How you feel when you have before or after breakfast exercises?

Kennocha O.
This morning I did about 10 minutes of stretching/yoga shortly after I woke up. Not only is my body less tight and sore, but I feel energized. I feel mentally focused and motivated. Exercising before breakfast also stimulates my appetite, which as someone who generally skips breakfast, has been very helpful.

Katherine C.
I just… Can't… I feel terrible when I exercise before breakfast. I need fuel before I work out. I do my exercise after breakfast or it's not as effective. I think that's different depending on the person, though! I heard some people get hungry after they exercise, so they like to do it before breakfast. You do you.

Rai Y.
Eu me sinto mais disposta, menos tensa e preparada para começar o dia. Além de melhorar meu humor, fazendo eu me sentir mais calma e menos estressada ou nervosa. Sinto tambem que melhorou meu condicionamento físico.

Ryan X.
I used to have breakfast after exercises. That feels really nice and helps me appetize my hunger. I'm the type of person who's very easy to lose appetize. So, exercise before breakfast and a good breakfast save my day.

Justin T.
I like to work out when I feel like it but usually I always do it after I have eaten never on an empty stomach because I get dizzy

G Lsen X.
If i have a pre workout snack i feel verye very energised and can workout almost twice as better than when i don't ewt. The post meal is extremely essential as when you wake up the next day you won't feel as tired or worked out. The most essential part is to know what to eat and when, makes all tye difference.

Jeremiah F.
Usually exercise before breakfast would feel very energetic. It's a great way to kickstart your day. If you're feeling very hungry, you can have a light breakfast before the exercise which would make feel energetic and light in the same time.

Alex T.
Before breakfast I feel faster and less cumbersome. After breakfast I am slower, less comfortable and feel like I could have done better. Also if I'm walking and I hit halfway I know once I get home I get a yummy breakfast

Sophia A.
I think I prefer to exercise before breakfast, but because of my routine it’s easier for me to exercise after the breakfast

Elise O.
I prefer to exercise before breakfast. Normally, if I eat before I work out, I feel sluggish. However, I try not to work out while super hungry… so a light snack before a workout is alright, like an apple or string cheese 🙂

Lakisha N.
Since I haven’t worked out consistently in a while, I wanted to start out small. So in the morning the first thing I do is go to the bathroom. This saves me from pressing snooze on my alarm. I brush my teeth and drink water. While there, I was my face and put on some music and dance around. This wakes me up and gets me kick started for the day. I then eat my breakfast. It’s a nice little ritual that is easy and do-able. I actually feel great and energized. Because it’s something so small I believe I can continue it.

Roberta C.
As it gets cooler getting out of bed gets harder, I find having a big glass of water and making a (very simple, I don’t have much of a morning appetite) breakfast helps me keep to the routine and also gives me just that little bit of extra time to stretch and properly wake up. Exercise on an empty stomach seems harder than having a lite snake, and if
You get hungry after your work out you can always eat again

Iris Z.
Morning ! I personally do intermittent fasting so do ny workout before eating anything! And feel great . It is just a matter of your body getting used to it !
Hope it helps! Stay safe 😉