Which is better, eggs or bananas?

Claudia Q.
Bananas because they are more healthy and will give you energy. I personally love bananas and would eat one whenever I get the chance!
Billy J.
Both have their own nutritional value. While eggs are rich in protein it is widely eaten when people need to increase muscle mass. While on the other hand banana is rich in carbohydrates so it is used when we need instant energy.
Shailza E.
Eggs as they provide more nutrients to the body. One single boiled egg provides protein and multiple other nutrients needed for a healthy body. Eggs can also be put it to many things such as cake.
Hlambeto Z.
Because they contain more protein and other healthy vitamins. Eggs are also more versatile when it comes to preparation and cooking methods
Amy S.
I prefer eggs, especially when i jave time to prepare them. They fill me up properly and satisfies me for a couple of hours.