What to do with the routine when you work with different shifts every 3 days… morning, afternoon and overnight?

Hans Ulrich Z.
I would say that your 'morning' is each day at different time. But it is important to do the routine after your 'big 8 hours sleep' that can vary. It does not have to be in the morning (like 8 a.m. or so).
Zcan G.
Sleep enough. Eat breakfast, lunch and diner. Stay hydrated. Spare some time for your hobbies that makes you feel better. Prepare your to do list and daily work routine list. And last but important one, Love yourself.
Simone N.
I try to wake up the same time every day and with enough time to do my routine before my morning shift. But I’m lucky right now because my early shift is not to early. When I go back home I need to find another solution because I’ll start at 06.30. I think making different routines for each shift.
Maayan Q.
Start by creating a core routine that is not depending on the physical clock. Do some stretching before your shift, eat a good meal, meditate right after…
And create a full routine to start your weekend or even your day off- by going early to sleep, preping your room and so on…