What do you consider a healthy breakfast?

Magnus P.
For me, it’s one with all the food nutrient. As an adult in early 40s, I have made a shift to whole grain cereals for more fiber and incorporated lots of fruits and veggies
Himangi E.
You can eat fruits, nuts and a toast. Toast is not that healthy I think but I eat toast in my breakfast. A healthy breakfast is a meal that will give you energy. It should have some nutrients in it.
Jordan B.
I think a healthy breakfast is a balanced and complete one, with fruit, maybe eggs and some cheese and a coffee. The important thing is that is also tasty so I can enjoy it while eating healthy.
Noara F.
Some sort of carb, protein, and natural sugars. Ex: eggs and peanut butter toast with some apple slices! And of course lots and lots of water
Zeilane B.
Roasted toast with avocado and egge // oatmeal// one roasted toast with cheese and another one with strawberry jam without sugar // I prefer for drink water with some slices of lemon and sometimes black coffe
Tilde Z.
I consider a healthy breakfast to be any breakfast foods with high protein. Healthy breakfast usually take longer to prepare unlike fast breakfasts like cereals,which won't normally leave you full and satiated. Healthy breakfast are also fruits, if you are not a breakfast person. Think about this, you have not eaten for about 8 hours during the night while you are sleeping, your body will need the energy to help you Kickstart your day and leave you full, a healthy breakfast will do just that. Breakfasts like oatmeal, overnight oats, fruits(bananas, apples…. Etc), toasted bread with avo and egg. All of these breakfasts that I mentioned have high protein and are absolutely delicious.