How do you know that a breakfast is great/well-balanced?

Noah J.
I know it is well balanced if it has all the right nutrients and protein I need. For example, tost with an egg and some fruits is a quick and healthy breakfast. On the other hand cereal may be quicker but it is not healthy because it doesn’t provide the same proteins and nutrients the aforementioned does.
Alexandra P.
For me, as a vegetarian, it should have various servings of fruit or veggies + protein + fat. Let’s say, tofu scramble with zuchinni, onion, tomato and an apple.
Gabby P.
The best way I know a breakfast is well balanced is by 3 things
1. If the meal if filling and will keep me energized
2. If there is at least 1 fruit or vegetable
3. If there is a protein such as eggs or nuts.
Samara O.
A great breakfast for me will keep me full for the first couple hours of my work day. So I try to make sure I get enough protein and hopefully some fruit to make sure I'm getting enough vitamins. So if I eat something like a breakfast sandwich with protein in the eggs and some turkey bacon. I try to pair it with a fruit smoothie so I get a balanced meal that will keep me full!
Cody N.
I know my breakfast is good great/well becasue I study nutrition. But a more typical answer is that i know it’s good when I feel full after you know? Like a good happy full feeling, knowing that I had a healthy breakfast is just fuel for the day by itself. I’m not sure if this was the answer your looking for but I use science in my everyday life so nutrition is a big part of it. I want to work with this company but idk how
Rabs N.
hello! i just make sure that it has most of the food groups. as long as i get all the food groups, i mow that i have everything i need. make sure you look up the correct portions though! 🙂