How do you keep your habits consistent on the weekends?

Tracy U.
I always start my habits on a Monday so I gradually get into a routine. I stay consistent by using the fabulous app every morning, afternoon and night to keep track of my habits. I also set up reminders to motivate myself to keep going. I hope this helped.
Clairta N.
I feel to make my habits more consistent I had to change my thinking about the week. There is no week. There are only days. Each day begins, and each day ends. I want each day to have my good habits.
Phoebe F.
I don't really notice changes in my mornings depending on if it's the weekend or not. Its always the same thing in my head every morning "drink water,wash your face, make breakfast,check Fabulous."
Clara J.
I wake up at the same time everyday that way I make sure I still do my habits everyday I also keep a water bottle beside my bed so in the morning I can have some straight away
Asen O.
I try to think that weekends and weekdays are the same thing so I can continue doing my usual habits without interruption.
Noor O.
Many times I end up getting distracted but I try my best to keep my habits consistent. I try to not stay up too late and actually sleep on time. I also like prioritizing my to do list and try to stay as focused as possible.
Valentina N.
I usually prepare myself the day before to complete the tasks or habits that I have to accomplish the following day, or make a simple routine in my phone which is more difficult to keep up with it.
Kornelia Y.
Well I actually wake up late on the weekends and so on Friday night I open this and just close my phone and the next morning when I wake up and open it the is there with a reminder thats how