What easy breakfast options do you have for me? I can’t drive yet so I can’t go to the store and I don’t have anything but apples normally.

Anna E.
when i eat in the mornings it’s kind of unwilling, so a lot of the time i eat slices of bread just to have something lining my stomach, frozen fruit is something i normally had in the layers of my freezer that can be good mixed with oats or grains, yogurt or a smoothie. anything in your stomach is good! can you ask anyone to take you to the store? i would also look into food banks, they are a great help!
Ottfried S.
The easiest breakfast I have for you is toasted bread with cheese and egg in your prefer easy, if you have an avocado you can add
Frederick T.
Maybe if you have any oats you could look up a recipe on oatmeal or cook up some eggs if you have some. Things like protein bars and shakes are also pretty good
Megan R.
Having leftover rice from last night is the easiest breakfast. Just heat it up and add any veggies you close to you or even egg would do the trick. Next any fruits and a cup of yogurt or just fruits would do. I personally eat egg sandwich. I toast a bread slice and add omlette on top of it and some cheese,it's very filling. You can basically choose any thing you want which is available in your pantry.
Indiara Z.
One of my favorite breakfasts to create with apples is a breakfast quesadilla! I use things I usually have on hand in the cupboard all the time anyway. If you have any type of tortilla, peanut butter, and brown sugar or cinnamon(not required but super tasty), and a little butter you’re set!

Heat a small skillet with some butter.
Prepare the tortilla: Lightly spread nut butter of your choice across the tortilla shell, Thinly slice or dice your apples and spread across one side of the shell, sprinkle some brown sugar cinnamon, fold and add to the skillet. Once it’s started to lightly brown flip it to the other side. Once heated take off and enjoy!! I usually slice mine into triangles as well.