Please suggest more healthy options for vegetarians?

Adonai Y.
I am not a nutritionist, nor do I know anything about you other than your question. In general, eggs and tofu are good. Quinoa provides complete protein, but don't forget that it is a starchy grain. Simply Nature organic soybean pastas are high protein and low carbohydrate. Be careful about cheeses, but there are lower-fat options.
Florian T.
I don't really know because im not a vegetarians and my friends also not a vegetarians. maybe they can have some berries
Tyler P.
I'm not a vegetarian. Hence, I believe its better to Google this or use an app like Yummly which enables you to look for recipes as per preference and ingredients.
Marie Louise Y.
I love a fried or over easy/medium egg over greens. I think this is a great way to incorporate more veggies into breakfast. You could also consider making a scramble with veggies, such as mushrooms spinach or even root vegetables. Avocado also goes great with a morning egg.
Annie F.
Best way is trying new recipes with your favourite ingredients x

Remember there is 20 different ways to make the same dish. Invent yours everyday.

Wendy E.
I would suggest a tofu scramble once or twice a week. It can be made with anything, but I usually add cooked spinach, onions and small potatoes. I season with turmeric, salt and pepper. Turmeric gives the illusion of eggs.
Phillip F.
I guess you’re asking specifically for food options right? Honestly the internet is plagued with great awesome recipes blogs! I strongly suggest researching fo “ketotarian” since most vegetarians struggle with tons of nutrient deficiencies and that’s because they rely heavily on carbohydrates for energy, and it has been demonstrated widely that the body is more efficient running on fats than on carbs and that grains cause inflammation and destroy the gut flora (wonder why some vitamins are liposoluble but any vitamin requires carbs to be absorbed, why the body stores long term energy as fat instead of sugar and why the brain is made of fats and not carbs?)
Kevin Y.
I like a vegan protein powder in almond milk for a quick breakfast. Also berries and slivered almonds on yogurt (animal or plant dairy). Oatmeal or other hot cereal with dates for a little sweetness. An avocado with salt for a savory breakfast.
Lotti F.
Baked portabella mushroom caps. YUM! Mushrooms in garlic and olive oil. Stuffed mushrooms. After all, they're a superfood and allowed!
Wyatt W.
There's a great vegan yogurt brand called co-yo.
Vegan protein powder based shakes.
Homemade granola with almond milk.
Oatmeal casseroles with chia seeds, quinoa, hemp seeds, and fruit.
"Egg cups" —> bake eggs in a muffin pan with veggies. Have for the whole week.
Nanna F.
Breakfast: green tea + oatmeal on water + fresh fruits (mix & change throughout the week); smoothies with almond milk; sandwiches (brown bread) with: labneh (Arabic type of yogurt spread), or hummus topped with thin sliced cucumber; with cheese spread; with smoked salmon. Snack: with veggies sliced in “straws” & hummus dip; nuts; dried apricot; dates; dried plums. Lunch: pearl barley, buckwheat, lentil with any type of fresh veggies mix; corn grain porridge mixed with cheese; wheat porridge, barley porridge; vegetable stew; baby zucchini stuffed with rice & cooked in veggie broth with tomato paste.
Sigrun Z.
I am a vegetarian too. I try to get my protein from nuts, beans and seeds. I drink lots of smoothies. I try to eat a lot of unprocessed food like fruit and vegetables.
Jackson W.
I love legumes and pulses. They are so flexible that you can make brownies with them, chili, curries, and all sorts of yummy meals. Huevos rancheros is great for breakfast, soups or stews are great for lunch or supper, and something like black bean brownies satisfy the sweet tooth.
Freddie G.
Not a vegetarian myself, but I don’t think you can go wrong, with a plain avocado toast, maybe some eggs, or assemble some overnight oats, with chia seeds, top it with fav fruit and honey and you should be good to go.
Donaldo Z.
Definitely! I’m going to assume purely vegetarian and not vegan or gluten free. I’ll leave out eggs as well because I know they’re are some people who include them and others who don’t!

Oatmeal with fruits

Smoothie with fruits and vegetables (my favorite is strawberries, cherries and beets with coconut water and tart cherry juice)

Whole wheat toast with olive oil, tomatoes and basil (olive oil is a great healthy fat with omega 3’s)

Spinach, tomato and mozzarella with olive oil and balsamic vinaigrette on toast

Any vegetarian breakfast sausage with whole grain breakfast cereal

Roasted potatoes with onions and peppers (homestyle potatoes/hash browns)

Falafel bowls/pita pockets with tomato red onion and lettuce with taziki sauce

Baked sweet potatoes

Summer succotash (green beans, corn, tomatoes, basil, onions and zucchini or squash – all lightly sautéed) with a vegetarian breakfast sausage

Some are more lunch style options, but they taste great in the morning I’ve found!

And there are great recipes online!! Hope this helps and happy eating 😊

Fab Ola I.
Indian places have lots of delicious vegan and vegitarian options, learning those recipes could definitely prove benificial
Isabella O.
Have fun with your meals, that’s step one. Get in the habit of experimenting and listen to what your body is craving. For me sometimes that means eating apples with peanut butter or having half an avocado with some sun dried tomatoes and a pinch of salt. Potatoes sprinkled with rosemary or a vegetable medley is always a great choice. The other day I sautéed zucchini, bell pepper, and baby spinach together with a touch of lemon pepper seasoning. . . Not to toot my own horn haha but it was pretty darn good. Diversify your diet, the world is literally at your fingertips. I try to have some fruits, veggies, protein, and carbs with every meal. It leaves me feeling full and satisfied. If you’re wondering what do I eat for protein? Well peanut butter is a good source as well as avocado. Also, rice and beans together equal a complete protein. Find a few good items you really like and start trying to find new ways to prepare them so they don’t get boring to eat.
Erica Q.
There are a lot of options for vegetarians if there are no illnesses that prevent you from eating a particular fruit/ vegetable.
You should include the following in your diet:
Lentils- a good source of protein
Beans-rich in iron
Nuts-rich in vitamins
Leafy green vegetables -rich source of iron
Fresh fruits etc.

Bernarda P.
Rice and vegies. Any kind of rice and any vegies, just cook up the vegetables in a pan, add some pasta sauce, or herbed tomatoes and serve with rice.
Johan C.
Yogurt and fruit parfait, fruit smoothies with protein powder and chia seeds, a breakfast bean burrito accompanied with salsa, a fruit of choice with a power bar, fruit filled oatmeal, vegetarian meat patties can be cut up and scrambled for a protein.
Justin Z.
I am not a vegetarian myself, but I would suggest vegan protein drinks or shakes. Also black bean burgers are very good vegetarian option
Freddy F.
I really enjoy vermicelli noodle bowls (I like the noodles made with pea instead of rice) I put all different veggies and tofu, you can use whatever substitute for meat. I mix own sauces quick in a shaker to be less sugar and salt, if I prep veggies I can eat for days in a row soooooo Yummy 😋😁 Oh and dragon bowls are yummy too. Now I must go buy all ingredients to make these…mmm veggies.