Do you have any helpful breakfast ideas for people who don’t usually eat breakfast in the morning?

Margarethe U.
In my experience, I live in a tropical zone so I can include in my shop different kinds of vegetables and fruits which are in harvest. I try to consume them in the most raw form as possible.
I've really enjoyed eating fresh vegetables and fruits like first meal, complementing it with a nice protein and hydration.
Rachel J.
Maybe a healthy muesly or just a muesli bar, fruit or vegetables if you don't have much time to do something in the morning. You could also prepare a yoghurt bowl an evening beforehand. There are also a lot of ideas on YouTube
I hope I could help:)
Srishti G.
Quick breakfast recipes such as cereals, overnight oats, granola bars, pudding, avocado toast, juice can & pancake mixes ( ready to made in few minutes) would help a lot.
Math O E.
Simple, fast and nourishing: 2 scrambled eggs with salt and pepper, a glass of orange juice, and some almonds (not salted). And you can add a expresso, cappuccino or tea with it !
Ca Co Q.
I am currently a student of traditional, herbal medicine and science of new thinking and energy vibration system.

And I am very happy that I got to know Fabulous app and your wonderful team, and because I live in Iran and due to political sanctions, I don't have access to buy the full version of your app, for this purpose I have to use the free version, but still I am also satisfied with the options and design of your program. Thank you for your honorable chairmanship and your good team.

I have some suggestions for breakfast that are brief, useful and nutritious:

1. For people who have a sensitive stomach, drink a glass of boiled water on an empty stomach and then eat a red apple half an hour later.
2. For people who feel homesick or stressed or lethargic in the morning, and especially people who exercise, a tablespoon of dried and ground wheat germ, a glass of red cow milk or buffalo milk or camel milk (because it has a warm base)
3. 2-4 pieces of toast or any kind of bread made with wholemeal flour (black flour) should be eaten with 3-4 tablespoons of sesame butter and black grape juice or honey.
Note 1: Solid and liquid oil, iodized salt should be completely removed from the food cycle of each person and replaced by olive oil, sesame oil, yellow animal oil (red cow or buffalo) and sea salt or Himalayan pink salt. Because the main cause of 99% of strokes, varicose veins, back or neck disc, MS, sexual problems, muscle or heart failure, etc. is from solid oil, industrial liquid and iodized salt.
Note 2: Also, general cupping and leech therapy are recommended under expert supervision.
And finally, any meal or food plan should be consumed on a completely natural and organic basis, it is useful for all temperaments, and if a cautious person has a special temperament including phlegm and bile, he can have a diet or treatment plan under the supervision of a specialist or herbalist

Ritthy C.
Basically, I didn't eat anything for breakfast for a long time and I just found out that my problem wasn't that I wasn't hungry, but that I was too lazy to make them. so I started with a smaller investment and buy breakfast that is quickly made (cereals, yogurt, pastries…)