Would love to know more gluten-free vegan (no dairy, no egg, no cheese, no soy, no sesame) breakfast ideas that are simple (few ingredients) to prepare.

أنيقة برقتي N.
I’m not vegan or super strict about what I’m eating unless it’s meat or cow milk. But yesterday I had some peanut butter brown sugar oat meal. It was almost too filling.
Just oats and water then a spoon of peanut butter and some brown sugar.
I also had grapes on the side with mango nectar.
أنيقة برقتي N.
I use bodyweight calisthenics, light weights, lots of reps, simple things, crunches, planks, the backs of two chairs to to press-ups….my brother is a gym rat, he looks like The Rock, he says I am doing the prison workout lol I just can't go to a gym, and it does energize me and get me going, in just 20 minutes a day. Good luck!
Naja E.
Wow, well I actually need some ideas myself because I just started the south Beach diet. This isn't always the most filling,but fruit can be a yummy breakfast, you can even make a fruit salad (without the whip of course)and it's pretty healthy too! I'm sorry I can't help you much, but on YouTube there is this channel called Chelsey Curtis and she is a vegan, and she also shares vegan recipes/tutorials on how to make them. It might've more helpful if you check out her channel!