Does anyone integrate fruit regularly into their normal mornings? If so, so they add a complex carb or higher protein to counter-balance the sugar rush?

Brandie C.
I do jeep a full fruit bowl. with a great selection of fruit and varied choices. fruit and some natural yoghurt are a go to for me.
Chiara Z.
I sometimes do this 'cause I really enjoy eating fruits but I don't have so much time. If I eat some fruit I also eat a complex carb! I of course will do that lots more from now.
Sara F.
If you want to add fruits into your morning meal, consider several minutes after breakfast to eat fruit; becouse it differs in time of digestation. I try to add some higher protein because i want to lose weight and have less carbs in my diet
Mj A.
Nope, but I make sure my diet is balanced like for example if I don't eat fruit in the morning, I eat it at other meal times.