What do you have for breakfast as a healthy option?

Eduardo O.
I think it depends on how i feel when i wake up, although usually a cup of milk with 2 bananas or an apple is usually enough for me, i sometimes feel like changing it up a bit so i make myself some omelette eggs with 2-3 slices of bread, or maybe a sandwich, i would recommend a small breakfast full of nutrition, it'll help you start off your day!

Jose U.
I mostly make my breakfast a wholesome one, it makes me feel good to eat and enjoy my meal,my breakfast consist of fruits, vegetables,nuts and much more,mostly i enjoy my breakfast a lot and i love it,it keeps me energetic till next meal.so its good to have a great breakfast

Witold R.
An omelette (2eggs, spinach and little pepper) a fruit (banana, Apple, kiwi etc) and coffee (without sugar) sometimes tea (with little honey)