I feel like I overeat when I have breakfast as I’m used to eating at 10 am and also at 1 pm. How do you guys feel about it? Do you overeat?

Maria X.
You're basically eating breakfast and lunch with a gap of 3 hours. There is nothing wrong with this. It all comes down to whether you want to lose weight or gain weight. If you feel you overeat then try eating your food in small plates. This way you won't eat as much. Try shifting your breakfast time earlier in the morning to get a kickstart of energy. But your question doesn't make much sense to be fair however, if you could be more specific in your framing and tell us what you want to truly know then maybe we could help. Thanks.
Olivia Y.
I try to listen to my body when I am eating so that I don’t over eat but sometimes I really want to have a treat or an extra thing even if I don’t need it. If you feel like you are still hungry when you are eating then 10 min later you feel stuffed try to eat slower so you can actually tell if your body needs more food or not. Try to eat foods that you feel satisfied after eating so that you don’t feel like you have to eat more. I hope this is helpful and that it makes sense.