I try to change my mindset and look at the more positive things about life since I normally look at the negative parts of life.
Ma L C.
First you need to take one day off, just to forget about everything and to enjoy, do whatever you want. Then at the end of the day you ahould put just one small thing to do like drinking water in the morning.Go to sleep, and when you wake up just drink the water and continue like yesterday, do whatever you want, continue with you bad habits, do it for a couple of days, even a week or two. Trust me you will feel better. Then bring something else in your life, just to change a little piece of your bad habits, rest do the same. After couple of months you will have better life with very good routine. And the most important thing push yourself but just with small steps, if you make big one you are falling.
Lea Z.
I think maybe just decrease the amount of tasks you have, so it’s not overwhelming.
And also when you’re not in the mood to do anything just countdown from 5 to 1 and get up immediately.
Laima L.
Hey !! I definitely understand what you’re going through… I would suggest you to focus on the present moment and only the present moment. When we have anxiety and depression( I did have a severe depression last year and I’m still suffering from a little bit of anxiety right now) we tend to think about the past situations and future ones without realising, and that what keeps us from living our reality right now… try practicing gratitude more because it helps you remember and think about the blessings that you have now that we take for granted! These tips helped me get ahead. It didn’t cure me but It definitely help me get out of my depression and anxiety “zone”. I recommend you to read ( you may not feel the power to do such a thing but you got to combatte your inner “desire” Of being incapable of doing anything ) or to listen to the book “the power of now” . Definitely a book that was insightful. There also “the secret” , and this book is life changing. No matter what state you’re in , you have to read it . It might change your whole life!!! And to conclude, don’t put many things on your to do list, start with small tasks that will help you get ahead and not ones that will push you even more into a Depressive state. I know you’re capable of doing it ! You got this my friend, life is too short to get frustrated about things we often don’t have control on , we will get sad a little, cry, get depressed, but we can handle it and get out of this state and continue our life in the best state possible❤️ Don’t forget to read “the secret”and “the power of now”🤭
Have a blessed day ✌️
Anne Y.
I too have some of those things and I found that I had to take a month off from the app and start again, perhaps with smaller goals. I also added in some tasks that I already do anyway which makes me feel more accomplished and I find myself more motivated to do those other new tasks as I’ve already made progress without trying too hard
Kaylee P.
I Know it's extremely difficult but the only way I've been able to get things checked off is by pushing myself. Some days I don't wanna do anything but I literally force it upon myself. I know it sounds easier then it is but just keep pushing yourself. I feel much better after the fact and I hope you feel better as well.
Isabelle Z.
For me I find it’s better to only have 2-3 items on each of my routines. I view these more as habits (like exercising in the morning) vs. a to-do list. If I did it that way I think I would get overwhelmed and feel disappointed if I didn’t complete it.
Nikolaj N.
I can understand a lack of motivation to get things done. I suffer from severe anxiety and PTSD and sometimes getting out of bed in the morning can feel impossible. I would say to start small. It can feel exciting to add a bunch of things to your list and routine, hoping to improve your mental health very quickly, but healing takes time. Start with drinking water. The very first task. Maybe try it for a week instead of 3 days before moving on to the next task. And try offering yourself a reward for completing it. As someone who doesn’t drink very much water, be proud of yourself for accomplishing that! Celebrate the small successes. It can be so hard dealing with mental health problems, and I’m very sorry to hear about your chronic back pain and fatigue. I would say to focus on what you do accomplish, rather than what you don’t, and start small, working your way up. You’ve got this!
Ayushi F.
Get yourself a journal write what you feel, how you feel, and the origin of this feeling cut the toxic habits and people out of your life , do things that makes you happy, write what you are grateful for in life daily and and if available try some meditations for mental healing
Egbert C.
I also have Chronical Fatique, body pains, emotional breakdowns and a to do list never worked so i gave up and did nothing, not achieving made me feel even worse. So i finally took a simple habbit and cut it down into even smaller pieces that i CAN handle, like making the bed was to much, so the first task was just to put the pillows in a row, even while i was lying and sleeping in bed the whole day, this task was what i could do. Second step is pulling the sheets neatly and so on, that is how i managed to still do something without having the strengt to do the whole task. It took me much longer but i did it. Try that, i hope that helped you a little. Greetings Murlyn
Dan N.
Hey, I was completely like that. First of all don’t blame yourself we are only human. But yet we are capable of achieving great things. I would say try do it for someone else, to add value for/from other person. I started to get motivation from a role model from high school whom I knew and imagined how proud he would be. After you getting the momentum, start doing it for yourself
Will P.
You can try to focus on checking it everyday. Bring it up to friends and family to deepen your focus on the tasks. Have someone who will hold you accountable for the tasks and push your growth forward.
Viviane T.
Instead of making a massive multi-layered routine, try doing small tasks first (making your bed, eating breakfast, drinking water). Once you’ve done that for a week, then add more. In addition to starting small, reward yourself by doing these tasks. Eat a small snack that you love. Play a video game for a few minutes.

Hope it helps. Good luck. Much love.

Esther J.
Your story is similar to mine. I found that scheduling time in my day to do the tasks helps. But only if I hold them to the same importance as going to work. I hope that helps!
Melina D.
i struggle with the same thing. i know what i have to do but i don’t have the motivation to actually do it. what i tell myself tho is if i take these few minutes out of my daily life to work on this. it’ll help me be more productive all day and even make me feel better about myself in the long run. think abt who you will be if you do it.
Locs B.
It’s best to make to do lists short and if they have to be long break them into most important to least important that way you get something done even if it’s not everything you had in mind
Roy S.
I’m sorry to hear about your condition, but there’s no need to feel ashamed of yourself. That sort of thing is not easy to cope with, and as someone who also has anxiety, I find it difficult to manage as well.

A to do list is one thing, but those don’t give you a sense of what you want to do as effectively as you might want. My advice? Be positive that you know exactly where and when you’ll be working on your list, and do the high priority stuff first. Make a schedule for yourself. And hey, if you don’t finish your goals the first time, don’t beat yourself up over it. Just try again.

Felix W.
Maybe remembering why you started will encourage you to keep going. A lot of times, the things we want most are the hardest to obtain. But, if you really want it, you will be able to push through and get it no matter how long it takes.
Terri N.
Just keep at. Be okay with the fact that you're not perfect. You're not going to get everything checked off at first. It may take a long time. Healing isn't linear. Be graceful with yourself the times you don't get to it all and celebrate the small wins. Start with ONE a day for a month. Every day drink a glass of water. Or every day stretch&meditate (at the same time!) for 5 minutes. Most importantly know that wanting to change is the hardest and very first most important step to real change! You got this.
Marialda Z.
Following the first 3 foundational habits has helped me with this. When I wake up and drink water, even if I don’t get out of bed right away, it kickstarts my metabolism and eventually I will get hungry and go have breakfast. Keeping it simple leaves just a few dishes to wash/rinse, and that makes it easy to start to also wipe down the counter and put a few things away. Exercising or going for a walk gives me the feeling that I’ve already started doing SOMETHING today, so I might as well continue forward. Overall, I think the biggest help has been focusing on what I’m doing in the moment without worrying about what I think I SHOULD be doing. Allowing what I’m doing at any given time to be enough has seriously reduced my anxiety
Luna F.
I reccomend you try to see a therapist, and even if you can't often check the app, you could try building small habits by yourself. Such as eating a healthy breakfast, going on a run, etc. And I reccomend you go to a clinic too, if your back still hurts.
Frong G.
Take a deep breath. break each task into many small task. let’s start doing from something really small and make it done step by step, don’t rush. All of your task will finish without you knowing.😉
Lee S.
Sometimes i miss my tasks due to school so it's hard for me to start a mew lifestyle. I suffer from anxiety although it might be as severe as others, i still get panic attacks and call doctors sometimes. But i force myself to do the easiest things like drinking water after getting up and listening to one of my favourite songs for motivation (it's better for the song to be happy not sad). During vacations, i do my tasks easily even if i didn't want to i force myself to become a better person thinking of how my future will be better with doing as much tasks as i can
Avery O.
Have you tried setting alarms or reminders on your phone? Rewarding yourself whenever you get a task done? Having someone keep you accountable? Starting with really small habits and working up from there?
Aileen S.
I'm on a well balanced diet and I have lost a stone in a month by cutting down on my food and walking I am feeling wonderful and I will always reply to ye It might take a while but I'll get back to ye Aileen2
Albert Z.
When it says 'great breakfast's does it necessarily mean that it has to be a balanced diet or just a healthy breakfast that you prefer to help you kick start your day?
Amina F.
Don’t push yourself too much. It’s a journey you have to face at your own pace. Try to do the simple tasks first, like drink water, take medicine etc. What works for me is to have notifications on for a little push. Try to come back to the app, so you don’t neglect it. But again, do everything at your own pace. It is okay if you stay still, too.
Dayan Y.
At the beginning is hard, try one thing at the time at your pace. when you achieve the first habit, then go with the others. When you mark the checklist you will feel good, so you would like to complete the others.
Ma Lle T.
You can try waking up earlier and taking a minute to look at you morning so you can prioritize the things You try to get done. Hope this will help 🤞🤞🤞
Adriana Z.
When you look at your to do list, don’t think about WHAT you have to do but WHY you have to do it. Intentions are crucial in motivation. As an empath, it’s difficult for me to do things for myself, so starting off thinking my new habit will benefit someone else helped me get going. If resonates with you, I’d recommend you try it. Best of luck!
Evi F.
For all the things you said, first i recommend you to visit psychiatrist and go for therapy, but just if you want my oponion on your circumstances i should say each one of us has its own problems, if you keep comparing your self with the good aspect of others you feel bad, because first you can't see the bad parts in other's life usually also you are what ever you are, comparison doesn't change anything, so focus on positive parts of your life and start marking checkpoints. Good luck
Elizabeth Z.
I try and gain motivation, so my idea is that you try and find a positive youtube channel, there’s loads of people who film self care videos or just take you through their day, show you their morning routines and it gives me motivation to do the same. I don’t really have any youtube channels to recommend but that gives you a chance to explore it yourself. I hope this helps, and have a good day x
Lukas E.
The first this to do is accept that you have feelings that aren’t always stellar! After accepting that, allow yourself to be nice to yourself. Don’t scold yourself for not completing something. Honestly, I was doing the 3-Day challenges every other day. I’d forget to check back in with the app all the time! But we also know what we need and what we are capable of. Don’t sell yourself short. You’ve got this!!! You can only move forward. Let everything else roll off the shoulders. Best of luck!
Pauline T.
I do the same so some advice I would give is i guess set timers an d check them so that may put you to do your task. Also you could check the app right when you wake up and at lunch and dinner. That’s really my only advice hope it helps.
Juan B.
I used to do that to I deleted the app many times demotivated that I skiped a day of tasks
I would say firstly take ur time nothing can be done immediately even if u don't do the task today look forward to tomorrow. Cuz tomorrow is still a chance
And just push ur self a bit maybe well that's what I do, evertime i don't feel doing a task I remember how happy I was after that one time I did it and that gives me motivation to earn that happiness again by doing the task just like that other time when I was a little bit more energetic
And once u push ur self everyday one day u will want to do it without a hesitation cuz if u don't ur day will feel empty
Sending lots and lots of love, don't surrender u got this!
Joanne Maria N.
I would talk to my doctor and therapist. If you don’t have one you should get one. Being nice to your self and not expecting too much us also good. Doing one small task a day is better than nothing. Also try to get outside in nature.
Frank P.
If I can’t do all my tasks I will prefer to take 5 deep breath and clear my mind and finish all my tasks and I have the time to do what ever I what for the hole day
Kristina Q.
Try giving yourself a reward at the end of your first task, one in the middle and your ultimate reward at the end. Your rewards don't need to cost anything, example your first reward could be a few sips of your favorite juice or flavored water. Reward number 2 could be a silly dance to a song you like, and reward number 3 could be a short walk or reading a few pages of your favorite book. The rewards will help you find motivation and make your to do list much less cumbersome. Best of luck!
Fernando N.
First of all, take your time and don’t be too hard on yourself. I understand how you’re feeling, I deal with generalized anxiety disorder and major depression. Take one step at a time. Have supportive people around to help you through it all. Its okay to have those feelings, but take your time. Start off small, like, drink water every morning when you wake up. Use this app to help guide you. Start with one little routine, such as drinking water every morning, and build from there.
Violet Y.
To be honest, when I was beginning I felt the same, is very hard to accomplish your tasks without any motivation, but what I did was starting slowly, one more task per day, picture it this way: even if you do just one of your tasks at least you're doing better than before, don't get yourself overwhelmed trying to do too much at once, when you keep that on track you'll be able to do them without even noticing because they will become a routine. 🙂
Michelle F.
Good morning I hear you well as I also love the app and don’t always tick things off. It’s ok to miss a day and then start over. I also suffer from anxiety depression fatigue fibromyalgia as well so know how you feel. I find just listening to your own body doing meditation 🧘‍♀️ really helps and don’t be so hard on yourself either if you miss a few tasks as they will still be there when your able to do them. Ask yourself why did you start using the app in the first place and remind yourself of that every time you feel low. This is what I find helps me with the app and motivating me to tick off what I can do as well. It’s ok to not be ok and pick up from where you left off. Hope this helps you too
Felix E.
there will allways be a reason to "not do it" and if you don't try to change anything won't change ,
-before you go to sleep make a list with things you wanna do the next day ,
when you wake up , stop yourself from doing anything until you start your list , then take a 1h break , and repet it all over again , at the end of the day when you make the new list you will look back at the curent day and you will you Win that day , and be encoureged to do it again
Francine B.
The first thing is not treated like a to-do list but in life style. If you leave things on checked then perhaps change or update what's on it. Meaning if you say run 3 mi but you've only ran ever a block then make it smaller. Mindset is very important incorporating mindfulness meditation every morning and evening with the night time of morning ritual. Start small and build upon your successes and celebrate them.
Leona P.
Set alarms in your phone three times a day to check the app. Make the alarm tones different than other alarm tones so you know what it is for.
Edith P.
Don't worry, its ok to not be alway focus on what you have to do, it happend to everyone. The important thing is: dont forget why you started. Take your time if you need, but start again. Im sure you are strong and you can do it. If can help, listen to "try everything" by shakira or to "the philosophy of the last samurai". The last one is a meanfull speech. Good luck i hope you will restart again.
Yamin U.
Ok so at the start of this app I had the same problem and what i did was I decided to change my whole life I started looking at pinterest and I created a board I called ilm ( I love myself) and I started adding pins on it I also used tiktoks that are all about mental health Lauren j nicole is one of them she is super awesome I also started journaling which helps and I started making my study sessions fun by using things like lofi music cute setting and apps like studybunny and podmoro. I also started meditating and working out and that started helping when more people cheered me on for my effort so just be you be fabulous.
Jonathan U.
Try to find a safe spot. Once your able to find it, shut your eyes and take deep breathes. Once your fully there and calmed, find a way to think about all the good things in life and find a comfortable way to go through life. Have a great life <3!
Lily Y.
There is a app called Reflectly that I highly recommend. It is very similar to fabulous, but instead of making routines, you have a little planner to help you in life. Fabulous is perfect for me but reflectly might be the app for you.
Tanya W.
I’m not sure if this would help you. It has helped me complete things but it may not work for everyone. Everyday, I think of 1 big thing that I want to do, I write it down and then a write smaller steps to achieve that goal. I’ve always struggled with brushing my teeth (it started out just skipping it a couple times and eventually formed into a bad habit) so I put my goal on this app, then I made small reminders for myself to do these things, then I’d congratulate myself and reward myself for completing these things because it was important to me. Hope this helps you 🙂
Oliver N.
Try to start easy. Make sure to keep your todo list short. Prioritise. Set your goal low. You can still gradually increase your goal day by day.
Gustav B.
Staying healthy, or making a habit out of it, is a great way to help you check those "to-dos"! I also suffer from anxiety and depression, but I have learned to be excited for the next day, and have something to fidget with to control my anxiety.
As Lio S.
It’s best to understand that a goal is only that, a goal. Any steps you take to complete that goal are still steps towards a better you. You may be too hard on yourself. Modifying what tasks this app is asking you to do to best fit your own ability might help with the feeling.
Thomas E.
Something you could try is looking at the positive outcome that can be completed when you do your tasks. These tasks are created to make you feel emotionally better, and when you complete them they will definitely help you throughout your day.
Abel Q.
I'm sorry you suffer like that. I can only hope you get better soon. I know you can get through this. I'm gonna keep my fingers crossed for you. Stay safe and take care.
To answer your question I'd say choose one thing that is the most important to you at the moment and work towards it. Make it your priority. Maybe it'll help. When I devoted myself to the action I wanted to finish the most my days started to lighten up bit by but each passing day. I hope it'll work for you to. Lots of love.
Cleopatra N.
One thing I’ve learned is that if you fail you can ALWAYS try again the next day. Since I constantly forget things I set up multiple alarms. It’s annoying but for the time being it helps me stay on track. I also leave notes on places I most visit around the house or on things that I use most often.
Charlene P.
I have similar struggles I have me and back pain I do what I can every little bit helps even if it’s a little girl you accomplished you still accomplished your goal just do what you can
Magdalene J.
try to make a very short list with 2-3 things every day with simple things like read one chapter of a book or something that you enojoy doing. at the end of the day, when you mark your tasks, you will feel very good and satisfied. then you will add more things because you like the feeling of marking them and the to-do list will become your every routine.
Nicklas C.
don’t start with too many tasks, i started with just drinking water now i’m eating breakfast everyday and making my bed and i didn’t think i’d even make it that far
Sam T.
Maybe you could try by doing less and smaller tasks, also add little important things such as laugh, take time to breathe and you'll be more motivated, I know you can do it!
Tierri O.
I have the same issue often. I would suggest trying to make it a habit at a specific time each day to ensure you do any tasks. And not to worry too much about accidentally missing the odd thing. Consistency over time is more important than every single day
Ricardo C.
I believe you should go slowly, just commit to one new task before adding another one. Only add wen you feel you are getting used to the tasks you already have in your to do list.
And surround yourself with happy and positive friends. The kind off friends that understand that you need a diferent kind of attention, and also, understand that your friends may not relate to your suffering and sometimes won’t be capable of helping
Алиса N.
I have some of the similar problems. What I found especially challenging is getting through my anxiety with starting tasks or finishing long ones. What helped and what I advise you to do is instead of getting ~10 things on your to-do list a day get less. For example just put two tasks there and say “I only need to do these two things today, that’s not much”. You’ll find it easier to get through them without the feeling of constantly running out of time. Then, once you’re done with them you can add another one, that way there will be less pressure on it and you’ll have more motivation.
Typ3 F.
Honestly don’t blame you. I can barely do my assigned work sometimes, but a friend of mine told me that one way that helps them is 5 second rule. The way how that works is when you wanna do something, count from 1-5 and try to get yourself up to do it before you reach 5. It doesn’t always help but it does at times and is quiet effective!
Lieselotte F.
Hi! I am ayurvedic consultant, I could help you if you wish. Please email me, I will be glad to hear more about you in my email [email protected]
Ilan Z.
I suggest getting a friend with similar goals to yours to complete your to-do list with you. Hold each other accountable and it will make tasks more fun and easier.
Roel Q.
I hear you, I was in same situation for 4 years. Could get to changing habits. Trying again and again, failing again and again. And feeling bad about it.
Until 1 day i was in a ancient male group ceremony wjere somebody told me "you pledge to support your 2 adolescent song, you pledge to visit your father more often. Maybe it's time for you to take more care of yourself."
Some time later that message kicked in. I started with 2 simple habits immediate when I got up. Drink water + stretch 1 minute.
I did this without adding anything extra for a few weeks, and only than started using fabulous to add more to that routine.
To conclude: 1. I needed to understand that if I don't take care of myself, no one will. 2. I kept my habit list small for a few weeks.

Good luck

Lariza N.
i find that making the steps even smaller helps me. fabulous already makes you start with small changes but sometimes even those can be overwhelming. in the beginning instead of a glass of water i would start my day off with at least a sip and then check it off for the day
Sahil F.
Making a do list does mot mean you have to mandatorily complete it…. it is only a check list and hierarchy you have to follow to complete your work….if any work remain uncomplete… make a hanit to include it in next day targets… thats simple
Pramati Z.
If you fell so stressed then I would suggest you put only upto 3 or lesser amount of tasks in your to – do and Thame day off to just think or to do something like and that is creative . There is no need to fell depressed we live in a beatific world 🌎 where opportunities come very often I will come your way soon enough.
Ana Y.
I think you should relax more. Drink water evryday, eat great food, go out for walks…. You can start drawing, listening to music, play a sport, play an instrument, and much more. You can talk to a friend or a family member about this. At the end of days you can take showers and relax. You can read before you go to sleep, you can watch a funny movie and much more.
Kimberly G.
Start with a simple task like a short meditation session. you could do a short pain management or pain relief meditation session once a day and try to make it a habit for your back pain.
Pri F.
Instead of focusing on too many tasks , it's better to focus only on one task and do it repeatedly till it becomes a part of your routine. Consistency is the key. And take one small step at a time , be gentle with yourself and even if you miss one day , try again the next day. Personally having a habit tracker and maintaining a streak motivates me. You can try on some beginners yoga for your chronic back pain , that might help.
Kenzie B.
Yes! Trying to exercise in the morning, or at least getting up to drink water can boost your energy levels. Also making it easier for you to get up, check that to-do-list off, and get your day going! :))
Manda N.
I’d say start small in respect to routine in all aspects of your life. With depression do one thing daily that helps you feel better. Remove a negative word out of your vocabulary and things like that. In reference to the to do list start small as well maybe start with 2-3 things a day to complete and make them realistic.
Ileina E.
It’s very difficult sometimes to try to create new habits and break old ones, Especially when battling mental health issues. I’ve found that setting little alarm reminders on my phone at different hours of the day help me to stay on track.So even when I do forget my alarms quickly remind me to get back to it. I hope this helps, and I wish you nothing but the best on your journey to a new YOU !
Marvin T.
the app is a guide and you can do things and leave them unchecked. sometimes you have to forgive yourself and just know life isn't perfect. the app will be here when you are ready to check things off. Take time for yourself, love yourself and you will find a way that is unique to you to help you get done what you need to get done.
Clara P.
Hi, this is my suggest about your problem but it's up to you to do it or not. Well in my case, if you struggle to complete a lot of task, just decrease it. Because sometime i do feel tired to do something repetitive ever days but i recommend you to take the morning routine everyday. When i do it, i feel energetic until afternoon, hehe it's enough to done my task Will great energy through out the morning. And do not strict your task, because it's tiring for me personally, but you have to keep the track of your journey. 🙂
Alberte W.
The best thing i can recommend is to focus on a small habit for a really long time. Not several at once. i know it FEELS unproductive to do just one, so if you desire you can do the other ones; but dont make it something to check. Focus on one untill its easy.
Arlene C.
The first step is to accept yourself and don't panic if you leave stuff unchecked, even if you check one is a progress and you should say"well, I did my best". Changing your way of thinking is a huge step and you'll notice how this baby steps will bring you where you want to be 😊 I also suggest you surfing on forums that are related to your situation, because seeing people passing through the same, helps a lot. You can do this ♥️
Samantha W.
Yes you can start with only single tasks in starting then slowly slowly take second then third or we can do the tasks together I will help you out to achieve your tasks.
Miriam Z.
I used to struggle with getting things done even with the app. What always helped me was setting an alarm for myself and when it goes off I would reflect on what I did today and check off any tasks I did. You could also set a goal for yourself so that once you reach your goal (lets say the goal is to do mark off the tasks 3 days in a row) you can go out and buy a nice little gift for yourself as a way of saying “awesome job! Keep it up!”
Maxence Z.
Start by doing one task per day, then when you feel like it, add another task to do. It has to feel natural so dont try to do too much directly. I am sure you will achieve whatever you want to do! Just take your time. Remember you are strong and capable, i hope everything will get better for you! You deserve to be the happiest! Love you❤☀️☀️☀️
Silas U.
Hello:) I've found when the initial motivation to complete a to do list depletes, it's best to split up whatever you have to do over the week instead of trying to do it all in the one day. Try to get 1% better each day. I hope this helped, good luck:)
Fartun N.
To be honest I been struggling with depression and anxiety for the past 4 years. I’m in better place now it’s really hard if anyone knows how it feels it’s me but I promise it will get better day by day just don’t be hard on yourself and even if you start with baby steps it will definitely help you in long run. I also had the back pain what helped me was to exercise once again baby steps. Listen to affirmation daily it’s really good, worth love also helps you sleep better. Please don’t be to hard on yourself I believe in you and I will keep you in prayers you gonna be yourself again be patience you’re here my friend that’s a big step♥️
Longirl M.
You can try giving yourself motivation. For example, you could make it to where you get to watch an episode of you favorite show if you check off all of your tasks. Also, when you are feeling really ticked off, just take a second to breathe and think about things that make you happy. Lastly, don’t overwork yourself. Give yourself as many breaks as you can.
Nelson U.
I think that your whole life is negative, problems and anxiety at the same time you want a solution to this problem, so I advise you to take a rest away from the right and negative people, go out to nature and you will breathe the fresh air and hear the bالأنهار وممارسة الرياضة المفضلة لديك بتأمل وسمعي لموسيقتك المفضلة ،في الأخير إحضري ورقة وقلم وكتبي أهدافك وأحلا
Clarence E.
I recommend making shorter lists. That is what has worked for me. We come to this app because we intuitively know we need help or we really want to relax, or take a deep breath. With everything else going on, start small. Try something like a one minute stretch. I actually started with simply drinking water in the morning as a small change to relax and be healthy. Later, I added deep breath's. I had so many things I wanted to do and change, but starting small and simple worked for me. I also listened to the music as I drank my water. It helped set the tone of relaxing, something I had forgotten how to do. Wishing you peace and health.
N I G.
I have a lot of unchecked tasks too, but I try to calm my self with music and a good massage. I suggest you to turn on your notification for the app. It helps me to remind myself what to do in the beginning of the day.
Kayla X.
I also suffer from these things as well. It makes it 10X harder than complete anything. I try to put an alarm for almost everything. I put an alarm for the app. It’s like I forget about the app at times. Even though the app has its own alerts, I use the phones reminders as well. Sometime when I hear it, i don’t have the motivation to get up and do it. It’s the worse feeling because it’s like a certain mental exhaustion or barrier that’s extremely hard to break. What I do is sometimes say GET UP 3x. It could be in your head or actually speaking it. You have to imagine that someone is telling you this and each time it gets louder. You have to be stern with yourself. If you are laying in bed, don’t close your eyes. While you are saying this, imagine a floating mirage of yourself above you. You are speaking to you. The mirage is telling you what you NEED to hear not what you want to hear. you have to be a bit angry with yourself and rise from the bed annoyed like a mom yelling to a kid to get up for school. You control the game, don’t let the game play you. The mind is yours to handle. Hope this helps!
Nicoline W.
Hey there! I suffer with similar ailments so I hear you. These are 2 things that have worked for me (and to clarify, they don’t work 100% of the time, but more often than not). 1) set up a reward and a break after every to do. I schedule the to do in my calendar and then the reward after. That could be a cookie, 5 minutes of tiktok or buying something if it was a big to do. 2) and this is a hard one to explain – but I almost unconsciously start doing the task. So you’re in bed, thinking about how much you don’t want to get up or how sore your back is and that you just can’t do the task today. Keep thinking about that and how much you don’t want to do it, but also roll out of bed. Don’t think about starting to complete the task – that’s too daunting. Keep thinking about how much you don’t want to do it while you start doing it. I usually realize it wasn’t as bad as I made it out in my head and I keep going. Or some days I say ya. No. Not today , and be gentle on myself. I hope this helps!
Nolan C.
I recommend stretching/yoga. It’s helps a lot. Bad days I last about 2 minutes and good days about 10. You don’t have to follow a certain workout just move your body and stretch. As for unchecked tasked-maybe your to-do list is too long, or set them at a specific time.
Anatolij U.
Firstly, usually starting off with just 1 habit kickstarts the rest for me! Secondly, reminding myself of the tangible benefits doing these habits also helps me be more motivated. Lastly, it's easy to feel stressed out by an undone to-do list, so I just remind myself that even if I didn't complete my tasks today, tomorrow is a brand new day.
Nikolaj W.
I suffer for all the same things. I find a to do list causes me anxiety. I try to do my dishes. Just try to do one thing a day. I use a wall calendar. I write things on that. Don’t come down on yourself. You can only do what you can do. Some days I don’t get much done. I’m ok with that now.
Emmy Y.
Life is difficult sometimes. Sometimes you just don’t want to do the things you have to do. But the secret, which is actually not that big of a secret and you probably know this, is YOU just have to GET UP and DO IT. No one can help you but yourself, all these guidelines are given, but in the end you yourself will have to make the steps necessary to achieve your goal. I keep a journal in which I write my goals for today, and I check them off when I’ve done them. It’s important to just get going and stop thinking or being distracted about other things. Good luck :))
Cleo P.
don’t expect yourself to immediately follow everything on a to do list, and definitely don’t feel bad if that happens. sometimes just getting a couple things done on that list will really help your motivation and is just quite satisfying.

rather than looking at it as this big list, find what it is that you can do and feel comfortable right at that moment. remind yourself why you made a to do list, and why you’re trying to better yourself. do you have a specific goal in mind, or just trying to change your mind set? those little things really help, and have helped me in just the past couple weeks. best of luck to you!<3

Chillie F.
Set a reminder on your phone as well as keep checking to see what you need to check off throughout the day. I have pains all over my body and I’m learning to do mild exercises and loads of stretching and a bit of walking. Walking is hard for me because I’ve pains in both feet and knee, but I’ve to do something to help myself. Hope this helps
Casey X.
Oh man, you bring up a lot of good points.

Since humans all work so differently, there really isn’t just one simple answer that will benefit you, but here’s how I get motivation to check things off:

1) I make time for it – if you give yourself time to do those things, then your brain might guilt-trip you into doing it.
2) If guilt-tripping doesn’t work (which happens a lot to procrastinators like me), then maybe attach a reward to the end. Obviously, you don’t want to make the reward the habit, so after you get into a routine, you can slowly weed off that reward system.
3) And finally: add a streak system, but allow yourself break days (limit them, though, because then you’ll fall into the trap of “well, I’ll just do it tomorrow”).

I can’t really think of anything else, but hopefully you find this helpful! And I hope your anxiety and depression lessen over the years (same goes for the chronic fatigue and back pain).

S Nia P.
Hi!!! Try focused on the positive things that you have in your life, even if sometimes it's difficult. And very important: don't think about big steps instead small steps. Big steps will be make you more anxious. But small steps each day, are more easy to complete and in a few days….all the small steps you did will becoming in big steps and you gonna be proud of yourself 😊
Good Luck!! And believe on yourself!!
Gauthier Y.
Maybe you could try starting with fewer things to check off and slowly adding more. Make one thing a habit, and once you see you do it automatically, add one more. Try taking it slow, even though it seems like it takes forever. You got this, I believe in you <3
Jessica C.
It's all about placement, if you can put the water next to your bed every night you can wake up to it the next morning, it you need to go to the shops put in an alternative route in your car to drive past it. Your brain will subconsciously think of what you need to do and remind you to do it.
Bruna Z.
You could try to avoid some big distractions like your phone or other things and try to focus in your tasks doing something at the same time, for example I drink a lot of water while I'm working on something to be focus on that, you should try it :))
Gordon Y.
You've accomplished the most difficult task of all, to start. Everyone's circumstances and day-to-day schedules are different and sometimes or even for a long period of time it is impossible to do everything. But if you feel you can do more then have a set of prioritized number of tasks to do. That way you feel accomplished and can easier see action and effect. Just add one more prioritized tasks when you feel up for it. The small things you accomplish makes a whole you should still be proud of. Do what you can and make your progress more visible, like seeing the mug of water you put out empty. It is encouraging and tells you that you're improving and not at standstill. Be proud because you're doing great for being willing to improve and ask for help. Something many don't have the ability, insight or power to do. Good luck!
Enid N.
You could start small and then slowly build yourself up. And I totally understand how hard it can be to get things done when you have depression, anxiety and so on, but always remember that you are loved and that there is so much out there, you didn’t see and do yet. You’ll be just fine and one day it’ll get much easier! You just have to be patient. Is that too much to ask for? And something that might help you get everything on your to-do list done, is to just focus on one thing at a time and celebrate your successes! Also, it’s totally fine if some things don’t get done! That’s why you should start forgiving yourself for your mistakes ( if you could even call that a mistake) please be kind to urself❤️ You can do it! I believe in you.
Bernard N.
Hi! I understand that it’s not easy to tick things off. Maybe try to make your to do’s a little smaller so that they are easier to tick off. For example I write on mine: ‘make your bed’. This one is not very difficult but once you’ve done it you will be able to tick a to do off and maybe you’ll feel better. Small goals are also goals. I hope this helps a little! You can do it 💪🏼
Michelle J.
Hello:) everyone loses that initial motivation for self improvement. It can only last so long and it tends to be superficial. Take some time, understand what makes you get out of bed in the morning, learn to accept your flaws, your loss of physical ability doesn't define you as a person. My best advice is to look up this show 'headspace guide to meditation' They have an episode on chronic pain and it really walks you through the whole thing. I hope this helped good luck:)
Jim J.
Hey, I'm in the same boat. What as helped me is starting off very small, I started drinking water every morning. Once I felt comfortable I tried to move on to eating Breakfast every morning. I always try to remember why I’m doing all of this. I would definitely just do what I can. And take things at your own pace. I know to grow into the person I wish to be, I have to start small as take the first step. Which isn't always easy. We may miss some days we don't complete it but it doesn't take away from you still trying. Never give up on yourself because you're worth it.
Andreas X.
I think the most important thing that I learned is that success doesn’t mean that you tick off all the lists it means you take of one more than you did yesterday or the week before. The list of your ailments means that you have a lot on your plate, a lot of things to consider, a lot of obstacles to work against. Don’t be too hard on yourself. Maybe reduce the list of tasks or leave them in place but accept that you won’t tick them off every day. I’ve had to learn that myself in the last two or three weeks when things were a lot more busy than usually. Normally I would try to do evening exercises for my back every night. But I’ve had to skip them a couple of times because I was just too tired. I realised I wanted to do them not for my back but just to tick them off and that’s not the idea behind fabulous I would say. It’s not about being a perfect machine, it’s about improving yourself and you do that with every little step. Good luck and all the best to you
Sharon P.
Hi,there my friend….sometimes we may don't even remember our tasks and responsibilities due to this fast and furious world but that's ok cause we are just humans.So do what you can and always try your best in everything. If you are intrested in art try doing some artworks…it would really make you stress less and peaceful ✌🏻
Lauryn N.
I understand that! I too struggle with getting everything check, I guess it’s good to remember that life gets in the way of doing tasks and if you’re working on yourself and wanting to become better then that’s the best check of all
Freja C.
Hi !! So firstly I just wanna say I’m so proud of you and you’re doing amazing. i can see ur trying. i’ve been in that exact place you’re in rn. i have some days where i feel that way too, where i cant even get out of bed or find motivation to complete even the simplest tasks, my advice is always think to yourself “if i dont do it now and change how i am rn, ill never be able to.” i get that it’s hard but once you can get into a rhythm or a routine, it gets sm easier i promise 🙂
Jazzi F.
You can maybe try to remind yourself that u need to get things done and when u don’t feel like doing them they force yourself to do them I suffer from depression and anxiety and an eating disorder so it’s hard for me to do a lot but I try to do things that make me happy and I also give myself a surprise at the end if I do it so maybe you could try to give yourself a prize if u finish them and do things that makes you happy while your doing the things you can’t or don’t want to do or try to motivate yourself a lot
Andre X.
I do the same sometimes. Its about what you do and not about what you cant do, keeptrying to do Them even when u fail, this"ll help u out.
M Lissa E.
I have had the same struggle (with no illnesses) Something I found helpful was breaking down your tasks into smaller things and work on them bit by bit. Remember to take your time. Hope this helps!
Keelin F.
It is important to remind yourself why you make your to-do list, why you do your to-do list, and the results of completing the to-do list. Remind yourself how capable you are of succeeding!
Valeska F.
It’s great that you make a to-do list! The first thing you should do is make one goal, whether that is drinking water, having a conversation, doing self care, or anything else. Start with that one goal, and get comfortable accomplishing it every day. Then you can add another goal, and repeat the process until you have the routine of doing it each day. It may sound good to create a full to do list, but in reality it is better to start simple and work your way up. Take it one step at a time!
Michael P.
Aloha Pal,
Start with 3 tasks a day for a week or two, then add on to it. I have learned that starting off with a few things a day helps me accomplish at least one of the 3. As for your physical pain, I would put yoga on my list.
Good luck buddy!
Barbara U.
First, I’m sorry to hear that. Depression, anxiety, chronic fatigue and back pain is definitely going to hinder you from building great habits. I can’t help you with the last two, but I can try my best to relieve the first two. Don’t worry, with a little bit of reflection you will be A-OK. Be honest with yourself, why did you download the app? Remember the reason why you wanted to create good habits for yourself. For me, I’m doing this so that my future self could live a good life. At my present state, I feel useless and can’t contribute anything. I’m building habits so I can be useful to other people. Make sure to think hard and don’t lie to yourself. After you find your reason, make sure to stick with it. That’s the crucial part in doing the habits. If you’re really serious in changing yourself you have to be serious in doing them. I have days where I don’t want to do my checklist, but I force myself to do it because I want to be useful. That’s my advice for building your habits. For your depression and anxiety, I will assume it has something to do with a social setting. Your friends could be a factor to your depression and anxiety. If you have friends, but you don’t feel like you can vent to them or feel like they’re not your friends at all, it’s time to move on for your sake. If not, then good. I’m serious when I’m saying these things because I want you to be happy with yourself. Pinpoint what’s making you depressed and anxious and get rid of it from your life. This is for you. Make the change. I’m excited to see what you can do!
Elo Se A.
Start small. It's better to check off one essential habit than to have an unchecked list. In case you want to build a routine (morning, night, etc.), you could write down 3 different routines. The first one is the perfect, ideal routine when you have high energy levels. The second one is the medium energy level routine; downsize your list and habit duration. The third one is the low energy/ no energy routine; this includes the most essential things you have to do.
Example: ideal – stretch 15 min and do a 30 min workout; medium energy – stretch 5 min and 10 min workout, low energy – stretch 2 min.
Alo S Y.
Hey. I suffered from depression too… I have noticed that unless I was ready to put all my willpower into starting to take small steps I was doing just like you said. But once I was really determined to change my state, I started to see things working. Another way I was able to achieve the goal that I've set is by taking each day at a time. You failed today? That's fine. You keep going, keep at your goal and start fresh tomorrow. Soon enough, you'll see that you have a pile of small achievements that you can be proud of. And those small achievements will transform into your goal one day.
Gisella V.
Have a single task to achieve. Just one. Start like that and keep this amount of tasks for as long as you need. Then you can grow your list
Peggy Z.
Try and show yourselves that the to do list will make you feel better. Try to set easy goals to begin with, so it is easier to reach them.
Dylan N.
Hi, did you try leaving a big cup of water right next to your bed. So the second you wake up you drink it?

On the other hand, try baby steps don’t get to many tasks at the beginning. For the first step is just to get you moving, no matter how small the steps are.

Finally, remember is just an app. It won’t replace medical help 🙂

Marilyn Z.
I sometimes feel like this. Something that helps me is taking it one small step at a time, for example if I want to get ready but don’t feel up for it, I’ll say to myself “What’s the first step you can do?” In this scenario it would be getting out of bed. By breaking it up into smaller steps it gives me a feeling of accomplishment that makes me want to do the next bit. Good luck and I hope this helps!!
Maddie N.
If your to do list has stretching on it, just start by only doing small stretches for a minute. If it has making a healthy breakfast, start by eating breakfast. Just start small, and you’ll get there.
Garance F.
Maybe you should try to make a timetable on paper and stick it on your wardrobe.It will help you to remember what to do. As for the depression, you should talk to people more
Emma Z.
I also struggle with depression, along with ADHD. so i often have the same struggle. personally I have found it helps me a lot to watch videos of people doing this task, or even look pictures of this task. i’m not sure the reasoning behind why it works for me but i would definitely give it a try! <33
Sof A N.
Start slow with one really simple task and commit to that one. Once you have that one down, add another one.
Sometimes when you have anxiety and depression the simple tasks can seem imposible si celebrate each one even if it is just with a smile.
Good luck 🤍
Nicholas E.
Keep track of how long each task takes, check the time it takes for all tasks the day before, and get up when you can do those tasks.
If it is difficult to get up, change the number of tasks.
Alex N.
You must stretch in the morning or before going to bed. Also you must hang out with friends and family and positive people. Everything will come to its place believe me.
Saier M.
Hi, I’m sorry you are feeling this way. I’ve been there and it’s really difficult sometimes. What helped me is to pick one thing, just one thing, not many, that makes me feel better about myself (for me, it was simply washing my face and having a skincare routine). And stick with it. Once you’ve done it for a few days, add another. Trying to do too much at once and not hitting them all will only deter you from doing any of it. And finally, be kind to yourself. Forgive yourself for not having checked the boxes. And know tomorrow is another day, and you can make a difference and start new by doing just that one thing. You got this!
Tc A.
Starts with the smallest easiest tasks. Even if you leave me any tasks unchecked and undone Repeating the same ones every day is still a form of gross. Next thing you know it would add another task to your to do list very easily and it’s yes easier to do than it was at first. Tiny blocks of good habits is still progress. Fast progress or slow progress it’s still progress
Mia W.
Stay strong and keep your head up. Everything will fall into place (it is just the matter of time). For me I struggle with the same issue (I’m a student). The to do list on actual paper gets up to two pages sometimes. But for me everyday I still take like 10 mins to ‘transfer’ the to do’s and add in new ones; while of course I still rearrange the importance of the tasks again. Another thing that I do that might help you is to have like 3 big tasks? (Or one if you’re just starting, and build it up) If you are building routine it takes determination, consistency, and especially time. I see a lot of influencers sometimes only do grocery shopping, and other small tasks and they consider it a day. And sometimes I feel like I’m too harsh on myself, so seeing that helps (and being less harsh and more human on myself helps also. It will also for you, and you are already THRIVING! getting through everyday with all those conditions!!! So don’t be too harsh on yourself; start with one big task (like an report or an assignment) and then build up. Another tip, if it’s like a work project, or anything that is big, break it down. Once you check one box you might (I sort of do) have a bit more motivation to do another. Another tip that I find really helps, is have a separate space for these three to do list: far away (like far away as in a week?), less important (as in less important for today and tomorrow and things of the rest of the week), and dump list (this is more for helping with not being able to stay focused)(it is a list to write down anything: thoughts, a fun video that you want to watch, entertainment: skating?, or just a nee to do- so you can organize it later in other categories). Last tip, I even give checkboxes to simple to do’s (like waking up, brushing your teeth, eating breakfast, etc.). Those things often get overlooked, but they are essential to taking care of your body! So if you do that it’s an achievement! They are part of the normal day tasks, but they do take up a lot of time! (And they give you a bit more motivation as more boxes are checked) So with breaking big tasks down, setting one big task a day and all other little tasks (self-care/ normal daily stuff, and smaller tasks), and having different to do lists so you can categorize all and put your main focus on the main one, might help you. I hope this helps! I struggle a lot to be productive also, and even when I do sit down to studying it is very hard for me to stay focused for more that 1/2hr (I’m the 1/2 study and 2 or 3 hour break type of student) so I genuinely hope it does help you! And stay strong and keep fighting and keep moving forward (even if it’s tiny toe length steps). I do not know you, but I am sure that one day you’ll be in a place where you feel like everything has or is staring to fall into place, where you feel like life is getting better (although obstacles might still occur in the future you, trust me, even if you don’t think so, the future you will already have more strength to face it. So it will be okay), and where you start to feel happier and at peace. You are loved and appreciated! I wish you the best in life. Best of luck stranger! (And sorry for the long message haha)
Asdr Bal P.
Perhaps you’ve given yourself too much to do too quickly, maybe limit yourself to 3-5 tasks. Perhaps set alarms, that helps me!
Jessica P.
Start with a task that seems the *least* daunting. Perhaps taking a vitamin or drinking water? See if you can at least check that one off for the day. If you're able to do at least one thing, celebrate it as if you tackled a huge goal. Because it WAS a huge goal for the day! The act of celebrating it (assuming it's a lovely celebration) may incentivize you to tackle another, slightly more involved task. Maybe stretching or taking a walk. Keep celebrating what you are able to do, in a way that feels amazing to you, and allow yourself some grace for the tasks that you absolutely cannot do. Tell yourself that you'll check it off once you feel better.
Hil Rio C.
I can understand you but we are the only one who have to make a bit of efforts..how about you reward yourself with something whenever you do a certain task (like eating your favorite dessert, etc).
For anxiety i will surely suggest you to listen to calm music and have a cup of tea or hot choco (if you like it) or you can have a cookie too. Whenever you are feeling very much anxious or may feel having an anxiety attack then drop everything that you are doing, leave every thought behind and focus on your breathe, your breathing pattern and give yourself the butterfly hug(you can search for it on Google) and tell yourself the positive things like everything will be fine, it is not your fault, you are good, etc.
As for depression, i know you are a fighter and you will overcome it, i have faith in you. Just keep fighting, don't let that hope/ that light drift away from you. Till the time you can see the light that is a bit far away but you are able to see it, you have to draw yourself towards it.
Take care
Levi N.
Try setting alarms drinking loads of water and eating whole natural plant based food fruits and veg and some audiobooks and a spa day might make you feel the motivation and the energy to start your journey seriously
Pandorra F.
Start with small things like drinking water in the morning. And you don't necessarily have to do them everyday at first, but at least do them 2-4 times a week and see how it goes. Slowly you might find motivation to do them more often. Coming from someone who struggles with depression and executive dysfunction.
L On N.
Try to find something you like to do
Start doing some exercises
Don’t stay at home all the time ,go out and spend time with people
And don’t forget to visit the sea if you could 💙
Ian Y.
I think you just need to find your why. Why are you doing this, what is your motivation? If you feel like you can’t keep up with the tasks, maybe starting over the journey can help since you’ll build on small habits.
Frida N.
Take small steps, that’s what it’s all about. Even just starting the morning by taking a sip of water will help into building a routine. Motivate yourself, know you are worth it!
Jo O.
Slow and steady is the name of the game. The things you strive to do to help you better yourself shouldn't feel routine or unnecessary. Instead of saying, "I need to do this", try "when I accomplish x task, it will make me feel…." or "Marking x task done will help me accomplish y goal".

I hope that makes sense and helps

Royal G.
To really get me motivated and stay focus, I do a lot of yoga and this will sound weird but there are videos where people are studying or writing and it’s those come write with me, stay motivated with me, study with me types of videos. so watching those also helps stay motivated to write in my to do list or to do anything. Also try not push yourself so much , everything slow.
Angela S.
Don’t add too much stuff to your list, give yourself free-time, space. It can be overwhelming adding too many activities at once to your list. Also it’s okay if you skip one day or two, it is for you, to feel yourself better.
Eddie U.
I think most human beings struggle with the same problem. What many don’t realize is that you don’t have to do it all at once. If you’re having trouble completing your tasks and they are given you a trouble doing multiple tasks, simply start with one task you know you can do. That is why Fabulous begins with drinking water. If you can do that for 14-21 days you will find it’s easy and you are craving more habits.

If you can break your mind thinking from a place of, “I have to do more,” or, “I need to be my best,” then you will be able to focus on your life and your tasks.

Don’t feel shame for starting small… there are many who came before you and there are many who will come after you… simply start.

Nikolaj W.
When I first started this app, I was not in the right place to stay on top of the changes it suggested. When you’re battling so many obstacles and emotions, it’s easy to back burner or let things slide because our emotions and daily lives overshadow a lot of the little things. My recommendation is to have grace with yourself and start small. If one day you feel too overwhelmed to focus on the daily challenge just tell yourself it’s okay and try again tomorrow. Try to commit to one day. Tell yourself you’ll do one task, everything is always hard at first but the more intentional you are the easier the tasks become. And one small thing over time adds up. You can absolutely do this!!
Gerald P.
Hello, try to get things as close to you as possible so that you can't really make an excuse 'It is too far away, or it will take too much time.', or make them very small steps, move at your own pace. As I have encountered they give you 3days and then move to another habit, try tracking one for a longer time and concentrate just on it, it might help. Also try to talk to a psychologist maybe they can help you with depression and anxiety, in a way that they teach you how to handle them. And if the first one doesn't fit try another, sometimes it is hard to find someone you note with. Good luck!
Jo O.
Writing a list is half the battle already. You’ve got a schedule now it’s time to act on it. It can difficult to do what you know you need to. The struggle is real and valid. The best thing you can do is say I’ve got the list now Im going to do this. Don’t debate with yourself or contemplate it just do it and tell your self your going to do it. In all honesty the only thing you can do to build new and positive habits is to do them.
Bj Rk N.
Actually im not good at it too, im not strugling whith something but im ready to help you. You can always make a to do for The next day so you know what you gonna make tommorow. Try The self Care practic. Its helping me very much.
Bar O A.
Celebrate what are you are able to complete, even the smallest task. Other things that can be helpful count 3-2-1 then do the task rather than 1-2-3 (because you can just keep counting.) I am a list person and always make to-do list sometimes I don’t complete the list but that’s okay I put it on tomorrows list. Prioritize as well sometimes we put things on our list that aren’t always a priority and that’s okay
Trenton E.
Focus on building one habit at a time, even if it takes months to solidify. The faster you gain skill of building habits, the faster you can solve your problems. Pick a habit that will help you with your biggest problem.
Layla Q.
As the application suggests you should start with one habit at a time. Dealing with one task at a time and making it into a habit and then moving on to other helps. You can do one task for a week, or three days depending on the task.

Here are a few tips:
•if you feel unmotivated to start- (1)take a deep breath (2)count to three (3) and just GO!
•when you feel like giving up: dig deeper and find/remember your 'WHY'. Why did you start this journey what is your goal… If it is strong enough it will keep you going.
•when you feel not good enough, pick up three accomplishments that you are really proud of… That will spur you.

Frances X.
Hello. I also suffer anxiety and I know how you feel. Set reminders for your self to continue these habits and once you get used to them you’ll slowly settle into it. As for anxiety, there a heaps of things to help with that. What I do is I use distractions for myself when I feel panicky. Hope this helped 🙂
Stella A.
Don’t make it feel like a chore. try to get your brain to enjoy it, the mind is a powerful place after all. Also, don’t forget to try and get help for your issues, whether it may be a therapist, a friend you trust, writing it out, or just talking to a stuffie. Be careful on your journey and I wish you luck!
Jet F.
Hi there! I also suffer from mental and physical struggles such as bipolar disorder and depression so you can imagine how hard it is to even get out of bed! I noticed that I put too many habits at once that I THOUGHT I could achieve when in reality keeping it simple and easy just to get my baby steps in is also ok! I WANT to eventually exercise but for now I’m just doing small stretches. I WANT to read every night, but for now I’m just listening to some focus coaching. Slowly but surely you can achieve the things you want but remember you do suffer from other factors so GO EASY ON YOURSELF until you can at least get the waking up early part down haha! It’s no race. Be kind to yourself. Good luck my friend!
Ruby E.
It’s hard to motivate yourself to do those tasks but maybe you could try writing down reminders or maybe setting an alarm for you to do those tasks but honestly that’s just my opinion. It may also be stressful to try to make yourself get any of those things done with the things you listed that makes it hard for you but just try to do your best and start with doing one thing for say maybe 1 week then adding another one into the mix and just go with it and see how you feel about it. I hope I helped! 😁💖
Mia W.
I’m sorry you’re going through any tough times. Just remember it’s okay to take it one day at a time. Enjoy your favorite song. Think about what made you smile last? Were you painting, reading, playing games, etc. Just put 2 things on your to-do list. Start off small. Tell yourself one thing you like about yourself. Also stretch out your body and take hot showers or see a doctor if it’s serious
Billie F.
Back it up a little. Make your goals more reasonable and achievable for you… Set yourself up for success.
So for example, if you are depressed and it's hard to get out of bed, back it up to something you can do while in bed. Breathe is one of the available tasks in this app, start with a short breathing exercises like taking deep breaths… Maybe start with 3 deep breaths per day and check that one off. Other tasks, you can start by giving yourself the goal of doing them just 3 days a week, whatever seems reasonable for your specific situation, don't try to overload yourself from the beginning, take it one step at a time and slowly build that habit… Don't set expectations either, like the habit will be built in 1 month, give yourself a longer timeframe that adjusts to your situation and never ever compare your progress to someone else's progress. Progress will be different from person to person because the struggle is different for each of us.
Grace J.
Start slow, it may feel weird at first but your body will adapt to the change and you’ll be an even better person because of it! It’s ok to not check off what you’ve done immediately whenever you have a break check off what you’ve done and write done what you need to do later!! You got this!!
Mackenzie F.
I have depression and anxiety as well and I feel what helps me is reminding myself why I am doing it every day. I also intertwine things I enjoy doing as a part of my routines. I love to read and learn languages so I have added those into my routine at the beginning to help me get started in the morning, and the rest just fall into place
Cjtosauccy N.
You should keep your mind on the good. We as humans we naturally have to go through stuff. Our body’s are limitless but our spirits are infinite. So don’t beat yourself up over the bad because there’s always a speck of light in a dark room! You can still work out depending where the pain is if in your arm our work out on your legs. Do what’s best sir/mam. Be blessed I believe in you.😁(put a to-do list on your door or wall that you always pass by)
Nestor O.
I’m sorry your going through these. I don’t really know what to answer but, you could try not adding too much habits and things. Reward yourself whenever you do something simple or a task! It will give you motivation. Like whenever you get out of bed reward yourself. How? Well do a happy dance or smile! That’s all I have to say. Sorry if it wasn’t a helpful! Take care <3
Aariya X.
I get where you are coming from, there was a point in my life where I didn’t feel like doing anything, but what motivated me was imagining what life would be like if I actually did the things on my check list… how differently I would see myself as a person. Something else that might help is finding people who you can relate to, to talk about what you are going through. If this is not an option find someone to talk to… and if it feels like know one is there to talk to, I promise you, you simply need to look harder. There is always someone there in your life who loves you for who you are and who you can talk to without their judgment. I hate that not only you but so many people have to go through these things in life and it usually seems like there is no end, but trust me one day if you put in the effort to live healthier even if it is the bare minimum you will see the results and find your long awaited peace. I hope with all my heart that this day come soon for you and that you can live your best life. I’m so proud of you for making it this far, and I want you to remember there are always people out there who love you, you just have to open your eyes (even if it’s from a stranger who means well), so NEVER give up. When the world tries to tear you down keep marching forward with your head high. It doesn’t matter what they say or do, at the end of the day they are going to go home and stress over their own insecurities. Live for you and no one else because you are here for a reason and you are worth it.

Lots of love always and forever <3333 🙂

(sorry if it sounded like I was rambling)

Adeodato Q.
Well I started just by waking up and drinking a glass of water each day! That’s it my only goal was to do that! Then increased to a small breakfast so I tried grapes or a couple mini oranges, fabgetting in tune with the meditations they have to offer I also did that each morning meditation is great for the soul, but it’s as easy as thinking ok where do I walk as soon as I wake up each morning? My answer to the coffee machine, so how about I keep my glass of water there and drink it then prepare your self the night before so it’s a little easier to not subconsciously setting yourself up for failure…. By starting small you can increase to a bigger commitment and so on💎💎💎 you will sparkle as a diamond would once you feel the empowered new you that’s been set forth!!!!
Su Y.
Try making the list more simple. Don't put many things in your list, and if you can't finish them, it will only lead to your depression. You can start from 1 or 2 habits a day. After you got on really well with your little habits, you can add more habits. Doing little things is preparing for the big steps.
Morteza X.
Start small. Don't add too many items at first. Start with a couple of them and try to just check them at the end of the day.
Josefa Z.
you should try to do what you want to. For the depression part…you can have some fun with your family/friends so your mind can clean from all the thoughts. For the anxiety, try to find what makes you anxious…for example if that's school then take some rest, or do a break , hope I help and feel better soon <3
Karolin U.
what if I am an early teen and can only make simple easy breakfasts like a cup of cold milo or a few biscuits? I can’t cook or handle hot water.
Laura E.
First of all have patience.
Don’t do all you want in one day
And be kind to yourself at the end of the day love your self for what you did and don’t blame yourself for what you didn’t
Bo Z.
At the start I had also struggled to keep it up everyday and even if I did do it I wouldn’t check it of but it’s just about getting into a habit like maybe making a morning routine or something that’ll help you stay on track. 🙂
Joshua G.
Just take it slow. Maybe delete then restart the app so it starts you off slowly again. It helped me so I hope this helps you.
Alba E.
Hey there, I’m sorry that you have to go through all of that, and I hope you’re doing well. Some advice I have is to keep in mind why you want to do this for yourself and then reward yourself every time you get something, even if it’s small, done. Don’t guilt trip yourself when you aren’t able to do so, and go easy on your mistakes 🙂
Olivia Z.
You have the power within yourself to make change. The first step is to do it despite how your body feels. When I feel tired I still brush my teeth Bc I know it needs to be done, not Bc I feel like it. Sometime you have to ignore how you feel and just do it. Once you get that going you can learn to be compassionate with yourself and apply balance in your life.
Sandra F.
Honestly, just remember that you're working and doing all of this for your future self. Image what you could become in a year or so. For example, if you walk 20 mins a day for a whole year, I'm sure you'll see some progress and you'll see yourself getting fitter and fitter if you continue the habit. I don't know which tasks you're struggling to get over with on the app, but honestly drinking water is much, much easier than forcing yourself to get out of the house to go for a walk etc., so start with that. Start with the easiest of tasks. Try to remind yourself of drinking water. Even when you're not that thirsty, drink at least a little sip every now and again. I've been struggling to drink water mainly because I pretty much never feel "THIRSTY" thirsty. Like, ever. So drink a little and maybe eat a fruit or a snack with it from time to time. Filling up the water cup every time you stand up and go to tje kitchen is a good tip as well. Just make sure your water cup is filled! You can buy one of the larger ones (500-800ml cups)… altho the ones closer to 1l might be heavy. Just experiment. I have some 500ml cups and they're not too heavy 🙂 As for tasks that may be harder, like eating breakfast… well, this is a matter of habit. The thing is, you don't HAVE to know how to cook. I'm not even 18 yet, my mom hasn't really taught me any recipes except for scrambled eggs, I've never really shown excessive interest either… so I basically don't know how to cook, and I can barely even wash the dishes, since I never really had to do that (we have a dishwasher)… so… if you lack motivation to cook, I understand you. I really don't like dealing with the messy pans (touching that wet sponge is sometimes a nightmare, it feels like touching so many germs – remember to throw out or at least wash the sponge in the dishwasher every once in a while… throw it out every week or every month depending on usage and whatnot)… dealing with cleaning the countertops, cleaning your hands every 5 seconds… it's discouraging. But honestly, I've pretty much been eating scrambled eggs for breakfast for the past 3 days, and hey, it's not that bad! I'm not saying you have to make boring scrambled eggs for breakfast every day, but honestly, it's one of the easier things and it tastes good. If you don't like that, and you don't even like to cook, I recommend getting some healthy oatmeal or cereal… oatmeal is probably a bit healthier, but it depends. Both of those breakfast choices are usually packed with sugar though, maybe except for Corn Flakes or other quite bland and basic cereals. So, I recommend getting some cereal, or for a healthier option, just buy a bunch of fruits. Bananas, mandarines, apples, pears, anything that's easy to peel. Maybe grapes… anything you like. You can buy some vegetables and make a salad as well! Maybe I'll be considered as an immensely boring person, but I really like just eating tomatoes and cucumbers as a salad. You can add some lettuce, too 🙂 Anything is good. As long as you get a nutritional meal. You can try out some extremely easy recipes online, too. Or ask your family/a friend if they have any good recipes that are easy. Do it over the phone if you'd like, or you can meet up with them. Whatever works. If you're struggling with depression and anxiety, just remember that it doesn't have to be this hard. Make the necessary steps to try to improve your life, even if it's quite difficult, the progress is worth it. I'm not in the best place mentally, but I try my best. It's difficult. Challenging. I know. But one step at a time. Make the most basic salad made out of a mere cucumber and a sad tomato. Maybe people will laugh at you. Honestly, I sometimes chuckle at myself and say "Haha, this would be such a bland salad for most people, but I'm actually quite excited to eat it because I made it myself."… I'm so weirdly proud of myself for making these easy recipes, I don't even know why. It's like an accomplishment, a reward. It's hard to explain. But it does get better with time. Your life, your cooking skills if you want to improve thosd as well. You gotta start somewhere though, and work from there. Try your best!! And the results shall come. There WILL be hardships and problems along the way. Do your best to overcome those and no matter what, just push through. Don't feel like showering today? Push through and make yourself do it. Just a quick 5-minute shower, and then you go to bed. You feel accomplished because you did something you were planning on procrastinating… or giving up completely that day. (Trust me, I know how hard it is to shower sometimes, or is that just me?) Take it one step at a time; don't know how to cook? Eat raw fruits, some vegetables, make some scrambled eggs, try to learn the MOST BASIC AND EASIEST recipes from your mom or something!! It can be fun! 🙂 Except for the wash-up and post clean-up, haha. Struggle to drink water? Keep a 500ml cup beside your bed or close to you. "Travel" around your house with that thing, haha. It's now tied and locked up with you. Forever 🙂 haha jk, just make sure it's close by so you can drink some :)) Baby steps. 2 liters of water every day may seem overwhelming; just try to aim for 1 liter, 1.5 liters, maybe less if it's a hassle. Just start somewhere. Whenever you start, you activate this domino effect, this momentum effect where you start taking a shower, then you get the motivation to wash your hair because you're already in the shower… you eat a fruit after… you vacuum your floors, you moisturize your feet or something, you sprinkle in some hair products or whatever… it's a good little spiral. Or maybe after that shower all you wanna do is go to sleep. That's fine. Just try to achieve at least one little thing every day: even if it's just drinking SOME water!!! Set some goals. And see where you are next year ON THAT SAME DAY. Today is Feb 11th? Well, set some goals: I will drink water, I will stop eating candy, I will do one 10-minute workout video a day, I will try to get rid of acne, etc. It really helps! You have a deadline, and you can compare your progress a year later on that same day. I have been trying to get rid of acne, and I already see some tremendous and WONDERFUL changes just by using benzoyl peroxide (research/go to a dermatologist before u start!!), drinking water, and avoiding junk food and candy. I don't even eat all that *healthily*, I mean, yes, I eat fruits and vegetables etc., but overall I don't eat as healthily as all of these influencers and dieticians… I just do my best to avoid junk food 99% of the time. It's been about six months (started around summer) and my acne has almost cleared up, although lately I have been struggling with sleep and even washing my face, so some of that acne has reappeared. I try to push myself and do the best that I can. I hope this helped. All the luck to you. Sorry if this was too long!! I believe in you!!
Logan P.
I completely understand. One thing that will help is change of mindset. Changing your outlook on your challenges will help you. Say for instance. I always felt horrible for not completing my tasks. Instead be okay that not everyday is gonna be Good day. Also I’d you are someone like me who takes on other activities, consider you’re routine a prep.
Izzy C.
This must be really hard for you and I totally understand if this doesn’t work, but something that works for me is trying to keep at least a 10 day streak or longer of a habit when I start it. Even if the app tells you to add more. For example, I started out with drinking water. I did that and nothing else for 10 days until it really became a habit. I added another task after that but it is also totally fine and still great if you just stick with one or two for a while. Good luck!
Janine X.
Well I suffer from depression and anxiety to! But how I'm able to keep on doing my tasks are thinking there side quest. Yes I'm a gamer but I like to reframe the quest "drink water" to "get hydrated before the fight with the dragon." Or something like"eat a good breakfast" to "eat a feast to bost your energy for the battle." I hope this helps! 🙂
Nikolaj C.
I like to make those goals for myself, and then do something or reward myself with something after, to make me more motivated to do them. I like to do things such as making a cup of tea for myself while I’m journaling at night, to help me focus more. I also just start with smaller goals and then work my way to more.
Ryder T.
Try writing a checklist the day before and and keeping that with you through your the day and once you’ve done the things on the checklist tick them off on the app
Fabian O.
Write less things on your list. For instance only three for the day and after two weeks you add one more.

So that you build your habits to do what you have to do and what is most important for you!

Vanessa A.
Yes. This happened to me as well. I have learned that depression sometimes tells us that we need to be true to ourselves. Maybe you are trying to make yourself work when you can take one day off. Call it a self care day. Then check in the next day to see if your motivation levels rise. Be true to your values…sometimes it is more important to us to spend time with family than slave over work!
Merna Z.
Sometimes I forget to get in the app and unchecked either..but I do what in the list… because you need to know how important is it.. I mean you have to do it without thinking.. don't think to much just get up and do it..day after day it will stuck
Maria U.
Just breathe, and take a break, breathing excerciss and simple excercises for the back might help. Get a good nights sleep, and don't push yourself if you can't get things done. Everything can wait. You'll be ok 😊
Shalini U.
Can I suggest an alternative? As in, maybe try adapting the tasks in the app to fit your situation? For example, if it’s difficult to do a stretch routine, so some desk stretches so you don’t have to move lots. Stuff like that. Hope this helps 🙂
Victor Y.
I think that it’s harder for us to follow through on behaviour change until our hearts are ready to create change. I think you need to think deep in your heart if there’s one big specific thought or experience that is acting almost like a chain preventing you from being willing to change. For me, I had to reach the understanding that I was holding onto childish habits and affections. I needed to decide that I wanted to move forward from those and let go of things that gave me pleasure as a youth because they were costing me my willingness to take responsibility for my behaviour and future as an adult. But take your time and be kind to yourself in this process. You’re not alone. You can be brave and bold. You are capable of so many more things than you could ever know right now. I hope this helps 🙂
Christel Q.
That’s sounds tough. Think about why you want to do the things on your to do list. If you don’t have a why you will be much less likely to do it. Maybe even remove some things from your list for a while if you are feeling overwhelmed by it and start small. It’s need to be realistic for where you are now. Implement tiny habits. For example Instead of starting with going for a run make your goal to pick up your tennis shoes first thing in the morning and then celebrate when you do. Tell yourself you are successful and you are accomplishing your goals when you do the tiny things. If you want to floss your teeth make your goal to floss one tooth… and then high five yourself when you do one (but i bet you’ll actually do more than one once you’ve grabbed the floss).
Start tiny and talk positively to yourself. Stop focusing on where you want to be and how far from that you are but instead on the tiny successes of where you are at. It will build momentum. All the best! Go do one tiny thing on your list now.
Lauren Z.
Just start off small. Maybe a morning routine with two tasks, one in afternoon, and another in the evening. Promise yourself something if you can get these done. And from there, it's just encouraging yourself to go the extra mile. Tell yourself, "I got this!" and go for it!
Sam N.
I think you should take a note to know that you don’t have to always check things off we are humans, so take it slow since you can’t control your chronic fatigue/back pain so just try to give yourself easier to-do things that will be good for you.
Christiane O.
First of all don’t be pressured. Start off with very small tasks like baby steps. Even if it’s just having a sip of water in the middle of day.

Slowly you’ll do great and you will feel prouder than ever.
*hug from a stranger*

Ilina Z.
I would try setting a bit smaller goals. That way you can feel more motivated for the bigger ones. And you will be more likely to do them. Maybe just put 2-3 tasks on your Todo list, and if you manage them, gradually add more and pat yourself on the back for every one. Reward yourself with breaks after every 2-3 tasks, or even after every task(on a difficult day).
Nynke I.
Why did you download the app in the first place? Because you wanted change. Try to find out what you really love and can do while you are doing the tasks. For my is it music. I wake-up whit the music and gives me energy and motivation. Find out what gives you energy and use it <3!
Afonso F.
Maybe you are trying to do much habits at once. Start out with only one, and when you feel like that habit has been well-cemented in your life, add another one.
This way you can slowly gather all the habits that you want to accomplish.
I also recommend meditating, so that you might be able to control your emotions better, and alleviate yourself from any stress that you might have, or even help you sleep better.
Andreas W.
Well i have been using a trick where you basically set a goal you want to do then give yourself a prize once you’ve done it ! You can think of what prize you want to do but i usually choose food/trips to places.
Ghaniya Q.
I have the same problem..
but I guess it's a matter of time.
try making your do to list somehow reachable to your efforts when you find that you are smooth at it add a routine or two.
don't feel down if you can do tgem all.
just be honest with your self and your efforts and you will ripe the fruits of trials.
Mason X.
Simplify, simplify, simplify. If you’ve found you’ve made this app into a long ToDo list you’re no longer activated to get to, chop it back down to size. I’ve only just begun using this app but I’m choosing not to turn it into a checklist of ToDos like I’ve done with different apps in the past. Make this a place to list healthy habits as precious gems you gather and treasure each day. Start small again, just a few simple habits you can build on give them time to form a foundation before you add on more. When you do add something on, add one specific thing and nothing more. Avoid overwhelming yourself and let the app help you become a better you in a slow steady fashion. You’ve got this!
Sibylla U.
Hello my friend! I’ve been struggling with a lack of energy for a lot of reasons too. For me I think the greatest importance is to get enough sleep for as many days as possible. Just prepare in advance, like “I’m going to bed today at 11 and wake up at 8”, and try to follow along this plan as hard as you can. Also phone is evil. Get rid of anything that garbage your thoughts. Mobile games, news, youtube, anything which you can live without, and once you will have some space in your head it’ll be much easier to focus on your good habits. Good luck!
Sam N.
Set alarms!! Many of them. Get out of bed and do something you like to initiate your day. Maybe get up and get dressed for coffee. Maybe breakfast. Get out of bed to make coffee, since your out of your bed… take a shower.
Alma I.
Hey you. Im sorry for you. I hope it'll get better soon!❤ You should start by doing one easy task a day. When your feeling like you can handle more, then you should start doing that too. But I know it takes time. You could start on drinking a glass of water every morning, or strech before going to bed. Set some alarms and take it easy. I hope i helped a bit! You can always text.❤
Melissa U.
You need to hold yourself accountable. What I think you should do is to start with one task or two at most. Start with meditation to clear your mind and since you suffer from anxiety, this can calm you down. Take walks for depression if you tell dad or surround yourself with loved ones. Maybe meditation can help with that too.Now you have chronic back pain, try stretching. It helps your body to relax and after you stretch take a nap and relax.Also you should see a doctor about all of this.Remember start one at a time. You can have one task you do or you can have different tasks you do each day. The second method I mention with keep you on a schedule and help your prom Lena one step at a time. So you don’t overwhelm yourself with to much at one time. As time gets on add more stuff. I’d say after five months or when ever you feel ready. Go talk to a doctor about this or a therapist, they can help much more than me.
M N.
Try starting your day with self-affirmation or gratitude journal. Make your bed, do some quick stretching and drink water right after. If you can, make your own breakfast or at least eat breakfast that is high in fiber and good fats. You can find the science behind these things 😉. It can be quite challenging at first, but the intial goal is to achieve consistency then you may not even realize it, the positive effect will naturally come. 1 hr per week of exercise (or 52 hrs per year) for example, is better than zero. You can do this!
El I Q.
If you find you’re leaving many of your tasks unchecked, I’d go back to only having one or two to do a day. Forcing yourself to try and complete a long list when you don’t feel up to it (for completely understandable reasons) isn’t going to help much of anything. Start small, for example just drinking water when you wake up or eating a good breakfast. Then celebrate it and be proud that you did it. Even if it doesn’t seem like a lot, it very much is and you should recognize that. So, go back to basics before pushing yourself anymore than that, I know you can do it!
Henri C.
Try and check off easy and simple tasks first, once you’ve accomplished those you might feel more proud and excited to feel the accomplishment of other more difficult tasks.
Jay T.
Hey honestly trying to make it fun for yourself is key. I made a simple but effective routine checklist that is making a difference in being consistent. I personally just think about how this is something I chose to do for a reason, and how in the long run it will be worth it. I listen to many motivational podcasts and speeches to. Many of these help with getting into the right mindset to start this journey of consistency.
L Andro O.
When we feel unwell, physically and/or mentally, it becomes more difficult to make efforts. I suggest taking a new start. Make sure every single task is significant to you and start small. Better have only one task that we accomplish than 20 that we don’t. What could really make a difference in your well-being? Maybe it’s just taking the time to stop for a few seconds during the day and tell yourself “I’m not feeling good right now, but it’s ok. It’s been better before so it can be better in the future. I am grateful for XYZ. I will try my best today.”
Martina F.
I think you should try the Curable app. It helped me with anxiety and pain. I think that would free you to be able to do more!
Ray E.
Yes I use mediations affirmations I also downloaded a prayer app and I have goals and challenges I do
On there I also have all
The things u have but I promise u will
Get thru it I’m the power of faith
Allison W.
First try doing fewer and smaler things. Then if you feel like you could do more add a bit bigger tasks. Dont ever give up though. I wish you the best <3
Violeta Z.
For me it helps when I make my environment more accessible for the tasks. I now sleep with a bottle of water on my nightstand so I can roll over and grab it when I wake up (the app suggests it). Right after I do the water task while still in bed is when I open the app and do the journaling task and so forth. Once the ball is rolling it’s easier to go with it. I also don’t go big with the tasks to start off. Like I’m not chugging and entire glass of water, eating a giant breakfast, and exercising for an hour. I’m taking about 8 gulps, grabbing some nuts and a fruit for breakfast on my way out the door and stretching for 10 minutes every morning whether it be at home or work. I hope this helps.
Darvin C.
You have to want to make the change. Start small, drinking water and eating breakfast. When it comes to the fatigue and back pain don’t over push yourself. Try and sleep earlier if you can to help with your tiredness. Vitamin D3 is also very helpful when feeling depressed. Ultimately you have to to remind yourself you are doing this to make your life better. I believe in you you can do it!
Amber T.
Start with a tiny list, maybe just one item and make sure you get that done each day! Celebrate each time you complete your list. Make sure each item on your list is not too much work either. Once you get into the habit of finishing a list, add something small or make one of the tasks bigger (work put for 6 minutes instead of 5).

Make sure your items align with your goals too. If ypu don't care about the items on your list, it is harder to complete them.

For TODO list that do not fall in a routine (like a morning routine or an evening routine) it will be much harder. It is all about discipline, which may be hard to come by if you're suffering from pain and depression. Try to start simple as well. Maybe one item a day. Celebrate each time you complete an item, and don't be too harsh on your self if you do not complete the list. There is always another day!

I wish you the best of luck!

Anselm O.
Try making this a habit of yours, check in before going to sleep or if you're too tired by then, check in in the afternoon. I know it won't be easy for you, but take that as a challenge, it's either you or this messed up world. Raise your middle finger to it, it really is a battle and you're gonna win. So try and make the most out of your journey.
Tracey J.
Try starting with small tasks or just one task a day, the best part about personal growth is that it isn’t a race. Everyday doing one thing and celebrating the fact you achieved that one thing could give you a much needed boost for your day. Even if you get up, and without looking at your phone just go outside and feel the sun on your skin, or have a big stretch to get out the kinks. Then take a big breath and smile, appreciate the fact you have even gotten up today and embrace the little things.
Kate P.
I know it’s really hard but try to start as small and as easy. Instead of 20 minute run, go for a 5 minute walk. And get stuff ready before (even the day before if it’s in the morning) so that when it’s time to do it you only have to start it, and not prepare for it. Also, don’t have lots of tasks all at once. I think once you get into a routine it gets easier, but build it up very slowly
Madalina F.
Hi, I say start with small steps, try every morning when you wake up to drink some water, I have been doing this for some time and I seem to have more energy, try to eat breakfast as consistently and healthy as possible at the same time. Of course at first it will be hard but with time you will succeed. I trust you! 😉
Magnus W.
Taking things slow and try adding a new habit when you're ready. I personally started with just the water challenge because completing one small habit can make you motivated to complete another. I understand it can be tempting to jump right in and force yourself into creating a bunch of new habits. But, I also know that if I try to change too much all at once, I get really overwhelmed and don't do anything on my list. This will just lead you back into a cycle of depression over not accomplishing your tasks and make you more anxious the next time to try to accomplish them. I recommend starting small and working your way to creating habits slowly. You will arrive at your goal faster and have less stress getting there. Remember not to be hard on yourself and try having a relaxed attitude towards starting a new habit. If you don't accomplish something on your list, it's okay. Tomorrow is a new day, and you can try again. No big deal. Take care. 🙂
Fanny U.
Deep breaths, press pause. You have to keep a calm and positive mind. The better you think the better it will be. Most likely there’s medication you can take for your back pain or at least a like lotion or something like that. For example Icy hot. Also same for depression, there’s things you can do to help it. Keeping good health, mental and physical, you can get thru it