Do you eat breakfast every day?

Alma Y.
I try to- some days it's healthy, other days it's kinda junky, but at least I'm eating something. I hope to further improve WHAT I eat as time goes on.
Lea U.
Yes, even if it is just a bag of cereal in the car and some water. My day goes better when I eat something in the morning. (:
Yann N.
No. I may chamge the habit for the morning routine. I try to eat aomething but it doesn't always work out. If I do eat it's out of order in the habit sequence. It would be after I excersize.
Allen R.
Yes, almost always. I have to admit that part of my husbands weekday morning routine is to make breakfast for the family so that makes it easier. Even if he doesn’t make breakfast I try and grab some hard boiled eggs or oatmeal that I can eat at work.
Claire E.
I am trying to eat breakfast every day as part of this changing myself process. I would say I am successful about 4 days per week.