Any non-meat suggestions for a healthy breakfast? I do eggs a lot or toast with PB but sometimes I get sick of that.

Noah F.
I've actually been having hummus with my toast. I wanted a healthy spread with some protein in it. And this just filled the bill, plus it's very tasty
Minos N.
Cereal with milk, meat free sandwiches, fruit, brownies, or even a more un-breakfasty meal that could be viewed as lunch by some people. No need to always eat breakfast-y foods in the morning 👍
Adriane G.
A good breakfast consists of healthy fats an sufficient protein. For example, full fat yoghurt (Greek yoghurt 10% fat), eith chja seeds, flaxseed, nut (e.g. pecans), some fruit (e.g. redcurrants or raspberries) and cinnamon. With such a breakfast, you are satiates for a longer period and there is lower glucose spike. Which in turn benefits your energy level during the morning. Enjoy and Goodluck!