Do you meal prep breakfast for the week? If so, what is your favorite breakfast prepped meal?

Yumna G.
I like to eat egg with Meat, put a jam bowl, chop vegetables, put Labneh, and finally, Pour a cup of tea, it's the best meal ever and it's healthy

Jashreen F.
I try if I could when I want to eat overnight oats, but if that’s not what I feel like eating, I’ll think about it the night before so that in the morning I’m clear with what my breakfast is going to be. I love my breakfast so it’s something I’m always looking forward to first thing in the morning.

Willow Z.
I make overnight oats they are the best!!! There’s so many different ways u can make them and they are a Great breakfast for fast and easy fuel for the morning.

A B.
Yes and no. We had a large meal on Sunday. This meal left lots of left overs. I really don’t eat an early morning meal, because I do the 16:8 fasting. So the left overs had lots of veggies and so I have been using that as my starter meal for the day.