I start work pretty early and still struggle to get going. Is there a particular breakfast people on the go prefer?

L O E.
Toast bread with mashed avokado Is delicious , but when you prefer something sweet ,instead of avokado put some peach kompot on the top of the bread

Sebastian W.
I start pretty early and It was good for me. When I start early, it gives me more time for myself and makes me think. This app is helping to arrange my time, do more and be a responsible one. 💜

Maria B.
I'm not sure if I'm the best person to answer this tbh 😂 (sorry!) because often if I'm running late I end up forgetting about breakfast altogether! I have tried a few things though, firstly overnight oats, you can find recipes for the right quantities but you stick some oats and milk in a pot the night before along with berries or fruit of some sort and pretty much whatever you want – honey, cinnamon etc. I used this for a while but I found myself getting really sick of it when I had it everyday!! I guess the key would be to vary the fruit you use… I then tried making breakfast muffins on the Sunday each week so I could just grab one, stick it in the microwave for 30s while I got ready and go, but they aren't great for you really, although the recipes try to tell you otherwise 😂 Now I just have breakfast bars, I get marmite ones, because I'm a little obsessed, but you can get all sorts from different places and they're quite nice to grab and go. Sorry that was so long, hope something there helps!!

Jorge U.
Eating a banana before you leave the house gives you plenty of energy! I ate one banana once before my college classes which went from 09:00-12:00 and I was energetic and did not feel hungry once! Also, try a good breakfast sandwich, like wheat bread (healthy) with Salami, butter and cucumbers!

Sofia G.
Well, I always prefer to make a sandwich, hard boild eggs with cheese and green pepper then I wrap it with sandwiches ' paper.

In this way I can eat it while walking, or even between meetings. Don't forget to add a napkins to clean up after you done, and add ment candy to distract the smell after you finish.

Clifford Z.
I usually make overnight oats the night before with fruits, veg milk, a few chocolate chips and a few nuts. I usually make portions for two days and then chsnge ingredients. In winter I warm it up in the morning, in Summer I eat it cold. I drink a cup of fruit tea or a tisane together with it 🙂

Scott J.
I wake up at 5am, drive to work at 6am and start at 7am, work till 3.30pm drive home and be home at 4.30pm (if not later) so i am always on the going. I prefer my morning heavy because my first break 15min break is at 11am, and the second 30min break is at 1pm, so i eat heavy in the morning so i can keep going till my next bigger meal. I usually it wholegrain breadslices (2 or 4, depends on how hungry i am), mostly with high protein products like cheese, chicken etc. And i drink a lot of water with it. I do eat in the car when im driving, thats life on the going.
Or what i like to do is make a smoothie the day before with highprotein, lowfat yoghurt, a banana, muesli, chocolate, strawberries or cantaloupe. Both are delicious and nutricious! 😊

Daisi Q.
Im struggling with a phobia that affects my eating habits, so eating something quick can be a challenge for me. I’ve got my favorite breakfasts that are quick and easy to eat now. Banana with peanut butter is always yummy. if you boil eggs at night you’ll have them for the morning and I love boiled eggs, a good protein shake, like the kind you actually blend up in a blender. Overnight oats are a great breakfast too, prepare them at night and they are ready to go in the morning!

Kyle E.
Maybe prepare a meal the night before, preferably something like a cold sandwich, so that when you wake up and get ready the next day , you can bring it out and get on the go.