Do you guys give any options on food ideas to eat in the morning?

Jayden Z.
I recommend something light, healthy, but also filling! Fruits and vegetables are a great way to kick start a morning, as well as water, or orange juice! Having the option to eat light in the mornings, means you don't have to worry about feeling sick if your going on a morning run, because you just fueled your body with amazing food it needs!

Nilce I.
Couple of eggs on toast with bacon or avocado, maybe some holandaise sauce. Boiled egg with toast in soldiers and a fruit of sorts. Simple half of a protein bar if you dont have much time, have the other half later.

Rosy C.
Apples with peanut butter
Oatmeal with nuts or peanut butter
Poached Eggs and toast
Avocado toast and a fried egg
Almond porridge
Yogurt with trail mix
Spinach egg omelet