What different breakfast meals do you make?

Noa C.
I vary from sweet to savoury, so one day I'll have a pb+j oatmeal for breakfast, the other I'll have yoghurt with some pips and seeds and fruits.. and then another morning I'll have a breakfast oven dish or egg with some meat to start my day.
Tom W.
Eieren met spek. Lean en mean. Voor een goede dag. Yoghurt met fruit en cruesli als kickstarter voor een hippie leven. Brood als ik het even niet weet met lean beleg. Pannekoek van haver als ik tijd over heb.
Logan P.
I can make a fruit smoothie. Example: Ice, banana, strawberries, blueberries Yogurt, granola, fruits (to your liking) These are some breakfasts that I know.
Marceau P.
Having breakfast every morning makes me feel energised, less sleepy and lazy, and I have stopped lazing around a lot, I just love having salad as breakfast in the morning, thanks fabulous, love ya!
Nabor F.
For breakfast I usually make scrambled eggs, tuna salad, peanut butter toast, or cereal. I try to make a high protein breakfast it seems to make the best start to a day for me.
Alixander N.
Oatmeal porridge, yogurt and muesli, a fruit and peanut butter in the worst case, scrambled eggs with a sandwich in the best case
Abeer L.
Well usally i have an egg with toasted brown bread, brown bread is much more healthy than white bread,i also have some avocado with it. On other days when im in a rush i have some healthy granola. Sometimes i have an omelette my mums is the best