Do you ever get tired of your breakfasts? What do you do to shake it up? Hit me up with any meat-free breakfast ideas!

Herman Z.
I'm a habitual eater, always wanting eggs for breakfast. I'll add in avocado and then have bacon or sausage and some sort of fruit on the side. Recently, it's been blackberries.
Fm N.
Yes I get often tired of my breakfast. My ‘daily’ breakfast is yoghurt and banana with some puffed wheats. When I’m not in the mood for this I take a cup of milk, a banana, 1/2 cup of yoghurt and a cup of blueberries and throw them in the blender. Quick and easy smoothie. I always have milk and I leave a bag of blueberries in the freezer.
Yashna F.
Well I am a vegetarian. So all my food is obviously meet free. I have realised that it's more important to listen to your body and its needs. On days when I don't wish to have breakfast I still have a handful of nuts and a fruit.
Stacey T.
Always I have to be diverse in all my meals as too much of the same makes it more difficult for me to stay on track with my eating habits. I like to focus on high protein breakfasts. A crustless quiche is a great way to load on protein by using a combination of egg whites and eggs and Swiss cheese. Add in a package of spinach to get iron and greens in and then some onion. It's versatile and you can switch up the veggies to almost anything.
Carl F.
Just go with what YOU want and if you dont have that then use it as an opportunity to walk to the shop. Exercising for the goal of food works for me.
Amber P.
Honestly always have toast with something like jam, peanut butter or fruits on top. Sometimes I just go for a vegan Yoghurt if my stomach is peticularly upset that day. I don't really get bored of it but I do think I am not picking the most healthy and filling options.
Cecilie P.
Some days I make two toasts: avocado toast and Catalan style tomato bread. Some others I have a bagel with cream cheese or cereal.
Richelle U.
I totally get bored w/my breakfasts! But my favorite go to lately has been an English muffin w/a scrambled egg, w/a tiny bit of cheddar cheese, some red pepper flakes and either a pinch of sage or oregano.
Jucinara Q.
Yes I do! I make a simple breakfast to shake it up. I always make fried egg sandwich. YOU DON'T KNOW HOW TO MAKE IT? here is the link to make the food It just takes 20 minutes to make it. STILL DON'T HAVE ANY TIME TO MAKE IT? If you don't have any time to make it, i suggest you to make some vegetables juice. Like some carrot juice, tomato or broccoli juice.
Meghan I.
JustEgg omelet with power greens or spinach and a vegan cheese of your choice plus salsa. also can add meat alternatives or other veggies. or i do yoghurt with fruit and granola. overnight oats
Melanie R.
Hello there! I think breakfast is a really nice part of the day, if you have time. I, personally, love breakfasts, so i don't get tired of them. If you like what you eat then it's easier! I enjoy preparing my breakfast while listening to music. Some meat-free breakfast ideas are: 1. Low sugar yoghurt with season fruits. 2. An apple or a banana with peanut butter and a glass of almond milk. 3. Whole grain bread with eggs and avocado. 4. A bowl of almond milk, oatmeal and add whatever nuts you like! Hope you enjoy! 🙂
Ronnie P.
I make different breakfast everyday having some fruits on the side. Something warm breakfast with a beverage and fruits. Breakfast can be omelette, oats , poha , bread sandwich as Main dish. With black coffee or green tea as beverage