What are some good breakfasts you can prepare in advance? Either the night before or in batches for the week?

Elmer X.
Check out the website Fit Men Cook for some great ideas for breakfasts! They are usually simple to make, really healthy, and are great to heat up or grab and go.
Britta X.
Quiches or frittatas are easy to fix ahead of time. Also hard boiled eggs. You can also cook a whole batch of bacon in the oven and have it ready in the fridge all week.
Enzo A.
Our family precooked bacon for the week. You can preboil and peel eggs and you have high protein no carb intso breakfast all week!
Ivo U.
I prep my smoothy mixes beforehand and pop them into the freezer. I place it in small plastic bags , my banana, berries, pineapple, coconut oil etc. the fresh ingredients I just add when I make it like almond milk and maybe whey powder.

I also do oats that I soak the night before and then just pop into the microwave and add almond milk and cinnamon.

Jonathan U.
You can do overnight oats which are really easy and there’s so many different ways you can make them. You could do those either over night or get them ready for the week and just add the milk to them the night before. There’s also smoothies you can make for the week, just add your fruits, nuts, seeds, protein etc. to a cup & blend them up in the morning with some yogurt and/or almond milk or juice. Pinterest has some great ideas and recipes for both of these if you’re interested!
Magnus W.
If you’re looking for something easy, fruits like bananas and apples are always ready to go. You can buy yogurt, breakfast smoothies, assorted nuts, and much more when you look for it. Just be sure you do your research and fine things that you like because it will make this a much easier experience. Listen to your body, but make the right choices for it too.
Andr A.
Over night oats are delicious and can have so many flavor varieties. I also portion out yogurt in containers then fruit and nuts in another. In the morning I just dump and go.

Portion out fruit and spinach and freeze. Dump it in a blender in the morning with a cup of almond milk and you are good to go

Andreas W.
Egg muphins: wisk six eggs, add som cooked spinnages (well drained), bits of ham or smoked salmon, chopped tomartoes and a pinch of salt and railing powder.
Grease a muffun bakin tray and distribute the mixture evenly. Cook in oven until it raises. Keep in fridge- last for tree days and eat as you need. You can also freeze them.
L Ane O.
You can make a healthy smoothie the night before, I usually put oat milk, oatmeal, frozen fruit and protein powder in the blender. A regular bowl of oatmeal also tastes great when it's prepared the night before and placed in the fridge, you could also add some healthy nuts and raisins.
Rosalia X.
My personal favourite is overnight oats. I usually make 2-3 at the same time. Favourite recipes are almond milk, banana, peanut butter and cocoa powder, and also almond milk, coconut milk and red berries
Olivia C.
i don't to breakfast in advance. but you can try squash with carrots and onions in the skillet.

i adore eating it with bread.

a bit crazy probably.. lol

Derek J.
I love making smoothies. Try some mango pieces and coconut water with milk and ice or mixed berries and a hint of lemon. Very good for hot summer mornings.
Lu Sa N.
Overnight oats are super healthy, super easy, and really good. If you have a blender, you can put together little containers of things to make smoothies, prep them the night before or sometime in advance and then just throw them in the blender the next day and then you have a smoothie, my mom actually likes to cook scrambled eggs and then reheat them the next day for breakfast. Yougurt parfaits are super yummy and easy too. I hope this helps!
Krin N.
Fresh fruits are super simple to pack. A banana, apple, nectarine or pear is not only ready whenever you are but as long as you’re gentle on it can also travel with you to work/school. Overnight oatmeal is also a good option that’s fairly easy to customize, so you can use the same base of oatmeal all week and add different toppings to keep it interesting. Try peanut butter oatmeal for some extra protein. Eggs baked in muffin tins are also a great way to get in protein quickly. Dried fruit and nuts are also easy to transport and often come pre-packaged.
Guta E.
Overnight oats or oatmeal pancakes are my go to. I always have oats and almond milk at home so before I go to bed I pour milk over 3/4 cup of oats and leave it in the fridge over night. I add some nuts, honey or maple syrop in the morning. If I have time on Sun evening, I make oatmeal pancakes and it will last me 2-3 days. Boiled eggs are also good to have in the fridge. I just make toast and eat an egg if I’m in a hurry.
Daniel C.
Boiled egg can be prepared days in advance. Some slices of whole bread or no sugar homemade skinny cheese. But I usually get some yogurt and fruita or nuts
Johan C.
Soft boiled eggs in the electric pressure cooker. Then leave them in the shell in the fridge. Peel, cut in half and season with salt, pepper, olive oil or salsa, siracha, etc.
Signe C.
Boiled eggs are my favorite breakfast. You can prepare them on Sunday night and have enough for the entire week. I boil water and when is bubbling I put the eggs for seven minutes. In that way the yolk is not over cooked.
Dolores F.
Overnight oats are great. Oats, your choice of milk, yoghurt if you want extra creaminess and your choice of fruit. If you don't want to eat them straight from the fridge then you can warm them in the microwave or in a pan. The best thing about them is you can have a different breakfast everyday just by changing what you add. Also there's loads of recipes for them online.
Genilsa F.
I make my morning smoothie. Cut up and seperate into daily bags 1/2 banana, 1 cut up strawberry and 2 handfuls of blueberries. I add in the protie powder next and add whatever kind of juice or water. Blend and enjoy. Takes about 3 min and i have indevidual bags made for each day.
Juli O S.
Oatmeal single servings (to be made in the pressure cooker or refrigerator oatmeal in summer); breakfast burritos (eggs, veggies, cheese) or breakfast sandwiches – either can be frozen and reheated in the microwave.
Sofie B.
I don’t really prepare breakfasts the night before, but I heard Swiss oats are good for that… or pre-freezing smoothies and letting them thaw on the way to work. I am setting my alarm five minutes earlier so I can pop some whole wheat toast in and put PB on top. I also started bringing in yogurt, granola and nuts to the work fridge on Monday mornings so I can pull together a parfait at work when I arrive if I have to.
Christoffer W.
Peanut butter/banana and Greek yogurt sandwich, scrambled eggs with avocado, oatmeal with nuts and berries, banana pancakes (2 eggs, banana, cinnamon)
Robim Z.
Sorry if this is not helpful, but I’ve been eating oatmeal in the last 4 years I think for breakfast, and it takes 2 minutes to prepare so I’m fine with preparing it just before eating it. 🙂
Danny E.
You can try the yoghurt parfait, that is mixed berries with yoghurt or nuts instead of the fruits. May be boiled sweet potatoes, yams, cassava (tubers). Boiled peas too. I am not a professional yet but I hope this helps
Victor C.
Make a smoothie night before without adding liquid or ice. Its delicious in the am. Pb… strawberries and sugar free cool whip is delicious and easy
Amber T.
I sometimes prepare breakfast cake made from oatmeal, eggs, nuts, seeds, banana and other fruit. I store portions in the freezer that I defrost in the microwave…
Sonja N.
I didn’t want to write all of this down but I was researching your question and I found this really good website. Here is the link if you wanna go check it out