What do you like to eat for your great breakfast?

Albert W.
My favourite is savory oatmeal with a runny egg and it's super simple. Just use stock instead of plain water. If I'm in rush an apple or banana with peanut butter is quick and satisfying.
Fatima M.
An omelette is a perfect choice, pair it with a healthy juice and some toast and you’re good to go. An avocado toast is an excellent choice too. If you’re into meal prepping, making some oatmeal the night before is great! Plus you can always be creative with the flavors.
Cl O Y.
My favourite breakfast is one that fills me up and fuels my morning. I normally have a sandwich with egg and cheese or chicken. Something with protein fat and carbs so that I am satisfied.
Ruby N.
Travels well
I prefer to have my breakfast at home before I leave to work
I like oats with milk and honey , banana , or peanut butter sandwiche
Frederikke B.
for breakfast i often have eggs. I'm not so much of a sweet eater in the morning so i really enjoy a good scrambled egg with some onions und feta cheese. Additionally I often go for some veggies like cucumber, tomatoes or even a small salad. Last but not least a slice of bread with some butter is often added on my breakfast plate.
Lea W.
My favourite thing to eat for breakfast is apple-cinammon oatmeal with greek yoghurt. It's packed with protein and fiber, keeping me full and energised until lunch.
Silvio U.
Depending on the day, and how I feel is how I choose what I have for breakfast. Recently, I had a whole grain toast with all natural peanut butter as the spread and a small side of berries and half a clementine.
Kate Q.
I like to have simple breakfasts, like scrambled eggs on toast, porridge, some fruit and nuts. I enjoy something that will fill me up and give me lots of energy, but will also be good for my body and mind. Nourish your body with good foods, not just for your body but also your mind
Andrea C.
I really like drinkable yogurt a nd tea for breakfast. I really like it because I can eat it quickly if I need to and it is a little bit healthy. It also makes me feel full and happy.
Hailey X.
Yogurt w/ granola and fruit because it lasts in my stomach, or at least something somewhat nutrishus because it makes me feel accomplished, like I can be healthy with little effort. Usually I just have a small meal though.
Lauren N.
Spinach omlette with smoothie or yogurt, tofu and fruit, just a smoothie, oatmeal with fruit, chia pudding… some of the options I’ve had in the past although lately I’ve been eating a lot of eggs!
Willie O.
I usually have a toast with eggs and avocado with coffee.
Some days Oatmeal with fruit toppings and other times
Yogurt with a banana or some protein pancakes.
Walter X.
Peanut butter is a go to. If I'm running late for work peanut butter toast gets me through. I also like peanut butter with fruit. If its a day off with plenty of time I usually make eggs with veggies. Greek yogurt has also been a quick go to.
Kimberly J.
I like to eat a colourful bowl with yogurt, fruit, granola and nuts. Also a chia pudding and oatmeals. I love a good coffee in the morning, with hot bread and butter
Laura U.
Today was a perfect breakfast, I had chocolate chip pancakes (with maple syrup), eggs, hash brown and orange juice. I feel the per
Jonas Z.
A prata with cheese and honey 🍯 with some milk 🥛 and a banana 🍌 . I sometimes add pancakes 🥞 that are made of almond flour with almond butter in the top 😋.
Anna Marie H.
I like to eat something that is fast but also filling for the day becuase I like to eat a lot throughout the day but I can’t do that at school so I have to make sure that my breakfast will keep me filled for the rest of the day. I like having yogurt and lemon bread in the morning. It doesn’t sound like a lot but it’s filling
Hans Georg Z.
I would like to eat apple 🍎 they are very important and so a banana,beside that I would love to eat a bread with Nutella it's unhealthy somehow but I still love it tho and a class of mango juice and Boom! That's a perfect breakfast for me 😊❤️
Cookieee O.
Most days just egg whites with chopped veggies along side with wheat toast. To wash it down with a cold bottle of water.
Anne N.
I love eating eggs for breakfast!! especially scrumbled or with the sun-side-up! 😀
But since eating eggs everyday is not very healthy i try to eat max 4 per week!
Apart from that I have at least one fruit on the side (grapes or a slice or melon lately), some tea or some milk and coffee with unsweetened cereals!
Have a nice day!
Morgan P.
something sweet and salty, it has to be quick because i don’t have much time due to my schedule, but i love having a black coffee,?- sandwich and a fruit
Anna N.
Eggs with whole grain toast, red pepper and tomato; oatmeal with apple, walnuts and honey; yogurt with granola; whole grain toast with hummus; pancakes with peanut butter and banana