What if you skip great breakfast several times in a row?

Olaf C.
It is okay! First of all but you do realize you shall eat breakfast, many people don't realize it. Try to prepare it before hand i.e keep bread on counter or soak overnight oats. Eat less at night. Try! Do not give up and eventually you will make it

Cheeto N.
Skipping breakfast many times will have a negative reaction I’ve done that many times and it made it hard to deal with the day I just never had enough energy but when i step up the habit it became a lot easier even if the small part of me disagrees hah

Kaat N.
I do it as well but when i don’t eat i try to drink something so i still have the mindset of nourishing my body. Like fueling yourself with energy through coffee or tea, giving yourself calcium & many other vitamins through a glass of milk or fresh orange juice… it might not be as good as a “great breakfast” but at least it’s something with the right spirit or mindset behind it

Josephine J.
I think that the first thing to do if that happens is identify why you skipped breakfast. Did a recent event disturb your routine? Did you skip other elements that you usually include in your day? If that's the case, it's probably more realistic to tackle them one at a time. Be understanding with yourself and how this new challenge or event is affecting your productivity, and take baby steps. For example, buy a bag of your favorite fruit and place it in a spot where you will easily see it in the morning and just have a piece of fruit at the same time as your morning hydration. Maybe you'll realize you're more hungry than that and add something to your breakfast, or maybe you'll start with just this for a couple of days to ease back into your old routine. Hope this helps!

Consulino Q.
Don’t worry, just get back on the train! Have breakfast now or next time. The train keeps going and your ticket never expires! Just hop back on!