How much do you eat for breakfast?

Ana Z.
I ate a half bowl of cereal adding more milk than cereal to drink the tests of the milk afterwards. Then also eating 2 hard boiled eggs afterwords with water on the side.
Eleanor J.
I wish I could say all I have is one pack of oatmeal but sometimes I have two packs of oatmeal or a microwaveable breakfast sandwich which doesn't fill me up or get me going, sometimes I have two of those too. A lot of the time I have cereal which I have way to many bowls of, I just can't seem to stop myself when it comes to food. I've really been trying though, and I won't give up.
Fanny O.
Hey! For break fast i usally eat either banana pancakes! Wich has protein and really yummy I eat about 3 of those if I do eat them, if not I usually make banana toast! I just toast my bread/ I have 2/ and musch banana on top! If you’re not a fan of banana I would try to make a smoothie! Really nice drink to start the day of with, if none of these work i would search up easy breakfast ideas! You’re portion is honestly up to you, depends how hungry you are! AND avacado toast is great! Toast bread and musch avocado on it! I would usually eat 2 bread slices of that and would be pretty full if not that’s fine go find maybe some grapes/some fruit or something smaller you have in you’re fridge. Keep motivated friend<3333
Pau Y.
Depends on the time that I have each day, but a rule of thumb is: Have breakfast like a king, lunch like prince, and dinner like a “beggar.” This means that the most important meal of the day, and the one that should be the biggest is breakfast. you have the rest of the day to burn calories from breakfast, rather than eating w big dinner and going to bed and not digesting anything properly