Is it better to excercise before or after eating a healthy breakfast?

Mandy X.
I would say exercise after eating something and wait a minute for the food to digest so that you have something in your system that’s giving you energy to burn.
Olive N.
Well personally I prefer to exercise before breakfast
but I can see the benefits from both points. There is no right or wrong answer to this question but maybe try to experiment between the two of them and see which one you prefer as this one will probably be the one most suited to you.
C Lia Y.
I personally prefer to eat something small before the workout, and a fuller breakfast afterwards. This allows me to have some energy in before the training, and afterwards fuel up with things that help my muscles rebuild.
Claudia N.
I think it’s better to exercise after eating a healthy breakfast. Doing this can improve your workout performance and may allow you to exercise longer.
David Y.
Personally I would prefer to exercise before breakfast as I can get a stitch very easily. But if u are low in energy, very hungry in the morning or wouldn’t get a stitch having a meal before exercise then have breakfast before the workout and maybe a post workout meal afterwards.